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Fanfic: A simple Wednesday night

A simple Wednesday night

By Marea67
t Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Well, it can't always be fights, sex and drama, sometimes life is just boring and snoring...


Kevin looks up from his papers when he hears a scream in the kitchen. Through the window he can see how Scotty grabs a young man's hand and pushes it under a stream of cold water. The new one has obviously burned his hand on something. Kevin shakes his head and he smiles as he sees his husband move through his kitchen.

Even now, after this many years, the butterflies in his stomach can still flutter when he sees Scotty. (And there's nothing he likes more than to watch Scotty.) For a moment, Kevin can remember their first meeting. That young man who was so sure of himself, so cocky. So in-your-face gay, that Kevin quietly envied his attitude.

Kevin had at first felt intimidated. He wasn't exactly in the closet, but he wasn't having it spray-painted on his forehead in neon-letters with a touch of glitter either. He was passed that point in his life. He just wanted to live in peace and be comfortable. He had enough drama in his family in the wake of his father's death and he didn't need any in his own life. Until Scotty walked in...

Kevin gets up to get some coffee. Upon returning to the table, where he had been working, he no longer feels the desire to get much done. Coffee-cup in hand he looks at the work in the kitchen. As if Scotty can feel Kevin's eyes on him, he looks in Kevin's direction. Their eyes meet and they both smile at each other at the same time.

A feeling of gratitude comes over Kevin. Every day he feels lucky that this beautiful man is his husband. He loves Scotty so much and each time that he thinks that he can't love him more than he already does, Scotty does or says something that proves his wrong. And he knows that he's fortunate to have a relationship that is this strong.

Scotty goes on with his work, preparing the kitchen for the guests that will start pouring in later tonight. They're fully booked tonight. Kevin sighs and gets back to his file, but his mind wanders off. He remembers the first time they had really kissed, on the doorstep of his apartment, under the watchful eye of Mrs Berryman.

It had been a while since he had been with someone and just kissing Scotty had been exhilarating. When he had pulled Scotty into his place, he had wanted nothing more than to keep him there and never let him go again.... Of course, it wasn't to be. True to form, he screwed it up.

Or... well... to be honest, they both did. Kevin could have been more sensitive about Scotty's feelings. Scotty could have been perhaps a little less sensitive about Kevin's words... But that was water under the bridge. Can't turn back time and even if he could have, he doesn't think it would have mattered.

Because he has reached a point where he truly believes that Scotty leaving him not once, but twice, is what makes Kevin the man he is today. A man who's very aware of how much he would lose if Scotty would leave him again. Of course, this brings back the memory of when they had been separated due to Scotty's cheating.

It's a period in his life that he prefers not to think about, but occasionally the memory haunts him. Of course, it had been tough to forgive Scotty, but he had to recognize that living without Scotty was far worse, so he had to find a way to deal with the cheating. Plus, would he not have wanted forgiveness from Scotty if he had been the one to fail?

He should have recognized that Scotty was only human, and that Scotty could have felt taken for granted, but he hadn't. He had simply expected Scotty to be there, regardless of what Kevin would do. He knows that Scotty would be the last one to consider it an excuse for the cheating, but Kevin knows that he had abandoned Scotty when Scotty needed him.

He had been in a dark place and rather than trying to fight his way back to the light, he had taken Scotty into the darkness with him. Something he would not forgive himself for. He knows now how often Scotty had wanted to tell him the truth but just couldn't, afraid that it would destroy them entirely.

But it hadn't. So no more thinking about that dark period in their marriage. When he looks up he no longer sees Scotty. Assuming that he's in the back somewhere, storage or something, Kevin gets back to the file he's working on, when a shadow falls over him. Before he even looks up he just knows it's Scotty.

"Hey, handsome." Scotty sits down at his table and straightens his back.
"Need the table?" Kevin asks, knowing  that Scotty might need the table he's working at, if things get busy. Scotty shakes his head.
"Not yet. Just wanted to be with you for a few seconds."

