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fanfic: Friday afternoon

Friday Afternoon

By Marea67

Pairing: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They are not mine. If they were I wouldn’t writing about them, I’d be watching them.
Suddenly they both have the Friday afternoon off

Disclaimer: Don’t own the Walkers or the Wandell
Extra note: Allow some artistic freedom



Kevin could not have planned it if he tried. This difficult case had taken months to prepare, he was ready for ‘heavy battle’ in the courtroom. He had all the required documents. He had expected this day in court to last several hours, but, much to his surprise, they pleaded guilty in no time and 3 hour later he smelled the fresh air outside the courthouse…


Friday, 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was shining and he had nothing left to do for today. He threw his briefcase on the backseat of his car, undid his tie and … didn’t know what to do. He quickly checked his list, to see on which days Scotty had to work. Unfortunately, Scotty was on the list for today. So he wouldn’t be home.


Oh, well, he would go home. Surely he hadn’t become such a workaholic that he wouldn’t remember how to have fun?


“Scotty!!! I am in deep, deep, deep trouble.” André, his chef, squeaked. Scotty knew all about André’s  ‘deep, deep, deep’ troubles. They usually concerned double bookings, guests asking variations on the menu and basically anything  else that was ‘not planned’. This meant that André was in deep, deep, deep trouble about  400 times a day. He created so much tension, that it was beyond Scotty, how this man had survived in this kitchen for the last 35 years without a heart attack every 3 days.


So, with a little sigh, Scotty carefully asked:

“What is going on?”

“Monday.” Was the answer that was supposed to explain everything.

“Monday?” repeated Scotty calmly and, counting to 10, he patiently asked: “What about Monday?”

“That is obvious, non?”

“Not really.”

Bon, Monday we will ‘ave a party. 60 guests. Not enough people in the kitchen.”

“Ah.” Scotty started to see the problem, Monday was usually a quiet evening with few guests,  and now suddenly a party for 60 persons….?André asked the question that would unavoidably follow:


“Can you come Monday evening? Four ‘ours only. Please. Je t’en prie. I beg of you. I need you ‘ere. I thought… oui, maybe, you stop working now and take 4 hours off and come Monday night instead…? S’il te plait. Please.”

Scotty weighed the options. Monday night Kevin had a meeting until ten o’clock at night…. But Kevin hoped to finalize a very important case today. And hopefully he would be home on time… Scotty would have time to prepare a nice meal, get some wine, sort out some music …. change into something more comfortable,… like the short and t-shirt that Kevin liked to see him wear (and Kevin liked even more to strip off)… spent some time together tonight…quietly at home and with eachother….

“Alright, André, I will be here Monday night at 6.”

Merci, Scotty.”




When Scotty came home he heard the shower running. For a moment he was worried, but then it struck him as odd that a burglar would shower before robbing the place, so this could only mean that Kevin was home. The briefcase next to the couch confirmed his theory. He smiled and went to the bathroom.




Kevin, unaware of the fact that Scotty is home, opens his eyes and sees a dark shadow in the bathroom, who opens the door of the shower-cabin. He screams in horror, before he realizes it is Scotty’s laughing face he sees.

“Been watching ‘Psycho’ too much, dear?” Scotty teases.

“You scared the hell out of me, you idiot. I could have seriously hurt you, if I had wanted to protect myself….”

“With that?” Scotty asks pointing down. “I’m impressed. Hadn't realized this had been such an …exciting moment.”


“Yes,…” Kevin replies slightly embarrassed at being caught. “I was just thinking of you.”

“With that as a result? Must have been some good thoughts.”

“No, they were kind of bad… Very, very, dirty. That’s why I needed a shower.”

“Ooh, I like those.” Scotty says, taking his shirt off. He disappears from Kevin’s view for a few seconds, but then he comes back and lets the door close behind him, as he wraps his arms around Kevin, presses his naked body against Kevin’s and, without any delay, starts to kiss the lips he desires.


