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ideas for a Valentine AU

I have the strange luxury of having no less than 3 AU stories going on in my head, but I keep changing my mind which one to write/finish. I want something cute for Valentine's, since we won't have a movie with Luke this year (never mind Matthew). So these are the 3 ideas:

Story 1:
Scotty (assistent) works for Kevin (lawyer). He's happy, no issues. Kevin is about to get married (someone else) but things go wrong, change in work put pressure on Kevin. Kevin decides to take a bread, but he asks Scotty to go with him (because of the work-load he'll be taking with him.) ....

Story 2:
Kevin is a lawyer, working for Scotty, who's the boyfriend of a (dead) friend on Kevin's. They're not exactly friends, but not enemies either, they just don't know each other all that well. The dead partner has left Scotty rather well off. Scotty is in a good place financially, but his upcoming marriage into a influential family is making him unhappy. Kevin (recently became a widower) is taking time off. Scotty ends up going with him...

Story 3:
Kevin and Scotty are lovers only on Friday nights. Both live their own lives the rest of the week. Scotty finds out something bad that flips every plan he has made upside down - At the same time Kevin's husband dies - Kevin needs a change of scenery - Scotty goes with him....

In all 3 cases Kevin/Scotty end up in Walker family-home somewhere in the mountains. Snowtime/fun follows - cold/hot things happen - one thing leads to another. Due to the backstories the outcome about the holidays are different, but it's a Valentine's thingy so it will most likely not have a very dramatic ending. (Not a very big spoiler)

I can't make up my find which one to follow... No, option 4 (write all stories) is not an option. :) Both Kevin/Scotty have the current age of the actors (46/40-41)

Considering that there are only 2-3 people left who read my stories, what do you think? Which one appeals the most? I want to start writing Tuesday, so I'll leave this post up for 24-48 hours and then close it. Any input will be appreciated, but no promises...
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe)

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