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Fanfic: Marry me before Christmas 06/10

Marry me before Christmas 06/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.

Quick recap: Kevin has the flu, Scotty has to work on Christmas evening, the kids are at Nora's house. The medicine that Scotty gave Kevin make him sleep and dream his own 'Hallmark Romantic Christmas movie, in which he drunk-marries Scotty and then gets summoned back to the holiday-home of a very furious Nora. After a quick stop at Kevin's own place, K/S travel to Nora's holiday home, where the reception is not as bad as they feared. Scotty gets his own room, but soon enough he needs to move into Kevin's room. They both feel it's the right thing to do... Meanwhile, in real life, Scotty gets so concerned about Kevin's fever that he called Nora.


Again the family Walker gather for dinner and Scotty fears that if he keeps eating the way he has these last two days, he'll turn into the marshmallow man. Yet, he takes his usual place next to Kevin. He's getting used to be "Kevin's husband", now that the family introduces him to outsiders with that label.

He has met quite a few people from the village and from the neighborhood. It is a very social group who grew up together and who know each other pretty well. No one is surprised that he's with Kevin. On the other hand, no one knows the real story and they don't need to know. The family has closed their ranks.

"Scotty? The family will go to church tonight. We were wondering if you wanted to join us? You don't have to. Kevin isn't going either."
"Oh... I don't really want to." Scotty says carefully, not wishing to offend Nora. "My relationship with the church hasn't been too good since my coming out."

"It's fine. You don't have to. We just wanted to give you the option." Nora says cheerfully.
"I'm glad you're not going. Maybe we can stay here, downstairs, have a few drinks and cookies and just...  I don't know... we'll find something to  do." Kevin suggests.


Three hours later, Kevin and Scotty are side by side on the rug in front of the fireplace, playing a game of Yahtzee. Scotty can't remember the last time he laughed this much. Kevin is a good at the game, but he's a good-natured player, occasionally helping Scotty to get more points by changing the number on the dice by moving them, which Scotty pretends not to notice.

"This is nice... Usually I'm the one who stays alone at the house." Kevin says gathering the dice once more.
"I'm glad to have a few moments of quiet. I love your family, but..."
"... it's a lot. I know. I love them too, but after a few days here, I need some alone-time."

They smile at each other and again Kevin is surprised by handsome Scotty is, even up close. He lets his hand rest on Scotty's hand, almost casually.
"I have to admit that I'm quite happy with my choice for a husband so far. With the vast number of bad choices I could have made that night, I ended up making a good one."

Scotty laughs and he's clearly charmed.
"My dear husband, are you trying to flirt with me?" Scotty teases sweetly. Kevin gives him a mysterious smile.
"Mmm-maybe." He answers.

For a moment Scotty looks taken aback but the answer isn't entirely unwelcome.
"Would you let me?" Kevin now asks.
"Mmm-maybe." Scotty now answers, making Kevin laugh out loud. "It wouldn't be the worst choice I could make out of all of the bad choices I have made."

Kevin throws the dice once again on the floor, but neither of them has their mind on the game anymore. Their eyes meet, then they both look away, a bit confused by what had just happened. Kevin can see that Scotty shifts a bit in position, so he can watch Kevin. It happens to put his body closer to Kevin's.

Kevin bites his lower lip. That is an obvious move. Kevin mirrors Scotty's action, so they now face each other. He looks at Scotty again, just in time to see Scotty look away. His fingers thread with Scotty's now and when Scotty looks up at him again, Kevin leans in a bit. Scotty moves closer as well. Their lips brush against each other.

The silence is heavy. Another soft kiss. Kevin lets go of Scotty's hand, a bit confused by how good it feels to kiss Scotty. It's all too comfortable. Too familiar. As if things click into place and life is what it supposed to be. Scotty seems a bit confused as well.
"That was ... nice..." Scotty says, obviously impressed.

"Yeah, nice..." Kevin laughs and he leans in again, placing his hand behind Scotty's head, to make the next kiss more intimate, when the front-door bursts open and Cooper runs in, chased by Paige. The two men let go of each other and by the time everyone's in, the two have put some distance between them.


Now that door behind them is closed and they're alone in the bedroom, Scotty gets a bit nervous. What would Kevin expect from him, after their kiss this evening? Kevin turns to him and as if he can guess what's on Scotty's mind, he leans against the door.
"About tonight...." He starts.

