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fanfic: Christmas - family 2/2 and Valentine's family

Christmas - family 2/2 and Valentine's family

By Marea67
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money.
Summary: It's Christmas, And Valentine's Day, go with it.

I planned to finish this story at Christmas, but an inflammation in my back prevented me from doing so and after that I just didn't feel it anymore. I wasn't sure anymore how to finish the story until earlier this week I realized that I could let the stories for Christmas and Valentine's Day merge.
So the story in red is the Christmas one, the one in black is the Valentine's Day one.

Scotty has a quick look to see of all his guests are alright. He may have closed the restaurant for Christmas, but this Valentine's night every table is occupied and Scotty is in a very good mood.
"Satisfied?" He hears Kevin ask and he turns around to meet his husband.

"I sure am." He smiles and he pulls Kevin closer for a kiss. "Very different from Christmas... When things did not go according to plan."
"Do things ever go according to plan with us?" Kevin grins. Scotty agrees with a nod that it usually doesn't .

"I have to get back to work." Scotty lets go of Kevin, regret in his eyes, and he returns to his kitchen after one final kiss. Kevin watches him as he moves around the kitchen. Confident. In charge. Kevin smiles again. Yes, things were sure different from how they were for Christmas.


Kevin sits back on the couch. He feels satisfied with his life. His kids are happy with their toys. The Christmas-breakfast has been great fun and the coffee in his hands is hot and smells delicious. And let's not forget that he has the most handsome husband of all. He smiles when Scotty sits down next to him and entwines his legs with Kevin's.

"Life is perfect." Kevin says quietly. Scotty nods that he agrees. "So was last night..." He doesn't have to say more to Scotty. The sex they had last night had been most satisfying, even though they had to be quiet about it. Scotty smiles mischievously at the good memories and Kevin can't help but grin as well.

"I've been thinking..." Scotty then starts. Kevin's shoulders sink.
"That's usually not a good sign."
"... would you mind terribly if we would invite one or two people here tonight? If they will accept the invitation that is. They might not be willing to come here after all."

"Can I invite one or two as well?" Kevin asks in return. Scotty seems surprised. "I am assuming you're talking about Mr Vanelli? It bugs you that he's alone, right?" Scotty nods, glad that Kevin understands what he means. "I feel that way about Mrs Green. She's such a positive woman and she doesn't deserve to be alone."

"Okay, why don't you call her and I'll call Mr Vanelli."
"And what about Aaron and Cody? Cody and Daniel are best buddies and we had such fun when they stayed with us and ate pancakes with us." Kevin suggests. Scotty hesitates.
"I had thought about asking Angie. She's not in a happy place right now." he says slowly.

Kevin sees the problem. There might not be enough room at their table for everyone.
"Why don't we have our Christmas dinner at the restaurant? We can put the tables together and we'd have enough space to move, change places to talk to our guests and that kitchen is better equipped for a large group of people."

"We could." Scotty nods slowly. It had not been his plan to do much for Christmas and now he was inviting a whole lot of work, but it makes him feel good. "We could." He then repeats with a little more determination. Yes, he starts to see what he has to do and how it could work out.


As usual Kevin has a quick look around himself. Everyone is so much in the Valentine Day spirit. The restaurant has catered to the day by adding red and white where they can. In all it looks pretty and cheerful.... Not that Christmas had been bad, but, yes, things hadn't gone quiet according the their plan of a 'minimal Christmas'.


"I'm so glad you invited me..." Mr Vanelli admits. "... I thought that being alone with my memories of Sammy would be good, but... it wasn't. I missed her like crazy and... we were never alone for Christmas. We always had friends and family coming over. Or we would go to meet others. And now... nothing... The silence was driving me mad."

Mr Vanelli sighs and Scotty grabs the man's hand.
"I'm glad that you wanted to come. And I'm glad that you wanted to make Sammy's favorite meal."
"It's not much but it's good for 8-10 people. She'd usually make it if family came over."

Scotty looks at the 7 filled-to-limit Tupperware boxes. He could see how a whole family could eat from that. Inwardly he feels a bit miserable, figuring he'll be stuck with a whole lot of leftover food once again, like he is every Christmas. But then he reminds himself that there are people who are less fortunate than him and that the shelter for the homeless will be happy with the high quality food.

