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Fanfic: Marry me before Christmas 10/10

Marry me before Christmas 10/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.

In both fantasy and real life everything seems to be running smoothly again.

A few days later:

"Thank you for a lovely evening, Scotty. The food, as usual, was delicious. Perhaps we should make it a new tradition to celebrate New Year's Evening here."
"You're welcome, Nora." Scotty takes over the dishes that she brought into the kitchen. "But I think it's Kitty's turn next year."

"If she'll be cooking, I won't be eating." Nora says and though her words may be harsh, there's love in her voice. She has accepted the fact that her daughter can't cook if it would save her life.
"How's Kevin really doing? He says he's just fine?"
"Oh, he is. He's already back at work too." Scotty answers.

He has no intention to explain to Nora that Kevin is still a bit disappointed that he got woken up in the middle of a hot dream. Scotty has already apologized and 'made it up to him' to the complete satisfaction of both men, but is still nags a bit at Kevin.
"So, I suppose he's just not running on full energy then?" Nora asks.

Scotty can't complain about Kevin's stamina, the lovemaking had been quite exhausting, but again, too much info, so he says:
"I guess that must be it." Nora is about to continue on the topic, when Justin comes in, hands full of table wear.

"Scotty, I gotta go. Just got a call from the hospital. Emergency call. Thanks for the food, bro, it was great as always. Happy New Year." Justin gives Scotty a quick kiss on the cheek and runs off.
"Where did that come from?" Nora raises an eyebrow.

Scotty smiles sweetly, a little surprised that Justin had done that in front of Nora.
"It started as a joke. He often drops by here when Tyler has to work and before he has his shift, because we're close to the hospital. I always get him something healthy to eat. He calls me his 'second mom'.

We've gotten to know each other quite good actually. Far better than we did before. Justin is no longer just a brother-in-law, he's become a very good friend."
"I'm sure he feels the same about you." Nora says generously. She's glad her other son has such a good relationship with Scotty. Scotty is so grounded.

"I'd like to think so too. I'm not sure anymore when that kiss on the cheek thing started, but I don't mind, and neither does Kevin. So, we're good."
"Well, that's a good thing then."
"Kids are ready." Kevin announces.

"Should I translate that with 'mom, get lost and take the kids with you, I want alone-time with my husband'?" Nora asks. Kevin and Scotty look at each other and almost simultaneously agree:


They have decided take all the time they need. Now that the kids and all the guests are gone they switch off telephones and doorbells. They light some scented candles to create a romantic glow in the bedroom. Scotty takes Kevin's hand and guides him to the bathroom.

"Time for a nice hot shower." He says softly. Kevin only smiles. He knows what will follow. It's time for them to rediscover each other's bodies. It's been such a long time since they had this much time to make love. Without taking his eyes off Scotty, he slowly undresses himself in front of Scotty, making it into a little striptease, which puts a smile on Scotty's face.

The water is warm and both men enjoy that little moment by kissing and gently touching each other. Scotty soaps up his hands.
"Turn around. Wanna wash your back." Scotty sounds hoarse with passion and Kevin cannot overlook the fact Scotty is already quite excited.

So Kevin turns to face the wall. Scotty's soaped up hands slide over Kevin's back and further down, enjoying to see the reaction that his caresses were having on Kevin's body. Kevin can feel Scotty's arousal tap against him. He closes his eyes, imagining for a second how it would feel to have Scotty inside him.

Scotty turns him around so he faces Scotty again. He keeps Kevin silent with warm kisses, while his fingers slide further down, making Kevin gasp when they curl around his swollen cock.
"First, I'm going to make you come... and then..." Scotty whispers something in Kevin's ear..

"Oh, yeah.." Kevin will agree to anything as long as Scotty won't stop what he's doing. With a sudden movement, Scotty turns Kevin back with his face to the wall. Kevin manages to keep himself steady by putting his hands against the wall, while Scotty's hand goes back to his swollen cock.

Trapped between the wall and Scotty's body Kevin surrenders to Scotty's fingers. They bring him closer to the edge with each stroke, with each tug. Scotty pulls Kevin's head back to claim his lips and it's the final push for Kevin. With a little cry he gives in to the tidal wave that goes through him.

