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Fanfic: Four seasons: Summer

Four seasons: Summer

by Marea67
Kevin, Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: It's such a HOT day...


Kevin yawns. He's tired after a long day in the courtroom, but he won 3 cases, lost 1 and 2 are still pending. He kicks off his shoes and makes sure they land (almost nicely) in the corner. With some pulling he manages to get rid of his tie. Ahhhh, so much better. It's too hot for a tie and he's more than glad to see it land on the couch.

All he needs right now is a long, hot shower and... He hears a key in the lock and he returns to the living-room.
"Scotty? You're home already?" He's a bit surprised because he had expected Scotty to work all night.

"Yes. We had 6 cancellations due to the hot weather. AC went out in the kitchen and behind the bar. One of my waiters passed out due to the heat. So, I asked Charlene to call off the other guests, four in total, and I sent everyone home. It's just too hot."
"Fortunately the AC in here works just fine." Kevin smiles.

"I just want to get a nice hot shower. And I don't plan to do much tonight." Scotty sighs. He starts to take his clothes off as he disappears into the bedroom. A little smirk pops up around Kevin's lips. The kids are at Nora's tonight. They have the house to themselves. All night...

He hears how Scotty turns on the shower and decides to add some action to his plans. From the way the sound of splashing water changes he understands that Scotty is in the shower. Kevin throws his clothes on top of Scotty's and opens the door to the bathroom... not knowing that a little smirk pops up around Scotty's lips.

Scotty turns around to face Kevin and Kevin places his hands on Scotty's hips to pull him closer. It only takes one look at each other to know that they both have the same idea and they smile at each other. Their first kiss is just an appetizer. It makes them beg for more and for something more intense.

The water is hot and they both enjoy rediscovering each other's bodies as they wash each other with soaped up hands, enjoying the feel of those hands on their bodies. It had been too long since they actually had the chance to be this intimate with each other, so they enjoy this chance.

Kevin's hands know exactly how to arouse Scotty and Scotty's fingers still remember which buttons to push to make Kevin pay attention. Their kisses are half drowned under the running water, but they don't care as their hands slowly go from the broad strokes and caresses to becoming more intimate in their touch.

Scotty bites his lower lips when Kevin playfully makes him even harder than he already was.
"You like that, don't you?" Kevin breathes out the words close to Scotty's ear, knowing that his voice will send a shiver down Scotty's spine.

Scotty only moans in reply. His strong hands grab Kevin's ass and pulls him closer to let Kevin know how much he arouses him. Kevin only laughs softly. He's quite aware of what happens next, if Scotty is this excited.
"I want you." Scotty whispers.

"I know." Kevin answers, turning off the water, taking Scotty's hand and leading him to the bedroom. He lets himself fall backwards on the bed. It's hot in the room, but neither man notices. All Scotty has eyes for, is for that man who's naked on the bed, leaving no questions of what he has to offer.

Scotty impatiently prepares Kevin. A part of him wants to take it slow and drive Kevin crazy before moving on, but his body longs for satisfaction and he can't wait to lose himself in the heat of Kevin's body. His eyes meet Kevin's and he can see the little smile on Kevin's lips.

As if Kevin can guess about the battle that goes on in Scotty, his eyes and smile challenge Scotty to make a decision. Kevin knows him so well.
"I hate you." Scotty says with a little smile of his own.
"Well, then.. punish me." Kevin teases.

"Oh, I plan to... But how? Do I wait...." His fingers slowly slide in and out, making Kevin meet the touch with a little gasp. "... Or... do I ... move...?" He breathes out the last word as replaces his fingers with his throbbing cock.
"Yesssss." Kevin hisses.

Trying to prolong their lovemaking Scotty makes the first few thrusts slow and deep and Kevin cries out his need for more, but Scotty knows he can't make it much longer. He's too aroused. His hands grab Kevin's hips and he pushes himself down even deeper and faster. Kevin holds on to him, knowing that Scotty is about to come.

He puts his arms around Scotty's neck, forcing Scotty's head down for a kiss that takes Scotty's breath away. It's all so intimate and Scotty just loses all control. The last thrusts cannot be controlled, he just hast to give in. He can feel Kevin meet him, pushing closer. He cries out when the orgasm finally hits him...


The afterglow is slowly wearing off, and, yet, it's nice to be in each other's arms like this. Kevin's fingers trace Scotty's swollen lips. The lips part and Kevin can feel Scotty suck on his index-finger. There's a promise in Scotty's eyes that he will want more than this and Kevin smiles.

"Later?" Kevin asks.
"As soon as we're ready..." Scotty nods, letting his fingers slide down Kevin's belly. In the distance, they can hear a thunderstorm rumbling, but for now, they have no problems with the heat in their bedroom...

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17, series - four seasons

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