"Scotty?" Mr Vanelli suddenly says and Scotty focuses his attention back on Mr Vanelli. "I never wanted to say anything before, because I didn't know how to, but I wanted to thank you for catering the meal that we had after the funeral." Scotty looks appropriately embarrassed.

"I didn't want you to know. I just quietly wanted to do something for Sammy." He says.
"I'd recognize your food out of a hundred others... I understand that you never got paid for it either."
"I didn't want to get paid. You and Sammy were special to us. It was the least I could do."

Mr Vanelli holds Scotty's hands and squeezes them gently.
"Thank you." Though the man smiles bravely, Scotty can see the tears glisten in his eyes and all he can do is nod that he heard the message.
"Come I'll take you to the table and introduce to the others."

Meanwhile, Mrs Alice Green walks over to Kevin.
"This place is really lovely. I'd seen it whenever I came to see you for advice, but I thought it would be too expensive for me... Now that I've seen the menu, I might come over one night in the new year."

"I'd love that. I'll have Scotty make you a special dish. Whatever you like."
"I brought a big vegetable-tray..." She says as she shows Kevin a large tray, beautifully decorated with all sorts of vegetables as sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots. It all looks very festive. "I hope your husband won't mind, but I just didn't want to come empty-handed."

"I'm sure Scotty will love it, and if he doesn't I will, because I don't want him in the kitchen all night." Kevin admits with a grin. "Why don't we put it on the table over there, so people can take what they want and ..." Before Kevin can finish his sentence he sees Scotty with Mr Vanelli.

"Oh, mr Vanelli, I'm so glad you could join us after all." Kevin says warmly and he introduces Mr Vanelli to Mrs Green, who immediately introduce themselves to each other with a 'Martino' and 'Alice'. Martino's kiss on the hand makes Alice all giggly like a 17-year old and Scotty and Kevin are beyond amused at the old-fashioned chivalry.

"I want to escort Alice to her chair and..."
"I will do that, Kevin, I think your daughter is trying to get yours and Scotty's attention." Martino points out. Kevin and Scotty see Olivia waving at them to come to her and they are momentarily in doubt about what to do.

Alice takes Martino's arm.
"This will work, we'll sit down over there. Go to your daughter." She says and then the two slowly move across the restaurant to where the table is set for dinner.
"Let's find out what Olivia wants." Kevin sighs.

"Laurette is here. Her parents had a huge blow up and they both left the house. They left her all alone! For Christmas!..." Olivia is clearly upset and Laurette anxiously looks at Kevin and Scotty, who share one look at each other and know what the other one is thinking.

"You can join us for dinner. But leave a message for both your parents that you're here, so if they come to their senses and go back home, they won't find you missing." Kevin decides. Laurette wipes away her tears. "Go freshen up, ladies, it's nearly time for dinner.... Where's Daniel?"

As they look around, they see how Daniel and Cody nearly knock Angie off her feet.
"Oy! Watch it!" Angie yells, barely managing to get a grip on the two dishes she's bringing to the table. Aaron steps up and grabs one of the dishes before they fall.
"Cody! Be more careful!" He warns.

"'Torry!" Cody says and he runs after Daniel once more.
"Sorry about that. My son is happy to be with Daniel. He likes it here. You know how kids are around good food." Aaron apologizes.
"No. Not yet. But I will soon..." Angie mumbles, not sure if she's amused or annoyed.

"What?" Aaron asks.
"Never mind me. Just being grumpy." Angie shrugs. "I might as well tell you, or you'll hear it from someone else. My boyfriend just ditched me and I found out I'm pregnant. That's how stupid I am."

"My wife left me and her son. She's 'finding herself' somewhere. How stupid does that make me?" Aaron asks. Angie looks at him for a second and then she smiles.
"Are they always like that?" she nods with her head at Cody and Daniel. Aaron shakes his head.

"No. Sometimes he's nice and quiet... when he's asleep." He adds wryly. "I love him anyway. Nothing and no one is more important to me than that boy."
"I can see why... I've decided to keep the baby. I already found three amazing babysitters."

She looks at Kevin, Scotty and Olivia with love and affection in her eyes.
"They are amazing people. Don't know what I would have done without them. The moment they found out I was having troubles coping, they offered their help." Aaron says with admiration.

