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Fanfic: Marry me before Christmas 07/10

Marry me before Christmas 07/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.

Quick recap: Kevin has the flu, Scotty has to work on Christmas evening, the kids are at Nora's house. The medicine that Scotty gave Kevin make him sleep and dream his own 'Hallmark Romantic Christmas movie, in which he drunk-marries Scotty and then gets summoned back to the holiday-home of a very furious Nora. After a quick stop at Kevin's own place, K/S travel to Nora's holiday home, where the reception is not as bad as they feared. Scotty gets his own room, but soon enough he needs to move into Kevin's room. Kevin and Scotty had their first kiss and Chad encourages Scotty to be honest with Kevin. But Scotty is too late, because Scott Randall is already there and he told his story to the Walkers.... Meanwhile, in real life, Scotty gets so concerned about Kevin's fever that he called Nora, who decided to stay the night to keep an eye on Kevin... and Scotty.


"Scotty. Chad... This is my ex-fiancé. Scott Randall." Kevin says slowly. "He came here with quite a story to tell." Kevin doesn't take his eyes of Scotty, who has turned white as a sheet. Scotty can feel the entire room move around him. He can clearly see the confusion and the hurt on the faces of those who had grown to care, love and trust him over these last few days.

And if it hadn't been for Chad's strong hand on his back, holding him in place, he probably would have run away.
"See. He knows that he's caught. He can't even bother to defend himself against the truth." Scott says coldly.

"There are two sides to every story." Chad says calmly, which makes Jason the first to react. His husband's words take him out of his shock and confusion.
"Of course there is." Jason agrees. "We should perhaps let Scotty tell his own story."

"It would be only a lie. Every word out of his mouth is a lie." Scott dismisses Jason with a throw-away motion of his hand. Chad's hands move to Scotty's shoulders to give him support and keep him in place, when he feels Scotty back away. He stops Scotty from moving further backwards.

"Don't move. Don't walk away. Stay steady. He ain't worth it." He whispers softly to Scotty as a little wave of noise is created because the Walkers seem caught between agreeing with Chad and Jason or believing this new-comer.

"I don't like you." Chad opens the attack on Scott Randall now. "I know paparazzi. I know sewer rats. I know people that kiss ass to get ahead in life. I can smell their stench from a mile away and you're one of them."

Scott can feel the mood in the room change. He had taken them by surprise by showing up and telling them what he knew about Scotty, but now this blond actor-what's-his-name is throwing a spanner in the works.

"Are you going to let him talk to me this way?" He asks Kevin, turning to him. Kevin doesn't answer immediately and Scott continues: "Everything that that guy says will be a lie." He points at Scotty.

"And you're such a poster-boy for honesty, right? Telling my son that you love him, that you want to marry him and then leave him at the altar? ... Maybe you ought to think twice before you call someone else an imposter." Nora points out coldly.
"We should all let Scotty tell his own story." Kevin's voice is calm and kind.

Scott make an annoyed noise. He can't believe that Kevin can be this gullible.
"Yes. We should. If Scotty will tell us?" Robert now asks.
"He will. That's what he came here for to do." Chad answers before Scotty can say a word.

Then Scotty can feel Chad give him a push towards the others and he stiffly walks up to a chair to sit down. Chad stays up and stands behind Scotty's chair and it occurs to Scotty that Chad is taking his promise to stay with him quite literally.

Scotty places his hands on the table, but when he sees how much they shake he quickly hides them under the table. It's a little gesture, but it doesn't go unnoticed and so, not sure how to behave now, Scotty places them back on the table.

"It's okay. You're amongst friends. Be honest." Chad encourages him softly. Scotty can't help but quickly look up at him. Chad smiles and nods at Scotty to speak up.

"I... I hope that you'll listen to me with an open mind. I'm sorry. I should have told some things sooner, but ... it's painful and it's not easy... And no one ever really wants to hear my side of the story. I got condemned without being heard..." Scotty starts.
"Oh, boo-hoo-hoo." Scott says sarcastically.

"Shut up!" warn Tommy, Justin and Robert almost simultaneously and, insulted, Scott presses his lips together, not noticing the little smile around Kevin's mouth, that immediately fades when Scotty starts to talk again.

