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Fanfic: Sweeter than sweetheart

Sweeter than sweetheart

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty (well duh!)
Rate: NC17-ish
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: (Inspired by a beautiful Dutch love song by my favorite singer) Kevin and Scotty wake up.

A/N : It was supposed to be just a quick short story, but since I was without inspiration for a Christmas fic, now they wake up on Christmas morning. :)


Is het een wonder dan, dat ik niet zonder kan, geen groter wonder dan, dat jij van mij houdt?
(Is it a miracle then, that I cannot live without it? No greater miracle than that you love me.)


The alarm goes off and Kevin's hand shoots from under the duvet to hit the alarm-clock at least four times before putting it not so gently on 'snooze'.
"Stop molesting our clock, it's not his fault that we have to get up." Scotty warns with a soft mumble.

Kevin makes a little noise of disagreement, but he turns to snuggle closer to Scotty, who loves the warmth of his husband's body. They know they have now 9 minutes between lingering in sleep-mode and waking up. Scotty caresses Kevin's back and he gives him a little kiss in his hair.

Kevin smiles, smacks his lips a bit and places an equally little kiss on Scotty's shoulder.
"Who's turn is it to make coffee?" Kevin asks.
"Mine." Scotty answers.
"Mhmm, good. Your coffee is better than mine." Scotty smiles at Kevin's words.

Kevin always says that to get Scotty to make the coffee. So obvious. However, Scotty loves to hear Kevin say those words. It makes him feel appreciated.
There's a bit of time to kiss. Sweet and gentle kisses. Not meant to arouse, just to enjoy that they are in each other's company and have a few quiet minutes to themselves.

The alarm sounds again and while Kevin turns off the alarm, Scotty sits up. He caresses Kevin's face, bends over for one last kiss and then slips out of bed. For a moment Kevin hugs Scotty's pillow, still warm, and he breathes in the scent that Scotty has left behind. Kevin closes his eyes, wishing he could have had a bit more time with Scotty.

When he opens his eyes again, he can see Scotty disappear towards the kitchen. He turns to his back and sighs. Time to get out of bed as well. He rolls over to get out at his side of the bed. His clothes are on the chair, ready to be worn. On the other chair are Scotty's clothes.

Kevin still feels a bit stiff when he walks to the bathroom. Turning on the lights makes the bathroom bathe in a warm glow and still half-asleep and on automatic pilot Kevin splashes warm water on his face. It wakes him up somewhat and he's just a time with drying his face to see Scotty enter the bathroom.

"Coffee is brewing." Scotty informs him, before sticking his head under the cold water-tab. Kevin shivers. He could never do that. Yet he smiles when he sees how Scotty shakes his head to get the droplets out of his hair and some of the cold drops fall on Kevin's warm skin.

"Hey! Watch it." Kevin says, backing away from Scotty.
"Afraid you'll meld?" Scotty teases, sending more cold drops Kevin's way as he shakes the cold water off his hands.
"I hate you." Kevin says softly, but his loving smile betrays that his words are just words.

Scotty pulls Kevin closer.
"I'll warm you up again then..." He says, letting his hands slide down Kevin's back. He can see Kevin bite his lip when their bodies come in contact. Scotty kisses Kevin, but Kevin stops him.

"We could sleep in on Christmas morning because mom took the kids off our hands, but ... we have to go to her house and be there by 11, so the kids can start unpacking their gifts...." Kevin warns.
"Well, then we'll be 10 minutes later..." Scotty decides.

"Yeah, and the kids will kill us." Kevin replies, wanting to turn away, but he barely has his back turned to Scotty or Scotty pulls him back into his embrace. Kevin can feel how aroused Scotty is and it ignites his own desires.
"Ten minutes? You won't last that long. I'll give you five." He purrs and a little smirk comes to Scotty's face.


Sweat is running down Kevin's back, it feels so good to let Scotty take control and just surrender to the strong hands caressing his body, to that warm mouth on his skin and the way Scotty can make Kevin cry out with need for satisfaction. He can feel Scotty pull him closer.

"Are you ready?" Scotty whispers. Kevin swallows hard.
"Yes. Do it. Just..... Do it." Kevin pushes closer and with the last few thrusts Scotty gives in to his own needs. Deeper, faster, harder if that is even possible. He can hear Kevin gasp, he can feel Kevin letting go and it ricochets through his own body.

Trembling with aftershocks, trying to get his breath back, he holds Kevin close to him. Kevin relaxes quicker that Scotty, having reached his orgasm just a bit sooner.
"That was amazing." Kevin mutters, still not quiet back from cloud 9 yet.
"Wasn't it?" Scotty grins, kissing Kevin until they're both out of breath again.

Right now, they want nothing more than just rest a bit longer, but Kevin's telephone is already buzzing.
"Oh, no. My mom." Kevin sighs. Scotty takes the phone from Kevin's hands and takes the call.

"Yeah, sorry, Nora. My fault. I switched off the alarm... Yes. We'll be there as soon as we can... Yes. No worries. I'll bring the cookies. I made them yesterday.... Yes. Let the kids start unpacking their gifts... Just a quick shower and we'll get there a fast as we can. Bye."
"Glad you took responsibility." Kevin grins.

"We'll better get a quick shower together then, to save time."
"If we take a shower together, we'll never get out of the house." Kevin reminds Scotty, who hums that he agrees. "Pour the coffee, while I shower, I'll make a quick toast, while you shower and we'll leave as fast as we can." Kevin suggests.

"Okay. I can't however promise that breakfast won't lead to kinky sex." Scotty teases.
"It better not. My mom will show up here, breaking down the door to find out why we aren't at her place yet. I don't want my mom around when you and I are having kinky sex... It somehow kills the mood." Kevin reminds Scotty, while going to the bathroom.

"Point taken." Scotty agrees quietly. He pours the coffee and enters the bathroom, coffee in hand. He stares at the silhouette of Kevin behind the shower-glass. He sighs, puts the coffee-mugs aside and start to undress to step into the shower... They're late anyway.... So what if they're even later....

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - christmas fic

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