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Fanfic: Marry me before Christmas 04/10

Marry me before Christmas 04/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.

Quick recap: Kevin has the flu, Scotty has to work on Christmas evening, the kids are at Nora. The medicine that Scotty gave Kevin make him sleep and dream his own 'Hallmark Romantic Christmas movie, in which he drunk-marries Scotty and then gets summoned back home by a very furious Nora. After a quick stop at Kevin's own place, K/S travel to Nora's holiday home. Time to face the music.

Scotty feels a bit overwhelmed. Just stepping across the threshold exposes him to a cacophony of noises, screams, welcomes and Christmas-songs. His nose gets attacked by the smell of freshly baked cake and freshly brewed coffee, all mingled with whiffs of cinnamon, oranges and pines. And the room is warm after the flight and the last ride...

Kevin gets hugged and greeted and everyone is either yelling at him for getting married without inviting them or asking him if he has gone insane. Scotty wonders if it's too late to run. It is definitely too late when a woman exits the kitchen and everyone is suddenly quiet.

"Hi, mom." Kevin acknowledges her presence with a nod. She walks up to Kevin. It's a bit stiff and Scotty can feel that this is not normal and that everyone is on their guard, waiting to see how this plays out.
"You owe us an explanation, young man." She says sternly.

Scotty knows from the pictures that Kevin had shown him on the way up here, that this woman is Nora Walker, Kevin's mother.
"And I'd like to explain what happened. I really do. But can we get some coffee first? It's been a long journey. And I'm sure that Scotty would love something warm to drink.."

Nora, ever the perfect hostess, relaxes a bit and smiles thinly.
"Or course. Coffee is ready. Let's all sit down." Nora motions them to sit down at the table. There's some shuffling, pushing, quiet fighting and moving of chairs. Kevin makes Scotty sit down next to him.

Like a well-organized machine the coffee, tea and lemonade gets passed around. Cookies and cake follow and everyone takes what they want. Scotty feels out-of-place, but not entirely unwelcome. There's a curiosity that is not unpleasant and he understands that this situation is strange for everyone in the room.

"First of all, I'd like all of you to meet Scotty Wandell. My husband. For lack of a better description."
"It's nice to finally meet you..." Nora tries to be as polite as she can, but she's clearly angry.

"Second. This man is not the man I've been dating for the last few months. Scott Randall and I were supposed to get married in a little ceremony in Las Vegas. No big deal, no fuss, maybe just a bit cheep and sleazy. But... He kinda left me at the altar... Stood me up..."

Kevin's hands trembles as a confused whisper is going through the family.
"But then...?" Nora doesn't finish her question, giving Scotty a confused look, obviously trying to figure out where he fits in, in this story. Scotty tries to make himself even smaller now that all eyes are on him.

"I'm not exactly sure what happened. Scotty and I met at a bar across from the wedding-chapel and we started to talk to each other... We had a few drinks and... then some more drinks and next thing we know, we woke up the next morning... Married and all.

And... now I have to figure out how we're supposed to get divorced... And I really have to be careful because... I got married to Scotty in community of property, which would mean that Scotty is entitled to half of everything I own..." Another round, this time giggles and people shaking their heads.

"I already told Kevin that I'm not interested. He had a prenup made up and .. I'm sure he can explain it all better than me... I just want that divorce and move on with my life and be miserable on my own.. I don't care..." Scotty immediately says, not wanting anyone to think he's some gold-digger.

He tries a little smile, but he is met with a wall of silence. Eventually Justin is the first to talk and lighten the mood.
"You are aware that this will haunt you forever, right bro?" He grins.
"No way we'll let you forget about this." Tommy now adds.

"Not ever." Sarah promises.
"Never ever." Kitty chimes in.
"Oh, god, I hate this family." Kevin moans, but Scotty rightfully understands that this is a lie.

"I'm sorry to intrude on your family like this, but ... I didn't really have anywhere to go and Kevin still wants to deal with this divorce and ... I'm sorry." Scotty repeats to Nora, not sure where he wants to go with his words.
"It's not really a problem. There's enough to eat and drink." Tommy shrugs.

"Mom always cooks for entire orphanage. One more mouth to feed won't be a big issue." Sarah agrees. Scotty nods quietly.
"Can Scotty have one of the guest-rooms? It's not like he and I... We don't know each other that well, so being together in the one bed in my room is a little too much." Kevin asks.