"I'm sorry. Perhaps I should have told you more about me sooner, but I've been in such a roller-coaster ride these last few months.. I couldn't believe that you guys wouldn't know. Or suspect. Or... I don't know. None of you ever asked me anything....  I don't even know where to begin..."
"How about how you met Wilbur Montgomery?" Chad suggest.

"I was 22 when I met him. He owned a diner along the highway. It was usually very crowded, but the first night I came in LA, the weather was terrible. And I mean torrential rains, cats and dogs, opening all the floodgates. I had been driving for quite some time and I was tired and hungry.

I didn't have much money on me, but it looked like a place where I could get a good meal for little cash, so I stopped there and went in. Like I said, I was 22 years old. I had been kicked out by parents when I was 17. I had been doing a million and one odd jobs.

A few weeks as a waiter, a few months in construction, I looked after the house of a friend for some time, while I worked in a factory... It was always a temporary job. I could never stay anywhere long. Since I lost my home, I just felt driven to keep moving, keep going,

I had no peace in my head or in my body. I had to do things and not stop to think about it. And I sure as hell didn't take time to deal with my emotions, as long as I worked, I was okay." Scotty's voice has become a little insecure and the others can see that he's fighting with his emotions.

"Anyhow, I had my lunch there. It was absolutely delicious. Wilbur was a good cook. Because it wasn't too busy at "Wilbur's diner", Wilber and I sat down and talked a bit.

I quickly realized that he was gay and he guessed that about me too. It was a weird afternoon. Maybe because the weather was so bad and the fact that I ended up being his only customer that afternoon, our conversation became rather personal.

By the time that dinner-time came along, I ended up telling him that I was looking for a job and a place to stay for the upcoming summer. He told me that he could use an extra pair of hands at the restaurant. He could not pay me much, but he had a room where I could stay rent-free and I could eat whatever food i wanted at the restaurant. There was always enough food there.

I thought about it for a few minutes, while he made me an omelet and he cut bread. When he got back, I told him that I wanted to work for him. He showed me the kitchen and told me how everything worked. I could see that he was running a good and clean kitchen. I liked that about him. I've seen to many dirty places where owners don't care about hygiene in the kitchen.

There was an immediate friendship between us. He lived not far from the restaurant. And the room he had for me was big enough. I could use the bathroom and the kitchen. I could store much of my things in the garage. I had everything I needed and because I didn't have to pay rent or food, I could get by on the salary he could afford to pay me.

I was supposed to only be there for the summer, but I enjoyed my life so much that I ended up staying there for the next 11 years. Of course, things changed. I got to know Wilbur quite good. He worked long days and made a lot of hours. I also knew that he worked so hard to earn as much money as he could for his kids.

He was divorced, but his 2 kids, a boy and a girl. They meant everything to him. I never questioned his love for his kids. I never doubted that everything would go to the his children if he would die, though I also knew that he had made provisions to make sure that I could keep my job at the restaurant."

"Were you two lovers?" Chad asks straight out.
"No... yes... a few times. Nothing serious though. We had kissed a few times and..." Scotty looks around, not sure how much he should tell them, but then he shrugs, if was going to tell it all, he might as well give all the sordid details.

"We had sex a few times. Maybe five or six times. Just casual sex after a few drinks and when feeling low, always using protection, both knowing that it wasn't serious and that the next day we would go on with our lives as if nothing had happened. I wasn't in a serious relationship with anyone and neither was he. We owed no one any explanations about our private lives. We did no harm to anyone, not even to ourselves."

Scotty stops. He carefully looks around, expecting to see disbelief, contempt or maybe outrage, but all he sees is curiosity and patience. He quickly looks at Kevin to see an understanding smile on his face. So far so good then. As if Nora can guess what he's thinking she says:

"You haven't lost us yet. Go on with your story."
"About 7 months ago, Wilbur called me into his office. Out of the blue he tells me that he's dying. Cancer. Incurable... It was a huge shock. He had become rather important to me. He was scared, but wanted to go on fighting.

He tried to keep working as long as could, but two weeks after the prognosis, he was already too sick to be at his work whole days. I had to take over the restaurant, which I did as best as I could. Things went pretty fast from then on. It was like when he had to stop working, he also stopped fighting.

Within two more weeks he was in the hospital. He was quite sick and he begged his children to come and see him. They both lived in Miami, close to their mother, and it was all so difficult for them and they couldn't really take time off and blah, blah, blah, ten million excuses..." Scotty's voice has become more cynical.