Kevin makes a little sound of approval and slowly leans back against the wall. Scotty follows him, pinning Kevin to the wall with his own body, one hand still on Kevin’s back, the other one caressing Kevin side and moving his index-finger over Kevin’s belly, lower down, causing Kevin to push himself up against Scotty.

“Maybe you should tell me more about your ‘thoughts’, then.” Scotty whispers in Kevin’s ear, knowing very well that his low tone of voice sends shivers down Kevin’s spine.

“Can’t…” Kevin replies with a moan. “You hand is holding my... brains.” Scotty chuckles.

“Want me to let go?”

“N-n-no…. Not really.”


Scotty continues the soft strokes a little longer, but then, much to Kevin’s dismay, he stops. He smiles as he takes the soap. Kevin watches, fascinated, as Scotty makes the soap all creamy by rolling it in his hands. Then Scotty’s fingers slide over Kevin’s skin, drawing circles, first on Kevin’s back, then on his stomach and belly, following the  glistening drops of water on his thighs, moving to the inside of Kevin’s thigh and slowly moving higher and higher to…. Kevin holds his breath, anticipating the touch, but instead Scotty moves his mouth closer to Kevin's ear and asks:


“Please.” Is all Kevin can reply.




The sheets stick to his wet skin but Kevin doesn’t care. He is on his back, with Scotty on top of him. His kisses set Kevin even more on fire, his caresses are sensual and tender and the way he moves his body against Kevin’s is just heavenly to Kevin and Kevin is lost in the desire that Scotty awakens inside him . His hands slide up Scotty’s back, feeling the muscles move as Scotty carefully moves down on Kevin’s body, leaving a trail of kisses all over Kevin’s body. Kevin is squirming underneath Scotty.

“Please, Scotty, please.” He begs as Scotty’s lips approach his swollen cock. Scotty smiles. He has a little surprise for Kevin.


Kevin nearly arches of the bed, catches his breath again and watches as Scotty’s head moves up and down. It’s almost too much, he bites his lip, but it’s no good. He is so close now. Reluctantly he moves his hand to Scotty’s head. He loves this SO much, to feel Scotty’s lips on him, but he also knows that Scotty doesn’t like it if he comes in his mouth.

“Scotty… “ he moans, trying to push Scotty’s head away. But Scotty doesn’t stop, instead he increases the pressure by sucking even more and Kevin feels like his losing his mind. THIS is so good. 

For a fraction of a second he feels guilty, because he’s about to do something, he knows, Scotty doesn’t like, but how much more warning can he give?  He tries one more time to warn Scotty.…
His  hand goes through Scotty’s hair, trying to push him away once again, but his lips whisper, like a mantra:

“Don’t stop, please, don’t stop, please, please please.. don’t……”

Kevin gives in to his desires, pushing himself up into Scotty’s mouth, while at the same time using his hand on the back of Scotty’s head to push him down on Kevin, nearly choking him, but Kevin is too lost in the sensations to be too considerate to Scotty.




He opens his eyes. He feels completely relaxed, but cold. He misses Scotty’s warmth. But already Scotty comes back from the bathroom. He is drinking water and Kevin feels even more guilty.

“Sorry about that.” He says apologetic.

“It’s okay.” Scotty replies with a gentle smile.

“Why didn’t you stop? I know you hate it. You didn’t have to do this.”

“It's not so much that I hate it... Besides, I know you like it. So why not do it, every once in a while?” then, getting back in bed with Kevin, he  continues with a mischievous  smile. “And it was for a more selfish reason...I thought, that if I did something you like, you let me do something I like…”

“Like what?”

“Why don’t you turn over?” A grin spreads across Kevin’s face.

“This will be long afternoon, right?” he asks.

“Do you mind?” Scotty replies.

“Not at all.” Kevin laughs as complies to Scotty’s request….



The End. 


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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