"Yes, of course, honey. I'll make up a bed for him." Nora says. She gives Scotty her sweetest smile. "I'm sorry, that things went the way they did. But we're not angry with you..."
"No, just with Kevin." Justin jokes.

"Justin!" Nora warns. "I know that this may seem very funny to all of you and I can't blame you, or stop you from making fun of Kevin, but try to be somewhat understanding as well. Kevin is the one who always helps any of you in you're in trouble. It only seems fair to me that you now be kind to him... Or at least to Scotty."

"Yes, mom." Tommy promises and the others follow, but Scotty senses that the last word (or giggle) over this is yet to come.
"Kevin, go unpack your things, so you'll be ready for dinner. Scotty, come with me and bring your bag. We'll have to get you one of our guest-rooms." Nora orders.


"I hope it will suit you?" Nora asks.
"I like it." Scotty nods.
"I could put you in one of the other two rooms. They are bigger. Have double beds."
"No, thanks. I'm alone, I don't need more than this."

"There's a small bathroom here. Shower only. If you really want to take a long bath you'll have to either get it in the family-bathroom. Or ask Kevin or one of the other kids if you can use theirs. All the kids, Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin have their own room with complete bathroom, but the several guest-rooms have to share one bathroom.

This used to be a hotel, it belonged to my dad. Over the years, as our family grew bigger, less and less people came here. We bought it off my father when he became too old to take care of it. The boys come here in the summer and fix it when they can. Make a holiday out of it. The girls and I usually give it a spring- and autumn clean up.

It's a family-tradition to spend Christmas here. These last three years Kevin came alone, this would have been the first year that he would bring someone to meet us, we were excited, because we believed that Kevin had found someone.... his someone special... When we got the email that he had gotten married.. we were dumbfounded."

"So were we." Scotty mumbles.
"I'm sorry you got dragged into this."
"I don't mind. Listen, I do get that you prefer to have Christmas with your family. If you like I can stay up here and not be an inconvenience to you..."

"An inconvenience? Oh, honey, who put that silly idea in your head? You're part of the family now, whether you want to or not. You're more than welcome. I just need to flip a lot of switches in my head and I'm not there yet... I'm not angry with either you or Kevin. You're not an inconvenience. Not at all. Do you hear me?

I just... give me a little time to digest all the information.. Please?" Nora asks so sweetly, threading her fingers with Scotty's. Scotty can only smile in reply.
"Thank you." Scotty suddenly feels close to tears. "It's been a bit overwhelming for Kevin. And for me as well." He admits.

He sits down on the bed and he rubs his face to prevent the tears from forming. Nora runs her fingers through his hair. A gentle gesture that surprises Scotty.
"I'm sure that Kevin will find a solution. And in the meantime: relax and have fun. That's why we're here. To be happy, enjoy and be grateful."

She takes a few sheets and blankets from the large closet.
"Help me?" She asks. Scotty nods, jumps up and helps her make up the bed.
"Scotty, doesn't your family want you to be with them? If you want to call them?..." The moment the words have left her mouth, she regrets them because Scotty looks hurt.

"No. My parents will only want me back if I decide to marry a woman and have 2,4 children and a house with a white picket fence..." He can't entirely hide his bitterness and Nora understands that the relationship is very strained, maybe even non-existent.
"I'm sorry to hear that.." She therefore says.

The bed is made quickly and silently. When Nora walks up to the door, she tells Scotty:
"Dinner is 6.30 today, breakfast at 8 tomorrow-morning. What you do after that is unimportant, but breakfast and dinner are important in this family. They're celebrated with the family. Be on time and bring your best mood with you." She smiles.

"Kevin's room is right across from your room, if you have any questions feel free to ask him or any of the others. Or me. Don't be afraid. We won't bite... most of the time." She adds with a wink and Scotty smiles too.
"Thank you for everything." He says shyly. Nora nods and leaves him alone.


A knock makes Scotty look up.
"Come in." He says and he's glad to see Kevin enter. He had been checking himself in the mirror wondering if his black jeans and black sweater would be good enough. He had no idea what he should wear if it isn't. "Is this good enough?" Scotty immediately asks.