"And then, while browsing on Facebook, he found out that his children had been to Disneyland with their children and their mother... They could go away to have fun, but they couldn't come over to see him? He was so hurt.... J

ust so you understand: I didn't know about this, I only found out during the court-case, I'm only trying to tell the story as chronologically as I can. So, he was mad with his children and he called his lawyer. He wanted to make up a new will. He asked me what I wanted from him and I told him that I wanted to be able to stay in the house for two more months to find another suitable place to stay and I would love to have the painting that was in his living room.

He had a beautiful painting there of a Californian sunset. I could just watch that thing for hours and almost feel the heat of the sun on my face or the sand between my toes, that's how beautiful it was. He laughed at me and told me the painting was not worth more than 200 dollars, I told him that I didn't care.

Over the years he had done so much for me, taught me so much, gave me work, a roof over my head, food. He had been my friend and I had always trusted him. I was happy where I was and I didn't need much more than my job, for just a little longer, and time to find another place. I had enough money set aside for myself. He said that he would arrange everything. And that is all I thought he would do for me.

Wilbur died a few weeks later, on a Thursday and  the funeral was on Tuesday. And then, on Wednesday, his kids wanted to kick me out of the house and start emptying the place and plunder his bank-account. Except.. they couldn't.

During the cremation, Wilbur's lawyer had changed the keys to the house and taken over the financial side. Wilbur had left strict instructions to do this. The children were of course crying their crocodile tears, but the lawyer stated specifically that first he had a will to be read and then they would find out what was going on.

Turns out that Wilbur had been so incensed by the behavior of his children that he cut them out of his will completely. When he found out that they had been too busy to visit him, he had made himself too busy to keep them in his will. Instead, he had left a will in which everything, up to the last penny, should go to me.

I was in shock. I had no idea. I swear I didn't. I never even considered it, because he loved his kids so much. And though I knew he was hurt because his kids never showed up - they only showed up on the day of the funeral, after Wilbur's lawyer had arranged the cremation.

But I never expected that he would throw them out of his will. It was such a radical thing to do.... Furthermore, I want all of you to know that I've never had an idea of how much money he made or how much he had saved. We never talked financial things. He didn't meddle in my finances, I didn't get involved with his, until the last week before he died.

He had asked me to give all the outstanding invoices for the restaurant and he paid every last one of them, so the restaurant would be safe and if I would chose to continue with it, I wouldn't do so with a backlog of invoices to pay. Needless to say that his children weren't happy. And that's when things got ugly... They got a lawyer, started suing me.

They went to the media and started spreading rumors about me. I got accused of being a gold-digger, that I had forged his signature, that I had fucked my way into Wilbur's money, even going as far as to say that maybe he hadn't died of natural causes, but that I had killed him...

It was all very ugly. And I couldn't defend myself. I tried, but if I managed to fight one lie two others would show up. Their lawyer had Wilbur's accounts frozen until a judge could make decision. I had to close the restaurant, because I didn't have the financial means to keep it going. It was all so heartbreaking and frustrating.

I couldn't afford Wilbur's lawyer. So, I got my own lawyer.  However, my lawyer had a talk with Wilbur's lawyer and he said that Wilbur's lawyer didn't really want to get involved. His loyalty had been with Wilbur but not with me. He wasn't against me either. I have to be clear about that.

Apparently he did suggest that I would share with Wilbur's kids, but they wanted everything. They even insisted on selling the restaurant... I was at a loss, didn't know what to do.

Through all of this I had one person in my corner. About three weeks before Wilbur died, I had met a man, Peter. He was attracted to me, came to the restaurant to see me, flirted with me. I wasn't really looking for a relationship, but we grew closer because of Wilbur's illness. Peter stood by my side, he helped me, advised me and encouraged me. And he was my shoulder to cry on when Wilbur died.

And because I had met him before I found out that I could inherit a lot of money, I thought he was my boyfriend because he loved me. When he suggested that we should get away from it all by spending Christmas with his family, I was thrilled. I would meet his family. I would be his 'boyfriend'.

It felt like we were bringing our relation to the next level. He said I'd be welcome there and that no one was going ask questions. He then talked me into gathering all my belongings and move with him to Vegas and start anew and let my lawyer deal with the situation in LA.