Out of breath he leans against the wall, slowly turning to face Scotty and he sees the smug little smile on Scotty's face.
"Oh, really?... Was that the best you've got?.. Fine, challenge accepted." Kevin lets himself slide down.

He sees the little surprise on Scotty's face, but before Scotty can move away, Kevin's hands are on his hips. Kevin pulls Scotty closer and he reminds Scotty how well he can use his mouth. This time it's Scotty's turn to gasp as his hands go through Kevin's hair. He pushes himself closer to Kevin's lips.

He wants Kevin to take him in even deeper and bring him closer to satisfaction, but instead Kevin stops to let his hand take over. Slightly disappointed though still very close to coming, Scotty looks down to see a little grin on Kevin's face.
"Is that the best you've got?" Scotty now asks, though he should have known better.

Kevin doesn't answer, merely laughs and then gets back to what he started. This time Scotty isn't laughing anymore. Kevin knows exactly what to do to get Scotty closer to edge. This time it's Scotty who cries out for Kevin not to stop, but to go on, his breathing shallow.

Scotty loses all control, he wants to warn Kevin, but it's already too late. The orgasm rushes through him and he feels all the energy getting zapped out of him by the intensity. And this time, it's Scotty who slowly lets himself sink down on the cold floor nest to Kevin.

"Good enough?" Kevin asks teasingly.
"Good enough." Scotty concedes. The warm water falls down on the two men, washing away all the evidence of their love-making. Scotty lifts up Kevin's chin and presses his lips on Kevin. "I love you." He then says. "Can we go to bed now?"


December 29


The small courtroom is packed with journalists and curious people. Scotty should feel a bit nervous but he doesn't. Two days after Christmas Kevin had gone back to Los Angeles with Scotty and he had taken over his case. He had been gone all day, leaving Scotty alone to get acquainted with Kevin's house and find his way in the kitchen.

That night, over a delicious meal that Scotty had made, Kevin had discussed his strategy with Scotty and Scotty had been surprised by how much Kevin had accomplished in one day. Whatever would happen today, Kevin had done more in 16 hours than his previous lawyer had done in several weeks.

He's not sure if he will win today, but at least he's with someone now who will do everything he can to help Scotty.
"All rise..." The judge enters and Scotty waits until he can sit down again and the judge is ready to start.

"I understand that you have another lawyer, Mr Wandell, will it be necessary to reconvene on another day?"
"No, Your Honor. We're ready." Kevin replies.
"Very well, I guess that you're up-to-date with...?"

"I am, Sir. I just want to get this started and not waste any more time."
"That would be nice. Proceed."
"Your honor, we've heard the plaintiffs' side and now we would like to be heard as well. Like I said, I will not waste more time than is necessary.

I have here a written statement by Mr Wilbur Montgomery's solicitor, Mr Duncan. Mr Duncan is here and ready to take the stand if necessary, but his explanation is quite simple and I don't know if one can misunderstand anything he has written. The situation is quite simple.

Mr Montgomery called on Mr Duncan to change his will. This is because Mr Montgomery was furious with his children. He had told them that he was seriously ill, but they couldn't bother to come and see him. They did however have time to go to Disney Land. This however wasn't the worst offense, as Mr Montgomery was concerned. No, but this was..."

Kevin motions to start the file that was showing on a screen.
"This is a file Mr Montgomery managed to download before his children took it down again. It is a video-moment capturing the conversation between his son and his daughter, where he could hear them say this.."

At that moment the video starts, showing the son and daughter of Wilbur sitting side by side, obviously not aware that they were being filmed.
"... Well, our problems will be soon be over. Once the old fag dies, all his money will become ours. The house is worth quite a few dollars as well." The man says.

"But what about that Scotty?" She asks.
"We'll get rid of that tramp. Just because he allowed that old man to fuck him, doesn't mean he's of any use to us."
"And his restaurant?"