"Yeah, they are amazeballs." Angie agrees. Then she hears a sound that she shouldn't hear. "Scotty! Someone at the backdoor!" She yells.
"Are you expecting more people?" Scotty asks, but Kevin shakes his head.
"I'll check who it is." Kevin says.

Kevin disappears to open the backdoor. He's not sure who he had expected, but definitely not Justin, drenched from the rain.
"What are you doing here? I thought you'd be with your in-laws?"
"Tyler was in a bad mood, so I left before I'd make things worse."

"Good plan." Kevin nods. "Need a shoulder to cry on? Or did you smell Scotty's cooking?"
"That last one. From a mile away... " Justin replies with the sweet smile he keeps for Scotty and his cooking skills. "First thing wouldn't be bad either." He then adds.
"Come in. There's enough. We have a few people over, but you can always join us."

Kevin tells Justin to go to the restaurant area where the food will be served. They had placed tables along the wall to create a hot buffet-table, where everyone can take their own food. By putting tables together Kevin and Scotty had created a long table with enough places to sit for everyone.

It only took one quiet word from Scotty and, like a well trained waiter, Daniel starts to bring dishes with little snacks around, especially for Martino and Alice. Not to be outdone Cody mimics Daniel and, though slightly wobbly on his feet, he too walks around like a good waiter.

Scotty catches Kevin looking at their son and his friend and he smiles lovingly at Kevin. Kevin replies to the smile, but immediately interferes when he sees that Cody's dish is going off balance. He manages to save the plate from crashing and Scotty shakes his head and returns to his kitchen to get wine.

At that moment he hears the backdoor bell. Now what? He opens the door to find Nora standing there.
"This is the last time I give Brody to chance to win me back. I left earlier, because we were barely at a party for his family last night and he completely forgot about my existence."

Scotty opens his mouth to say that he cannot imagine Brody forgetting about Nora and that Brody really loves Nora, when Nora continues:
"He had a couple of drinks and started flirting with the neighbor of one of his children. She was there because she was short on money."

Scotty can see that Nora is really angry and so he opens the door a little further to let her in.
"I'm so sorry to just drop in. I hadn't counted on being home, so I have nothing ready to eat and I was kind of hoping that..."

Scotty doesn't quite believe that Nora wouldn't have food in the house, but he can imagine that Nora would rather not be home alone now,.
"..However, if it's inconvenient I can leave..." Nora quickly adds, taking Scotty's silence as a quiet rejection.

"As if." Scotty grins. "Come in. Justin needs a shoulder to cry on anyway and Kevin is really too busy at the moment to give emotional support to his baby-brother." Nora follows Scotty to the kitchen.
"Justin?" Nora now asks, concern in her voice.

"Yeah, fight with Tyler." Scotty answers with a shrug. "Sorry, Nora, I still have food to prepare..." It's soft attempt to get Nora out of his kitchen, but at that moment Angie enters the kitchen, just in time to hear Scotty's words.
"No, you don't. You, Scotty Wandell, go to your guests."

Angie grabs her apron and Scotty is about to open his mouth to tell her that he won't be chased out of his own kitchen, when Angie cuts him off.
"You're not going to spend all night here by yourself. I'm your assistant chef and I know what you plan to make and I can do it too. Go to your guests."

She motions him to go away.
"Did you see that?" Scotty asks Kevin, who had just walked in with 2 empty bottles of red wine. Kevin places the bottles on the counter to be thrown out and he grabs Scotty by the elbow.

"Yes. I saw it. She's right. Come on. Let her do her work." And he pulls Scotty along with him. Just as they are about to enter the restaurant again, Kevin's phone rings.
"Let me guess... Kitty? Sarah?" Scotty asks, beginning to suspect that the entire Walker-clan will show up tonight.

"Nope, Sarah, Saul and Jonathan are all in Paris, where Saul and Jonathan will stay, while Sarah moves on to the south of France. And Kitty already posted a picture of herself on Instagram. She's with Robert's first wife to promote some political something-or-other-I-haven't-been-paying-attention-to-it-thingy." Kevin answers.

