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Fanfic: Marry me before Christmas 03/10

Marry me before Christmas 03/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.

Quick recap: Kevin has the flu, Scotty has to work on Christmas evening, the kids are at Nora. The medicine that Scotty gave Kevin make him sleep and dream his own 'Hallmark Romantic Christmas movie, in which he drunk-marries Scotty and then gets summoned back home by a very furious Nora, but first they make a stop in Los Angeles, at Kevin's apartment....

".... And we're 'home'..." Kevin announces opening the door to his apartment. He quickly turns on the lights and the place bathes in warm light. He motions Scotty to come in and so Scotty follows him. The entire place oozes warmth and coziness. Scotty can't help but feels a little envious.

"You live here?" Scotty asks.
"Yes. Shocked?"
"No. It seems... nice." Scotty wishing he could think of a better word.
"Come, I'll show you your room, where you can put down your suitcase."

Kevin guides Scotty to nice guestroom. Scotty had agreed to go back to Los Angeles with Kevin, provided they'd take his car to drive back, because all Scotty's belongings were in there. Kevin could understand why it was important to Scotty so he had agreed. On their way to Kevin's place Scotty and Kevin had tried to get to know each other a little bit.

"Nice." Scotty nods, still not able to be more eloquent.
"I'll show you the rest of the place. Not that we will stay here long, but ... at least you've seen it." Kevin proceeds to show Scotty his own bedroom and the bathroom, where he leaves Scotty to freshen up a bit.

Once Scotty comes out of the bathroom, Kevin shows him the living room that has a huge leather couch, wooden bookcases, a large tv-screen and a little bar. And then he shows Scotty the kitchen and Scotty cannot remember ever being more envious then when he sees the gigantic open kitchen. He'd kill for one of those. And this time 'nice' really doesn't cover his feelings.

"Can I offer you a drink?" Kevin holds up a bottle of wine.
"Isn't that how we got in this mess in the first place?" Scotty jokes.
"I'll stick to just one glass this time. I should be able to handle that." Kevin smiles and he pours himself a glass. Scotty nods that he wants one as well.

Sitting next to each other on the couch, Kevin holds up his glass.
"A toast! To an ... unexpected wedding and a good solution to this problem."
"I'll toast to that." Scotty agrees. The wine burns in his throat, reminding him why he's not really a wine-drinker.

Kevin quickly checks his mail and picks out a large envelop.
"Here it is. One of my colleagues had it delivered. I hope you don't mind that I took matters into my own hands. I don't want to get all technical with you, but this is a premarital agreement, better known as a prenup.

If we both sign it, putting the date of the day-before-yesterday on it, I can give it back to my colleague and have it dealt with. It will look like we signed it prior to our wedding."
"Isn't that fraud? I don't want any problems with the law."

"No. Not really. It's plausible to be a little bit behind on paperwork with the Christmas holidays and such. This way it will seem like we signed it before we got married. And then we went happily on our honeymoon.... found out that we have 'irreconcilable differences' and get a divorce in the new year."

"Alright. Sounds like a plan." Scotty agrees. Kevin takes out the form.
"What is your full name?" He asks and Scotty gives him an embarrassed look.
"Scott Fitzgerald Wandell."

"Nice. Better than mine. Yours sounds sophisticated. Mine is Kevin Herbert Walker."
"Herbert?" Scotty asks with an amused smile.

"Yeah, I know. I was always 'Kevin' or 'Kev', but when 'Herbert' got added to my name and it came from my mom's lips it always meant 'shitload of trouble' for me. I always cringe at the name." Kevin nods and Scotty laughs.

He looks on at how Kevin fills in the paperwork with the speed of someone who knows what he's doing. He answers every question Kevin asks and slowly he relaxes. Kevin's calm and confident way starts to rub of. And the wine is obviously doing a good job too.

As he tries to observe his surroundings without seeming too nosy he sees a large picture of a good-looking man, somewhere in his 40s at least.
"Who's this?" The question has escaped this lips before he realizes. "Sorry, I don't want to pry. None of my business." He therefore immediately says. Kevin bites his lip. For just one second Scotty can see sadness on Kevin's face, then it's gone.

"That is my husband. My late husband. Hank. He died 4 years ago in a plane-crash."
"I'm sorry to hear that. It's hard to lose someone you love."
"It is. It was quite a shock way back then. I thought I'd never find another man I could love as much as I loved him."
"Then Scott came along?" Scotty guesses.

Kevin pushes the papers aside and hesitates before he answers. He takes another sip of wine before answering.
"I don't know. I've been analyzing everything in my mind. I had enough time to do that while we were driving back in your car. I'm not entirely sure that I'm upset that I ended up not getting married to Scott.

I have to admit that maybe I didn't know him well enough. Maybe my judgment was overly romanticized. I had a wonderful life with Hank. He loved me. I loved him. And I felt desperately alone when he died. I think that - maybe - I just wanted somebody - anybody - to call my own. Does that make any sense?"

"You weren't so much in love with him as with the idea of him?" Scotty suggests.
"Yes! That explains it quite well. I wanted to be in a relationship. Looking back, I have to be honest, I should have realized that he just wasn't ready for it. And he did try to slow me down, but I didn't really listen to him."

"And now you're stuck with me." Scotty says softly
"Which, so far, hasn't been the worst thing that happened to me these last few years." Kevin reacts in a friendly voice.
"Really?" Scotty is surprised by this because he believed Kevin to be more upset about it.

