marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Rock Paper Dead / Scissors

Soooo, I finally got to see Rock Paper Scissors/Dead with Luke Macfarlane as a serial killer with a twist, or rather twisted story.

He plays Peter, a serial-killer who gets caught, punished, a bit of electro-shocking etc... and a few years he's a new man, who gets released, moves back into his old home and, guess what happens next...

Slowly we learn more and more about Peter's past and it ain't nice. Luke plays the part quite well, being both vulnerable as on the brink of insanity. I absolutely loved it! Luke did an amazing job ! It was SO good to see him play this part. So completely different from Scotty / D'Avin. 😍

A couple of nice non-spoiler pics to show for it:

Tags: actor - luke macfarlane

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