"It's Jason.... Hey Jason!" Scotty raises an eyebrow. Why would Jason call Kevin? "No. No problem. Of course you and Chad are welcome to join us... You must warn Chad though that there will be strangers at our table, so I don't know how they will react when they see a famous movie-star show up..." Kevin grins, then obviously laughs at Jason's answer. "See you in a bit."

"Now what?"
"They are at the airport. The set got closed due to extremely bad weather. Jason and Chad aren't expected back there until halfway January."
"So.... They'll be joining us here?"

"Their travels went faster than expected, because they could take an earlier flight."
"What is the point of everyone telling us that they won't be there for Christmas, when they all decide to show up on our doorstep anyway?" Scotty wonders, caught between bewilderment and a bit of annoyance.

"People seem to think that I can whip up something to eat at any moment, or something like that."
"And you can... Because you're resourceful." Kevin points out.
"Don't flatter me too much." Scotty smiles though. He's is happy with the sweet compliment.


Scotty straightens his back. His staff is getting tired, he can see that. The evening is coming to an end. Some tables are already empty and clean. He sees familiar faces. People who had there been this Christmas too. And now they're back again. Only a month and a half ago the evening had slowly come to an end as well...


.... Slowly the evening winds down. Martino and Alice have decided to share a cab and they have agreed to meet each other again at Café 429 for dinner a few days later. Martino can't wait to recommend her which dishes to try. Scotty has promised that their first meal will be on the house. He quietly expects that more dinners will follow.

Justin and Nora help to put everything back in the kitchen and Nora has just agreed that Justin should spend the night in his old room, so she can pamper him with a delicious breakfast the next morning, which is music to Justin's ears and he's quite sure that 'nothing will mend my broken heart faster'.

"Oh, please." Kevin mumbles and he rolls his eyes at that much silliness. Olivia promises to take Daniel upstairs and put him in bed. She's happy that Laurette can stay at their place for the night. And Laurette is happy that she could spend a night without listening to her parents arguing. The friendship between the two girls seems to have become even stronger.

Aaron finds his son sound asleep on the floor, under the Christmas-tree, and Angie promises to help them get home. Because Angie is a little drunk, Aaron offers her to stay at his place. In the guest-room, he quickly adds, to not give the wrong impression. Kevin and Scotty exchange only one look. Yeah. Right. Guest-room. Not going to happen.

Eventually, Chad and Jason are the last ones to leave. Thankfully no one was too impressed to see Chad, so Chad and Jason could have a nice meal without any insane fans intruding on their privacy. They both took time to laugh, joke and dance with the ladies and it's clear that they had a great time.

Finally the place is empty. Scotty turns on the dishwasher, which is filled to the max. He's actually surprised, and grateful, that there isn't that much food left over. Kevin enters the kitchen with the last bottles of wine.
"Restaurant is clear again. Tables back in place. All we need to do tomorrow is vacuum."

Scotty takes Kevin in his arms and kisses him.
"Thank you." He says. Kevin smiles up at him.
"You're welcome. Justin, Aaron, Chad and Jason were great at helping out. It was a wonderful evening, all in all. Despite the unexpected guests."

"Yes. Perhaps not exactly 'family', but definitely people we love." Scotty agrees. "I'm so glad we decided to invite them, even those who actually invited themselves."
"No longer feeling like people are taking for granted that you always have something to eat for them?" Kevin teases sweetly. Scotty laughs.

"Well, they aren't wrong about that, I'm becoming more like your mother every day. Always prepared for calamities and family and friends dropping in... And to be honest, I like that our families and friends are more and more relying on us to be there for them. It makes me feel like I'm important enough for people to trust in me."

Scotty finishes his sentence with a shy smile.
"Well, you are the most important man in my life." Kevin whispers between 2 kisses. "... but can we go to bed now? I'm tired and I just want to snuggle up to you and ..." He leaves the rest of the sentence to Scotty's own imagination.

Scotty follows Kevin to the bedroom and he is the first to get undressed.
"You think that Angie will stay at Aaron's tonight?"
"Why not? He's nearly divorced, has a cute kid, is financially stable. She longs for someone to rely on. He needs someone to run his life for him. She's capable of doing just that."