Scotty looks at him, not sure what he wants to hear next. Kevin continues:
"... I'm not sure what tonight was about. I... I've grown to like you. I feel comfortable when I'm with you. But I certainly don't want to force you into something that you don't want to do."

"You didn't." Scotty shakes his head to emphasize that nothing was 'forced'.
"I liked our kiss..?" Kevin carefully adds.
"So did I." Scotty smiles nervously. "I'm not sure that how I feel about it though. I liked it. I wouldn't mind... if there'd be more.. but.. I'm not sure that I want..."

Scotty stops. He's not sure what he wants to say or even what he actually wants.
"You don't want 'more' than just kissing?" Kevin tries. Scotty smiles shyly, feeling rather foolish. "Would you mind if I'd kiss you now?"
"No." Scotty answers, almost too fast.

They both laugh nervously, but then Kevin pushes himself away from the door and walks up to Scotty. He raises his hands with the intention to put them on Scotty's hips, but then he changes his mind, looking up at Scotty to seek permission. Scotty smiles and then he feels Kevin's hands on his hips.

Scotty's hands cup Kevin's face and he kisses Kevin gently on the lips. One kiss. A second one follows. By the third one, Kevin's hands are on Scotty's back, pulling him closer to his body. They kiss until they're out of breath, then they gently let go of each other.

"Listen, if you don't feel comfortable, I can always sleep downstairs on the couch." Kevin offers. " You're our guest. I don't want you to feel pushed into in anything."
"It will be alright." Scotty answers, with a shake of his head to let Kevin know that he doesn't want Kevin to leave. "I just don't want to take it further than this, not right now."

"Okay. Fair enough." They both silently get ready for the night. But once they're in bed, they know that it's inevitable. Scotty turns to Kevin and his kiss is warm and tender. Kevin immediately responds with  a passion he never knew he had.
"Well, this 'taking it slow' is working out well, isn't it?" Scotty laughs between two kisses.

Kevin reluctantly breaks free from their embrace.
"If we don't stop now and cool off a bit, I'm ..." He doesn't finish his sentence, he doesn't have to, because Scotty seems to know exactly what he means. They snuggle up close, but stop kissing, feeling that they can always catch up on that later.

When Kevin wakes up a few hours later, he's feeling happy and warm. Scotty's arms are around him. Their legs are entangled. He does realize that they're suddenly moving very fast, but it somehow feels right. Any worry that maybe he doesn't know enough about Scotty to allow this to go further is gone. He had decided to trust Scotty.


Scotty can feel the cold air on his face and he's glad to be away from the house and climbing up the little hill behind the Walker house. Last night had been intense. It had been a great feeling to end up in Kevin's arms and to know that Kevin respected him enough to be patient with him, but it only adds to Scotty's feeling that he's being a fraud.

"Hey Scotty." The voice is warm and kind, but despite that Scotty nearly jumps out of this skin with shock. He hadn't expected to see anyone up here.
"Chad! You spooked me."
"Guilty conscience?" Scotty supposes that it's supposed to be teasing, but he's not sure.

He looks intensely at Chad.
"You know, don't you? You know who I am? And what people say about me?"
"Yes." Chad immediately answers.
"Have you told Kevin?"

"No. Not yet."
"Why not? It ..." Scotty's voice breaks. He's suddenly feeling sick. It would break him. It would humiliate him. He would be seen as an impostor. He would be... He doesn't even want to consider the consequences.

"Because it's not my story to tell." Chad answers. "For what it's worth: I don't believe half the things they say about you. I know sewer-rats. You're not one of them."
"Thanks. I'm not. It's all been taken out of context. But no one will be believe me if I say so, so what would be the point to try and tell the truth?"

"It's better to be honest. Telling your story to the Walkers now, on your own terms and in your own words, will be different from having to defend yourself once they find out. Then you would fall one step behind."
Scotty can see the logic in those words. He shakes his head.

"I wanted to. I've tried a few times, but every time I just freeze and realize that I could lose what little faith the Walkers and Kevin have in me."
"And how will they feel when they find out that you've been dishonest with them?" Chad asks. Scotty can't answer. He knows that they will be hurt and offended.

"I'm scared." He says quietly. Chad nods.
"I know, you must be. But the Walkers, the McCallisters... they are people you can trust. If you're honest with them, they'll have your back and they'll support you."
"But Kevin...?"