His fingers slide over Kevin's hand. Several years ago Kevin would have pulled back his hand, afraid of the reactions to public displays of affection, but not anymore. He smiles and he places his hand on Scotty's. Their fingers entwine and Scotty leans in for a little kiss. He lets his forehead rest against Kevin's.

"I'm tired already." He whispers to Kevin.
"I know." Kevin replies equally soft. Daniel had been all up night, after having had too much candy and fast food at a birthday-party. By consequence Kevin and Scotty hadn't slept much either.

Each of them having their task cut out for them. Kevin put Daniel three times under the shower to clean him up and Scotty changed the bed three times. Work divided and quickly done with all the experience they had by now, but still it had made for a restless night and Scotty still had a long evening ahead.

"If you need, call me." Kevin says, with a tilt of head towards his office. "I'll do the cooking...."
"Is that threat...??"  Scotty grins. Kevin is not a bad cook, but no way near as good as Scotty.

"Everyone will be heading for the door, the restaurant will be empty and we can gey some sleep..." Kevin reasons. Scotty nods that he gets the idea.
"I'll keep it in mind." He promises, leaving Kevin after one more kiss to get back to work in the kitchen.

The doorbell rings and the first customers come in. Kevin closes his file and puts all his paperwork in his briefcase. He likes to work at a table in the restaurant, because it makes him feel close to Scotty and he knows that Scotty doesn't mind. But when the door of the restaurant opens it's time to find another place.

He quickly sets the table for 4 persons. He knows exactly what Scotty wants his tables to look like and for Kevin it has become a routine job. Then he disappears into his office, knowing that he won't see Scotty for the rest of the night, because Scotty will be too busy to pay attention to Kevin.


"You're early." Kevin says, when he sees Scotty enter the bedroom. "Not that I mind..." He quickly adds. "Just ... unexpected surprise. 's All."
"I was too tired to clean up. I sent everyone home. Just wanted to take the weight off my feet. Just roll into bed, close my eyes and sleep."

For a moment he realizes that Kevin might have thought that Scotty came home earlier for something else and sex is really not on Scotty's mind right now. He quickly looks at Kevin, hoping to not see some disappointment on his face, but he can see Kevin put his book away.

"Where are the kids?" Scotty asks.
"I brought them over to mom. She will keep an eye on Daniel tonight. He's still not feeling too well. Olivia didn't mind going along. She loves to stay over at mom's. And this way we can get some sleep tonight."

"Sounds like heaven." Scotty sighs as lets his aching back come in touch with the mattress.
"Come here." Kevin invites him in his arms and they kiss softly. Scotty is torn. He's tired, so tired, but if Kevin would want more now, he wouldn't be able to say no to Kevin either, because he sure wouldn't mind some hot sex...

He can feel Kevin's arm around him, pulling him close, but Kevin breaks the kiss.
"Get some sleep, baby." He hears Kevin whisper. And Scotty isn't sure if he disappointed or not. "You need your sleep, we can always catch up on other things later." Kevin switches off the light.

In the darkness, Scotty's mind can only think of how much he loves to be with Kevin. And to think he nearly lost this wonderful man.... He had been such a fool to have a one-night thing... He can feel Kevin's arm around him, Kevin's body against his, Kevin's breath caressing his shoulder... So good... So protective... So....

Kevin smiles as he feels Scotty fall asleep. Scotty's body becomes heavy, his breathing calm and deep. He sure would have liked to finish this night differently. With the children gone, it would have been an excellent moment to have some good hot sex that would have left both them 'tired by satisfied', but he had seen how exhausted Scotty was.

He lets his hand gently slide over Scotty's body, just to feel him close in the dark. There's a little moan from Scotty and Kevin pushes himself closer to Scotty's. He closes his eyes. His kids are safe. He's in a warm cozy bed and he has the man of his dreams in his arms. The sex can wait. The world can wait. Everything can wait.... Kevin is asleep.

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