"I know! Did you hear how she chased me out of my own kitchen?" Scotty is still not over it.
"Yes. But I'm sure that it's only because it's Christmas and she knew that you didn't want to spend all night in the kitchen. You're better at being bossy than she is."

"Really?" Scotty asks, wrapping his arms around Kevin. "And... do you like it when I get bossy with you...?" he asks, suggestively letting his hands move down Kevin's body. Kevin bites his lip, because Scotty's touch is arousing.
"Mmmmabye." He answers.

"Oooh, it's hard... to ignore me when I'm bossy, I mean." Scotty teases, his fingers sliding emphasizing on the 'hard' part of his words. Kevin grins.
"It is hard... What are you going to do about that? ... About keeping me in line, I mean."
Scotty smiles back and pulls Kevin closer to let him feel how hard things can get.


Scotty shakes his head and he tells himself not to dwell on that memory, interesting as it is. He looks at the remaining guest. Familiar faces. No, Chad and Jason weren't here tonight. Chad had gone back to the film-set in.. wherever it was... Scotty can't remember. He knows that Jason will be with Chad tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day.

In the far corner, he can see Laurette, Olivia's friend, with her father. The two are in a deep conversation. Laurette's parents have decided to get a divorce and it has brought peace and quiet to Laurette's life. No more bickering, no more fighting, no more slamming doors, no more crushing silences.

Laurette lives with her father and regularly visits her mother, who now lives with her new boyfriend. Laurette doesn't care much about the new boyfriend, but her mother is happy and that matters to her. She doesn't judge either of her parents. She just wants to move on with her life as best as she can. And she does so with Olivia's help.

"Aren't they lovely?" Kevin joins Scotty, and Scotty tries to find out who Kevin is talking about. He sees Kevin look at Alice and Martino. Scotty's look softens. His favorite couple in the restaurant, no doubt. They were definitely in love. Neither had believed that it could still happen, but they have found each other.

Right after New Year, they had had their first date here at Café 429. One of several, where they had decided to continue what Martino and Sammy had once started, trying everything on the menu. They had been back every week. Not on the same night as Martino used to do with Sammy though. Alice respected the memory of Sammy and didn't want to 'intrude' on those memories.

Their families had met each other and had quickly bonded, both families being warm and open to newcomers. Things were going right for both of them and Martino had confided to Scotty that he was seriously considering asking Alice to marry him.

Scotty feels a hand on his shoulder.
"Would it be alright if I go home? I'm beat." She asks.
"Of course. You go. Take care of that baby of yours..." Scotty gently sends her away.

She waves at him one last time and Scotty can see her run up to Aaron's car. Another success-story. Aaron, Angie and Cody have become a little family, much to Kevin and Scotty's surprise. Angie had never been good at keeping her relationships going, but this time it seems to work out just fine.

Oh, Aaron's wife had come back, all apologetic, all dramatic tears and sighs, but Aaron had closed that particular door. She had made her choice. And now he had made his. He preferred to stay with Angie, who's loud and sometimes a bit rude, but has a heart of gold and she had stolen not only his heart but also Cody's.

One of the last couples to leave is Justin and Tyler. Kevin is glad to see that they are back together again after their fight at Christmas. He had feared the worst, but they had bounced back somehow. And judging by how Tyler hadn't been drinking anything alcoholic and by how her hand rests protectively on her belly, there may be some good news soon.

"Hey! Want some good news?" Kevin asks.
"I could always use some." Scotty replies, curious as to what news Kevin could have.
"The kids aren't home tonight. Daniel is staying over at Cody's tonight and Olivia has been asked to sleepover at Laurette's. We have our house to ourselves tonight."

"Oooooh, you mean.. we get a night of undisturbed ... sleep?" Scotty teases.
"Not a chance!" Kevin answers straightaway.
"You have other plans?" Scotty fakes confusion. "What ever could that be?" Kevin shakes his head slowly.

"Hon, I love you, but, just a piece of advice. Don't ever become an actor. You suck at it... No. I have big plans for tonight...."
"Do those plans include me?" Scotty continues to tease.
"You'll be the main focus of those plans, love.... The main focus." Kevin promises with a big grin.


Scotty lets the hot water flow down his back. It relieves the ache is his shoulders as it washes away the tired feeling. He hears the shower curtain move and he knows that Kevin is joining him.
"Hey gorgeous." Kevin says, letting his fingers slide over Scotty's back.