"You definitely want Kevin in your corner and I think that you could put him there if you're honest with him."
"I think that he... he's really starting to like me..."
"He's in love with you." Chad states.

When he sees Scotty open his mouth to deny it, he puts up his hands.
"Don't try to tell me differently. I know him. I know him pretty intimately. And so does Jason. And we both agree that he's in love with you." A shocked but smile happy spreads over Scotty's face.

"Really? You really believe that?" He asks with so much hope that it's almost painful.
Chad nods. "You both do?" Chad nods again. "And you don't mind? You don't hate me?" This question makes Chad laugh.

"No. We won't hate you. We want the best for Kevin. But I'd really like you to be honest with him. I don't want to have to continue this charade. And you don't either, do you?"
Scotty shakes his head. "Then let's go back and tell Kevin and the others... I'll stay with you and be on your side."

"Would you do that for me? Why?"
"Because I read all the stories and I don't believe half of what I read. You're not that person they describe. I've watched you. I watched how you move, how you talk, how you react to people...

If you'd just be playing Kevin and the others, at some point you would have dropped your mask, but you haven't and I don't believe that you're that good an actor that you can stay in character this long."

"Thank you." Scotty's eyes fill with tears. "It's nice to finally meet someone who wants to at least give me the benefit of the doubt..." He sobs. Chad puts his arms around Scotty and holds him. The tears are real. The emotion is raw. Scotty isn't faking this reaction. So Chad holds Scotty a little longer until the tears stop.

He knows better than anyone else what it's like to fight a public opinion and how hard it is to constantly  be on your guard and not to know who to trust.
"Come. Let's go back to the house and talk with them. Alright?" Chad suggests. Scotty nods and wipes away his tears.

"You'll stay with me?"
"I'll hold your hand if you want me to." Chad takes Scotty's hand and playfully places a kiss on it. Scotty retracts his hand and laughs.
"That won't be necessary." He says, regaining some feeling of happiness.

Chad laughs as well and teases:
"Just be careful. I don't like to be out-diva'd by anyone. I'm still the best drama-queen in that house."
"And you'll remain uncontested." Scotty promises with a smile.


"Ready?" Chad asks, just before they enter the living-room.
"No. But let's get it over with." Scotty smiles nervously. Chad opens the door to let Scotty in at the same moment they hear a voice say:
"So, there you have your proof. This Scotty is nothing but gold-digging whore."

The Walkers and the McCallisters look up when Scotty enters and all Scotty can see are the non-understanding faces. And he knows he's too late. He should have said something sooner. He should have said something and he hadn't and now it's too late. It sings in his head like a bad song and the realization shatters all his dreams. It's over. He's just too late.

"Nooo." Kevin moans in his feverish sleep. Scotty looks down on him, concern all over his face, but Nora is calm.
"Don't worry, I've seen this before. Once he gets the flu, he can react very unpredictable, but so far, he has always survived it. Let's just keep him cool and not wake him up."

Scotty nods, though he's not sure that Nora is right. He wants to call the doctor, an ambulance, a hospital. Anything. Just to stop Kevin from being this sick.
"Don't worry, his fever will break soon enough. Why don't you get some sleep of your own. You look exhausted."

"I could never sleep, knowing Kevin is this sick."
"Alright, I get that. Why don't you lie next to him? Just be close to him and close your eyes somewhat, just to get the pressure of your eyes. You've been up all day too. I'll stay right here and if anything happens to Kevin, I'll give a shout." Nora promises.

Scotty doesn't full trust it, but he has to recognize that he has trouble keeping his eyes open. Maybe it is because Nora is here, that he can give in to his own exhaustion. He takes off his sweater and lies down next to Kevin and he closes his eyes.
"Just relax." Nora says soothingly.

She watches Scotty fight his sleep, but after a few minutes Scotty surrenders. Both men are in a deep sleep. Nora smiles. She loves Scotty very much. His concern for her son touches her deeply. Kevin made such a good choice all these years ago. She gets more comfortable on her chair.

She tries to relax as well. Kevin will have to ride this out, all she can do is be there for him. She closes her eyes, in the knowledge that the smallest noise from Kevin will wake her up. She trusts on her instinct as a mother. Kevin has a frown on his face and he looks deeply concerned. Maybe he's having a nightmare... She'll ask him tomorrow if he can still remember his dream.


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