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It was a year ago

It was a year ago
(30 November 2007. Telephone)

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: R.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: It was a year ago.
Extra: Because a year ago I reluctantly put my first fanfic on the net, for everyone to read, making “Telephone” very precious to me.


Scotty couldn’t believe that it was just a year ago, that he stood here in this kitchen at San Estephe’s, hearing Louis whine that some fancy children’s party was going wrong, because the kids, upset, didn’t want to eat “Sebastian”. Louis had NO idea who Sebastian was and Scotty had a hard time trying not to laugh out loud. Taking children to a 5-star restaurant to eat lobster… most kids just want to go to McDonalds and have a Happy Meal.

No amount of sweet-talking could persuade the stubbornly crying kids, so eventually Louis had no choice but to take the lobsters back to the kitchen. And Scotty had gladly “sacrificed himself” and had taken some of the lobsters home with him… Not knowing it would turn out to be such a life-changing experience…


Kevin impatiently waits for the time to pass so he can go home, when Robert comes in.
“Kevin, where are you with your thoughts?”
“Home.” Kevin answers honestly.
“Scotty is home early tonight, hmhm?” Robert asks, slowly getting to know his brother-in-law a bit better. Kevin nods with a huge grin on his face.

“Anything special?” Robert is not sure he wants to know, but Kevin seems very happy.
“Uh, yes, kinda… It’s been a year, since we got back together.” Robert cannot help but smile at Kevin’s enthusiasm.
“Thanks..” Kevin says.

“You know, just go home, you’re useless to me in this state of mind anyway…” Robert decides with a grin. He watches Kevin say ‘thank you’ and hardly 3 minutes later he’s out of his office and Robert wonders if Kevin is remotely aware that, to Robert, this means that it was a year ago, that he cheated on Jason, Robert’s brother.

He shouldn’t mind, really, but it rubs him a bit the wrong way, even though Robert is glad that Kevin is happy with Scotty and Jason is happy with his own life. He takes his agenda and quickly notes that in two days he should call Jason, to see how he is, because than it would be a year ago, that Kevin broke up with Jason…


Scotty brought the lobster, Kevin the champagne. They lit the candles and contrary to last year they can now gaze at each other without feeling guilty. Scotty’s wedding-ring shines in the soft lights, as does Kevin’s when their hands meet each other halfway on the table. They laugh and talk and remember. Their fingers are playing with each other. Kevin smiles at Scotty and Scotty knows what Kevin wants.

He gets up and takes Kevin in his arms. The food is forgotten as lips meet. They leave a trail of clothes as they go to their bedroom. And if a year ago he was still sleeping on an air-bed, now Scotty pushes Kevin down on the bed that is theirs, kissing and touching the body of the man who is now his husband and not someone else’s boyfriend.

And if, a year ago, it had been Scotty who spread his legs to receive Kevin in some warped notion that the other way around would be some violation of what belonged to Jason, now Scotty easily claims Kevin as his own. He can hear Kevin’s breathing become small moans to the same rhythm as Scotty's thrusts.

A year ago, their nostalgic sex-romp had been a silent, desperate one, because they were both ashamed of their desire for each other, now there is the soft encouragement to go on and the plea not to stop. Scotty can see Kevin’s fingers curl in the pillow, the wedding-ring shining as if it wants to be noticed, he smiles at the memory of the words of love and devotion that Kevin spoke to him and, with a feeling of pride, he closes his eyes, letting all the pent up love and lust flow out of him.

Kevin is still breathing heavily when Scotty’s arms close around his waist, Scotty’s lips are on his shoulders, softly kissing the hot skin. He is satisfied, not just physically but also emotionally. Although he sometimes wonders why Scotty would bother to love him, he doesn’t doubt Scotty’s love for him. Scotty makes him feel complete and keeps him grounded. Scotty has become this solid rock that he needs in his life. His hand searches Scotty’s.

Scotty can feel Kevin play with the ring on his finger. Kevin likes to do that, as if he wants to verify that that ring is still safely on Scotty’s finger and not going anywhere. He smiles, kissing the back of Kevin’s neck and rubbing the tip of his nose through the little curls that form there now that Kevin is wet with sweat. And he cannot help but simply be happy with where he is in life.

A year ago, he was broke, alone, had no house and only a dream for a future as a chef-cook that he might not be able to fulfill, if he would not be allowed to drive the catering-van due to a DUI. And now he was a head-chef (on probation, but still…), he had a home, he was financially independent and he was married to Kevin, the man he had been in love with for two years now.

A lot can happen in a year. If a year ago he prayed to God that the telephone would ring to put an end to the mistake he was about to make with pleasure, now he wants the telephone to stay quiet so he can enjoy this moment with his husband. The telephone. Please, God, let it not ring. Not Nora. Not Kitty. Not Tommy. Not Sarah. Not anybody!
And for once his prayers are answered. The telephone remains deadly quiet as Scotty loses his inner battle…. against sleep.

The end.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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