Kevin soaps up his hands and washes Scotty's back, the gentle massage is sensual and Scotty moans softly. He longs to do more, but enjoys how Kevin takes care of him. Kevin's hands slowly move lower, from Scotty's shoulders to his sides and even lower.
"You know, that's not my back anymore." Scotty grins.

"I know, but I what my priorities are..." Kevin teases. Scotty turns around and takes Kevin in his arms to kiss him. Kevin moves his body closer to Scotty's. There is such delight in being able to touch and caress each other without the fear of being interrupted by Daniel, who seems to have this Walker-sixth sense of showing up unexpectedly.

"Can we please go to bed... I'm really, really, really tired." Scotty whispers in Kevin's ear.
"Me too." Kevin replies with a knowing smile. Scotty dries off first, while Kevin turns off the water. By the time Kevin enters the bedroom, Scotty is already in bed. Kevin stops for a moment to look at him.

"What are you waiting for?" Scotty asks, looking a bit confused.
"Just admiring how beautiful you are." Kevin says, his awe is clearly in his voice and Scotty can't help but feel a little blush come to his cheeks, making him look even more delicious to Kevin.

Kevin slips under the duvet and Scotty takes him in his arms again. He claims Kevin's lips, slowly getting on top of Kevin. Kevin feels Scotty’s hand move up between his legs and he moans softly. By the time Scotty’s thumb slides over his erection, Kevin bites his lip to not beg Scotty to move faster, but Scotty knows already that he has Kevin’s full attention.

He can feel Kevin tremble under his touch. Kevin puts his arms around Scotty's neck, forcing Scotty's head down for a kiss that takes Scotty's breath away. It's all so intimate and Scotty just wants to lose control. He needs the intimacy, he needs to own Kevin, he needs to take Kevin and drive him crazy.

He breaks away from the kiss, not wanting to move too fast, but when he looks down on Kevin, he can see the smirk around Kevin's mouth, Kevin's eyes dare him to move on. And why not? The night is still young and they can always go for a second chance later in the night.

"Are you ready?" Scotty asks in a low voice. Kevin nods and Scotty start to gently prepare him for what is to come. By the time Scotty's fingers slips inside him, Kevin surrenders with a loud sigh, that makes Scotty smile. He kisses the hollow of Kevin’s neck and Kevin’s fingers grab in Scotty's hair as he pushes up.

Scotty knows Kevin too well. Kevin wants to be taken, to be driven to the edge, to go insane in the arms of the man he loves and Scotty can't wait to give Kevin what he wants. A part of him wants to take it slow and drive Kevin crazy before moving on, but his body longs for satisfaction and he can't wait to lose himself in the heat of Kevin's body.

His eyes meet Kevin's again and he can see the little smile on Kevin's lips. He carefully penetrates Kevin, allowing his husband to adjust to the intrusion and to heighten the tension they both feel. The first thrust is a careful, deliberate one. Kevin moans in approval, relaxing under Scotty's hands.

With the next thrust, Scotty pulls Kevin closer to him and Kevin is not objecting to this at all. He can hear Kevin whisper something about ‘more’, but the words aren’t very coherent. Scotty can guess however and he grins, pulling Kevin once again closer to his body, while simultaneously pushing even deeper.

The next few thrusts are slow, but then even Scotty has to give in and move faster. From between his eyelashes, he sees the satisfied smile on Kevin’s face, the way he bites his lower lip.... Kevin’s grip on Scotty’s body becomes tighter, their kisses become more intimate and Scotty moves faster.

Suddenly Kevin’s nails press into his skin. He can feel Kevin meet him, pushing closer. Scotty can feel Kevin stiffen underneath him and his reaction is a catalyst for Scotty to let go as well. The last thrusts cannot be controlled, he just has to give in.. Surrender to his needs.... He cries out when the orgasm finally hits him...


Bodies still entwined, they enjoy the aftermath of their lovemaking. Soft kisses, gentle caresses, enjoying the intimacy they can't always display when their kids are around.
"Happy Valentine's Day." Scotty says between two kisses. The only answer he gets is Kevin pulling him closer to deepen the kiss and get ready for round two.

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