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Just little snippets of stories....

I'm a bit bored, so I thought I'd bore myself even more with having a look at some of the stories I had started, but somehow never finished, because the idea just fizzled, I got stuck, K/S would suddenly no longer 'talk' to me, etc.

I once started a story I planned to call 'Gossip Boys', where Scotty would go to party (without Kevin ~ taking place during season 2 ~ when they were still trying to figure out the 'we' thing), but after 2.11, after Jason. One of the boys introduces his new boyfriend ('early stages, kids, don't get too excited'!) Jay. Scotty immediately recognizes Jason and though he's not sure why Jason would introduce himself under another name, he keeps his mouth shut.... Which leads to the other boys gossiping to Jason about Kevin and Scotty, including how Scotty has seen Jason's absence. Painful and embarrassing!!! The story started like this: (and then went nowhere)


“Yeah! You brought the snacks!” Jordan cheers.
“Don’t I always?” Scotty points out.
“Including the shrimp-thingies?”
“And the garlicky whatshallwecallits?”
“Would I dare to come without them?”
“And the cheese-whatevertheyares?”
“Clint would kick me out if I didn’t.” Scotty reminds Jordan as he follows Jordan to the living-room.
“Yeah, Scottyyyyy!!” Howls Clinton, as he takes the bags out of Scotty’s hands.
“Glad to see me or the food?” Scotty asks.

Well if that didn't catch your attention, what will, right?

I've started quite some stories on little 'ideas', that just ... snoooooooooooooooooozzzzze .... went nowhere. Like 'Kiss me again' ...


"Kiss me again." Scotty begs. Kevin complies, his lips gently caressing Scotty's  and he knows that Scotty loves these moments of intimacy when there's only the two of them, skin to skin, heart to heart. It doesn't even have to go further than just this. A kiss can be so small and yet have the biggest of impacts. Kevin breaks the kiss.
"... want more than just kissing?" The first part of the question is half eaten when Scotty tries to claim back the mouth that was on his.
"Do you?" Scotty asks in return.
"I asked you first." Kevin points out. Scotty gives a quick look at the clock.
"Do you have time? For more than just kissing?" It's a reasonable question. After all, Kevin was supposed to have several appointments today. Kevin nods.
"One sick, one change of mind and on no-show."
"First kiss. We'll see after that." Scotty smiles, offering his mouth for another moment of tender kissing.

Knowing Brothers & Sisters, this must be the moment when there's a Sarah-interuptus moment.
So, how about "The massage", now that one started off promising....


It's late, but Kevin is still up when Scotty enters their place. Kevin watches how Scotty throws his keys in the ashtray, where they always are. Scotty sits down at the table and looks pained. Kevin gets up from the couch and walks up to him.
"That bad?" He asks bending over Scotty to kiss him. Scotty and Kevin exchange a few quiet kisses before Scotty can answer:
"Worse. I thought they'd never leave. The staff was exhausted, so I sent them home and then I realized I was on my own to clean up the kitchen."
"Certainly you didn't ..." Kevin can't finish his sentence, because Scotty shakes his head.
"I got as far as filling up the dishwashers and turning them on and then I thought 'fuck that, I'm going to bed, I'm too tired and I'll deal with this tomorrow morning'."
"Smart." Kevin compliments, gently caressing Scotty's back. Scotty makes a pained little noise when Kevin gets about halfway.
"Yeah, it hurts." Scotty answers. Kevin pulls up a chair and sits down behind Scotty. Almost immediately Scotty can feel that Kevin applies a bit more pressure on his painful back.
"Ooh, so good." He moans when he realizes that Kevin is giving him a little back-rubbing.
"Those muscles feel hard... And they're not the only ones..." Kevin says, letting his hands gently move a bit higher. Scotty smirks.
"Stick to the muscles in my back, you little dirt-bag." Scotty teases. He can feel Kevin stop with the message, then take it up again.
"I was actually talking about the muscles in your neck..." Kevin adds action to his words by massaging those muscles and Scotty has to admit that he can feel the tension in his neck. "... Now who's the dirt-bag?" Kevin teases in return.

Go figure! Got this far and then K/S don't want to tell me more! Seriously! Those boys are sometimes so incredibly.... ! Same as with "Setting priorities".


"Yup, where else? What was I thinking?" Kevin smiles to himself. He's grateful that tonight will be a slow night. It means that maybe he can 'kidnap' Scotty away from the kitchen so they can be in bed early. With Olivia at a pajama-party he had asked Nora to take Danny, so they would have the place to themselves and maybe...
But he has to put the break on his plans when he sees that in the middle of the restaurant all the tables have been put together. There's a group of at least 25 people. Which is of course nice for Scotty, because it means that he'll make quite some money tonight, but it puts an end to a few of the devilishly delightful plans Kevin had been cooking up. There's no way in hell that he will be able to make Scotty come home earlier now.  He swallows away his disappointment just in time, because Scotty leans over to him to kiss him.
"Just when we thought it would be a slow evening... There had been a double-booking at  the restaurant they had planned to go to and now... they're here." Scotty has a big happy smile on his face and Kevin pours all his energy in an almost-genuine smile of his own.
"That's nice, baby." He replies. "You're going to busy all night after all..."
"Yes. Afraid so." Scotty takes a closer look at Kevin.
"You look tired. Bad day?"
"Nah, not really. Just.... a long day... And ..." For a moment Kevin wants to tell Scotty about the plans he had had for tonight for Scotty and himself, but then he changes his mind. Scotty looks so happy. Why ruin his good mood? And it's not as if he envies the fact that Scotty's restaurant is doing fine. It's Scotty's passion and it makes Scotty happy.
"... I still have a lot of work to do..." He therefore finishes his sentence.
"Alright. I won't keep you from doing your job." Scotty says with a generous smile.
"And I won't keep you from doing yours." Kevin tries to be cheerful, but the regret is in his eyes and in his voice. He leans over to Scotty and they share a quick kiss before breaking up and each going their own way....


It's nearly nine when Kevin closes his laptop. He's done for tonight. Just finish his glass of red wine and then he'll be off to bed to get some sleep. He puts the two small dishes, which he had used, in the dish-washer, knowing that Scotty hates it to find a messy kitchen when he comes home.
Just as he plans to leave Scotty a little note to tell him to please be quiet because he's already asleep, he hears a key in the lock. He's surprised to see Scotty enter their home.
"You're here. Already done?"
"Yes. I'm done for tonight." Scotty says with a smile and he takes Kevin in his arms. He kisses Kevin long and tender, until Kevin starts to feel weak in the knees with the desire to go even further.
"Not long after you left, I got an epiphany. I suddenly understood why you had asked Nora to pick up Danny..." Another long kiss prevents Kevin from giving a reply. "... So, after all my guests had been served dinner, I decided to leave the desserts and my lovely kitchen in the hands of my very capable staff and go home early... I just faked feeling a bit sick..."
"You told a little lie?!" Kevin manages to say just before Scotty steals another kiss. Scotty only makes a little confirming noise.
"You mind?" Scotty asks.
"Nope." Kevin answers.


Well, it was nice to re-read those ones. It's nearly 11pm, so I think I'm going to bed, Just wanted to get some nice images on my mind before I close my eyes. I still love those boys so much... I should truly finish a few of the stories I've haven't told anyone about yet. There are still a few stories brewing in my mind. 
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