It was fine with me. I was too tired to keep on fighting anyway. So, I put some of my larger pieces of furniture in storage, sold everything else, packed up most of my things and left with him. We took my car, which, in hindsight was a life-saving decision.

When we arrived in Vegas, we wouldn't immediately go to his family. He wanted to show me the town and he wanted to spend a bit of time alone with me, away from the misery, just him and me. I felt rather special..."

Scotty carefully looks around, hoping to not see too much repulsion, but when he sees the faces of the others, all he sees is compassion, concern, interest and care. He swallows hard. Kevin's fingers thread with his.

Only then does he dare to look at Kevin and what he sees in Kevin's eyes fills him with hope that he might forgiven for not speaking up sooner. He feels Chad's hand on his shoulder.

"Go on." Chad encourages, with a little squeeze of his hand. Scotty holds on to Kevin's fingers as if to find strength there.
"Anyhow.. We had spent time in a casino, played a bit, but not much. I wasn't in the mood. We went to have dinner, nothing fancy, just hamburgers and beer.

But Peter had been drinking quite a lot, more than usual. When we got to the hotel where we would spend two nights, before joining his family, he was a bit in an arguing mood. I tried to ignore it, thinking it would blow over once he sobered up a bit. But it didn't.

He started telling me that I shouldn't give up on the money. That I'd be a loser if I did. I told him that I was just tired of all the fighting and that I wanted to move on with my life. With or without the money.

I never had that much money, but I was satisfied with what I had. I could go back to that. You can't miss what you never had. I never had the money, so it's not like I'm going to miss it. And then... He slapped me. I was stunned. I couldn't understand what was going on at first, but I know it was on purpose and I knew that he meant it. And I also knew that I found that unacceptable.

I was about to fight back, when he went on.. talking about me being a loser. And that he hadn't wasted all his time trying to seduce me just to see throw away all that money. I carefully asked him what he was talking about.

Turns out he had worked for an associate of Wilbur's lawyer and that he had knows beforehand that I was going to inherit all that money... He quit his job and made it his business to get me and ... then he'd find a way to get access to my money, I suppose. I don't know how...

I didn't let him finish his rant. When I realized that he had lied to me... I completely lost it... I just punched him in the face so hard that he just passed out. Most of my things were still in my car. I hadn't even really unpacked my overnight bag... I just flung whatever I could find of my things in my bag, grabbed my money and papers and got out of the room.

I got into my car and just drove off. I was so upset, I couldn't think straight anymore. I felt so alone. No one would care if I would live or die... I was so tired. I was done with fighting. I was sick of the worries, the sleepless nights, the lies, the fighting against false accusations. I was sick and tired of everything.

Kevin, when I said that I just wanted to drive my car into a brick wall, I wasn't lying. I didn't have the nerve to do so... So, I thought I would pour some courage into me and I went to this bar...My plan was to get drunk enough not to stop at my next attempt... And then I met Kevin... And the rest you already know."

"That's quite a story." Sarah says slowly.
"Can you believe this liar? Acting like he's the victim. " Scott Randall's voice droops with sarcasm. Nora stands up and silence falls around the table. Scotty tries to look at her, but he fears what he will see in those eyes.

"I've listened to everything that was told here today. And I can only come to one conclusion. Kevin, last time I checked I still own this house. I do realize that mistakes were made, but ... I want that liar out of my house. Today." Her voice is calm. Scotty closes his eyes tightly. This is the end. He just knows it is.


Nora opens her eyes at the little sound of anguish that comes from Kevin. There is sweat on his forehead yet he's shivering. Scotty makes an annoyed noise and opens his eyes.
"Is Kevin...?"
"He's alright, love. He'll be alright. Just go back to sleep." Nora says.

"He's so hot. He's burning up. Are you sure we shouldn't call the doctor?"
"Give him one more hour. If the situation remains the same, I will personally make that call." Nora says. Scotty sits up.
"Can I make some coffee or tea? I need to do something." Scotty says.

"Tea would be great, honey." Nora answers absent-minded
ly and she watches how Scotty leaves for the kitchen. "Come on, Kev, break this fever. Your husband is worried about you... and so am I. It usually doesn't take you this long." She then whispers to Kevin, not sure why he looks like he's in pain.


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