"To hell with it. We never needed him or that place anyway...." Whatever is spoken after those words gets lost in the noise in the benches as people start to talk and there's shuffling and moving. The judge seems a bit surprised by the video as well and he looks at Kevin.

"Why haven't been informed on this video before?" He asks. "This does significantly changes the situation."
"I asked myself the same question. According to Mr Duncan Mr Wandell's previous lawyer wasn't interested in talking to him or seeing the clip.

This is something that surprised me and I confronted him on the matter as well. He didn't really have an explanation for his lack in properly defending Mr Wandell, but a little more digging made my associates and me aware that Mr Wandell's former lawyer received payments from Mr Montgomery's children...." Kevin hands the judge the necessary paperwork on that accusation as well....


"I can't believe we won!" Scotty throws his arms around Kevin and looks at him with adoration. "When that judge said that he wanted to finish this charade today, I for sure believed that he was going to give them the money. But then he went on, about how we should honor the last wish of a dying man and that his kids had been cruel to him..

When he said that he could understand Wilbur's anger with the way that his children had spoken about him... I thought my head would explode because I started to realize that he was going to agree with handing over the inheritance to me."
"I'm glad you're happy." Kevin says.

"Now what?"
"Mr Duncan will release the money, you'll have access to Wilbur's house again and ... maybe you can open up the restaurant again?"
"You think I could?"

"Yes. Financially you're covered now..."
"Will it be enough?" Scotty asks now. Kevin now laughs out loud.
"I'm sure it is. But, if you want, we could ask Sarah and Tommy to have a look at the books, give you advice and so on?"

"Would they do that for me?"
"They love you, they will." Kevin replies with certainty. Scotty smiles shyly.
"What about us?" Scotty's question makes Kevin stop in his tracks. He pulls a small file out of his briefcase.

"I'll have a meeting with my colleague in half an hour. I will give him the prenup and ask him to start our divorce-procedure. You'll be a free man in no time. A wealthy free man." He says. Scotty looks at him.
"Is that what you want? To be a free man?" Scotty asks.

Kevin doesn't answer right away.
"No. Not really. I thought you did."
"Is it completely inconceivable that we could make this marriage work?" Scotty's question makes Kevin look up. He'd been wondering the same thing.

"I'd be more than willing to give it a try." Kevin replies.
"Then cancel the meeting with your colleague."
"I still have to give him the prenup."

"So, don't give to him."
"But then it won't valid. We're already stretching the time-scale here."
"I'm confident we won't need it." Scotty says without taking his eyes off of Kevin. Kevin blinks a few times. For once he doesn't know what to say.

"Give me the prenup." Scotty demands softly. Kevin hands it to him. Scotty turns the paper in his hand and places his hands in the middle of the paper, as if to tear it up.
"Yes or no?"
"Tear it up?" Kevin asks in shock.

"Why not? I want you more than I want this."
"You have now more money than me. This is your protection." Kevin points out.
"So this is no longer about Hank? Or about you?"

"No, the balance in money has shifted and unless you'll do something really stupid..."
"So this document is now about me?"

"Good." Without a second thought Scotty tears up the contract, leaving Kevin to stare at him in total shock.
"... because I love you. And I want to be with you." Scotty answers the question that Kevin can't voice.
"I ... I love you too." Kevin stammers. "I.. I don't know what to say..."

Kevin is so clearly taken aback by what Scotty just did, that Scotty can only laugh.
"Good. Because I don't want you to talk anymore. I know far better ways in which you could put that mouth of yours to work." Scotty grins and he pulls Kevin closer for a languid kiss.


Kevin wakes up with a smile on his face. He turns over and he can see that Scotty is sleeping beside him. He reaches out to caress Scotty's face with his fingertips. Scotty almost immediately opens is eyes.
"It's okay. Go back to sleep. I just want you to know that I love you."

"I love you too." Scotty mumbles, still half asleep.
"It's been so busy tonight that I forgot to say 'Happy New Year' to you in a proper way." Kevin says and he leans in to kiss Scotty's lips. Scotty lets him.
"Happy New Year to you too. Love you.." Scotty then says, with a little smile on his lips.


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