Kevin looks him up and down. He hadn't really noticed before how gorgeous Scotty actually is. He had been so busy with so many things in his head that he hadn't really stopped to take a good look at Scotty. But a bit of time alone in his room had put him in a calmer state of mind. And Kevin has to admit that even when drunk he still has a good taste in men, because Scotty is charming and he's sure that that beautiful smile will win over the hearts of the other Walkers.

"You look amazing." Kevin replies honestly. It brings a blush to Scotty's cheeks.
"Good, because I just realized that I didn't really don't know what to wear."
"This will be good enough. No worries." Kevin promises."Are you ready?"

"Not really, but let's get it over with." Scotty's answer makes Kevin laugh and for the first time Scotty dares to hope that he will be allowed to be little more carefree than he has been the last few months. He could use a bit of laugh


Back in Los Angeles, Scott Randall stares at his screen in total disbelief. Kevin Walker got married to Scotty Wandell it reads. He doesn't know what to say or think. The gossip-page confirms that the two men got married last night in Vegas. What had gotten into Kevin? Had Kevin been so distraught that he married the first guy that came along?

He stares at the picture that is posted. It looks like Kevin.. and Scotty. For a moment Scott wonders if Kevin married Scotty, of all people, to spite him. But then he realizes that the idea is absurd. Kevin had been too busy with his work to worry about the stories told in the gossip-press.

No, most likely Kevin has no idea who Scotty Wandell is. And that little fact opens opportunities for him. Though he had preferred to avoid Kevin for a while, now he knows he needs to get back in touch with him. He browses through his emails to find the address of Nora Walker's house.

While he re-reads the emails he can't help but a feel a little guilty. He had truly liked Kevin and when Kevin had proposed to him, he had wanted to marry Kevin... eventually. But Kevin wasn't the sort of man for half-measures. He had proposed and he had meant it, much to Scott's shock.

Scott had once mentioned that if ever he'd get married, he didn't want a posh wedding, no 10 course dinner in a 5-star restaurant with 300 guests drinking themselves under the table on overpriced champagne. And no, no expensive crystal glasses or hand-painted dinnerware.

He had wanted their wedding to be a quiet thing, just between them. And he wanted it to be in Vegas. Something purposely sleazy, cheap and fun. Just a quick wedding and a hot, sexy wedding night. So that is what Kevin had arranged, much to Scott's shock. And at first he hadn't minded it so much. He loved Kevin and he loved that Kevin was so invested in this.

But, as the date crept closer, Scott had started to get cold feet. He hadn't been sure that he was ready to get married just yet. But each time he wanted to tell this to Kevin, Kevin had become all enthusiastic about their wedding-day, so what could he do? He just hadn't had the guts to tell Kevin the truth.

He can imagine that Kevin is quite angry with him. And Scott is fair enough to accept that it had been a terrible way to dump Kevin, but he just had not been able to go on with the wedding. It would have been false. Fake. Just wrong. And he figures that, after a while, even Kevin will have to recognize that it was for the best.

Scott stares at the picture again. He's not sure how Kevin got in touch with this Wandell-guy. It's clear that he needs to find out a few things, but he can do that on his way up to Nora's house.... Maybe Kevin getting married to Scotty hadn't been such a bad thing. Just wait until Kevin finds out who he got married to... No, indeed, it might not be a bad thing at all....


Kevin's leg sticks out from under the duvet, but he's getting a bit cold now, so with a groan he hides back under the covers, not sure that he likes what he's dreaming now. This Scott Randall is clearly the moustache-twirling-bad-guy, even though he is good looking. He continues his dream....


"Chef!" Anton, one of his new staff members, hisses to Scotty. "That's parsley not chives."
"What?!" Scotty immediately backs away from the dish. "I'm sorry, you're right."
Angie sends a warning glance at Anton, telling him to go on with his job.

She then grabs Scotty's arm and pushes him to the side.
"You have to pull yourself together." She whispers so the others can't hear. It's hardly her place to speak like that to Scotty, but she has to do something. "Either go see Kevin if you're so worried, or block him from your thoughts. You have a job to do."

"You're right."
"What will it be? Do I have to cover for you for 10 minutes?"
"No. Moving on. It's too busy." Scotty decides.
"Fine. If you need me...."

"... you'll be there, I know." Scotty nods. Angie turns away, but Scotty pulls her back. "And, Angie...? Thank you for being here for me." She can see that he's truly grateful for her work.
"Yes, Chef." She then replies with a quick smile and she goes back to work.


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