"No, so far I've had a good time with you. I like your sense of humor and you seem to be smart enough to handle this whole weird situation with dignity. Takes character, I suppose." Kevin is slightly amused to see Scotty blush. "But you must be tired. I know I am. How about we get some rest and sort the rest of our misery out tomorrow morning?"

"That sounds like an excellent idea." Scotty nods. He quickly finishes his wine and with a 'goodnight' and a friendly nod he moves to the guestroom which fortunately has a small bathroom of its own. It allows him to find a few moments of peace and quiet before sliding under the duvet.

He should check out what he brought up the apartment. He would love go through his bags and get ready for tomorrow, but he's too tired. The day has been long and with too many surprises to get things organized in his head. He's just is too tired to keep his eyes open much longer and within 5 minutes he's asleep.

Kevin on the other hand can't catch his sleep right away. Though he's tired, his brain is still working overtime. He had wanted to come across as 'sensible' when he had told Scotty about how smoothly he's dealing with being left at the altar, but in reality, he's still angry with his ex for leaving him.

Feeling less than friendly towards Scott Randal, Kevin has retreated to his bed with his laptop. He had wondered whether or not Scott would have blocked him on social media, but apparently he hasn't. As Kevin scrolls through Scott's timeline on Facebook and he can't believe what he's seeing.

Scott had not only stayed in Los Angeles as if he hadn't had a wedding to go to, but he had even gone as far as to post pictures of himself at a party! And the pictures go from being alone to having a guy on his arm. And then even a picture of Scott kissing the man! There are even several pictures of them lip-locking!

Kevin watches them with growing disdain. The text under the picture only says. "Freedom to be who I want to be."
"Well, fuck you, Scott. You can have your freedom and just shove it up your..." Kevin doesn't finish his sentence. He closes his laptop to not see the pictures anymore.

He should be hurt, he should be angry, but he has to admit that he's neither. He's actually surprised by how little he cares. He's more angry at himself for having wasted precious time on the man and having been so blind. Maybe it is for the best if they will never meet each other again. While driving back to LA Kevin had already made up his mind that he has no intention to see Scott again.

There was just no further point in doing that. He had meant what he had said. If Scott wouldn't show up, they'd be trough. And they are. As far as Kevin is concerned his relationship with Scott is over and done with. End of story.

And with that decision now reached, he knows he has one more thing to do before he goes to sleep. A thing he should have done earlier today, but he hadn't had the time or the opportunity because Scotty had been there all along. He opens his laptop again and starts up Google.


The next morning Scotty is awoken by a knock on his door.
"Scotty? Are you up? Can I come in?" Scotty sits up, still a bit confused.
"Yeah, sure." He replies and Kevin enters his room.
"I'm making breakfast. Coffee or tea? Or something else?"

"Coffee." Scotty answers.
"I didn't want to wake you so early, but we have leave sooner than I thought." Kevin explains hurriedly.
"Oh. Okay. I'll be there in a few minutes." Scotty answers and Kevin leaves the room.

Kevin quickly makes some coffee and throws some bread and jam on a plate.
"Sorry,.." He says as Scotty walks in. "It's not like I have all that much in my cupboards right now. I was barely home these last few months, but this should do."
"It's good. Don't worry." Scotty replies.

He's too grateful for the good night's sleep, the fresh coffee and the delicious bread to really make problems.
"Sleep well?" Kevin asks.
"That bed was great! What I imagine floating on a cloud must feel like." Scotty swoons.

Kevin laughs. Yes, he heard that comment before. It had cost him a fortune, but, damn, it is a good bed.
"And you?" Scotty now asks.
"Took a while. I was still too angry at Scott. Too tired of everything. Too many thoughts."

Kevin takes up a stack of papers.
"I hate to push the subject, but would you please sign these? That's the prenup. I've everything filled in. Just double-check if it's alright." He slides a pen over to Scotty, who picks up the papers and starts to read.

Kevin can see that Scotty reads everything meticulously. He then sees Scotty hesitate a bit.
"Are you sure that it will all be legal? I don't want any further troubles."
"It's almost the standard document. You want me to add something?"

"No. I'm sure it will be fine." Scotty still seems to hesitate and Kevin takes a deep breath.
"Listen, I'm sorry if I sound pushy. The thing is... when Hank died he left me quite a lot of money. I won't lie to you about that. He came from money, made a lot of money of his own and when he died, he had no family other than me. His first marriage had ended when his wife died.

He never had children. So, I inherited quite a lot. Far more than I thought. I never really knew how wealthy he was. But I have a good income of my own, I didn't really need his money. And so I set up a two charities in his name. One for children with reading and writing difficulties. And one to make sure that children of low income families can practice sports. Two things that were important to Hank. Education and sport.

Those charities are important to me. And as angry as I am with myself for being so stupid as to get married while drunk,... I'm even more mortified at the thought that I've put his charities in jeopardy. I can only hope that you're not so greedy as to want take that money. But.... you're entitled to it as long as you don't sign it..."

"So... By signing this I will give up any claim on quite a lot of cash?" Scotty understands. Kevin nods slowly. "And you're asking me to do this, because those charities are important to you...?" Kevin nods again. "I see." Scotty sighs. "Thank you for your honesty" he then says. For about one moment he hesitates, then he signs on the dotted line, not noticing the intense look on Kevin's face.

Kevin looks at the signature, clearly a little surprised. He offers Scotty a grateful smile. He's obviously hadn't expected that Scotty would sign away his rights so easily. Kevin picks up the pen.
"Kevin, there's something you need to know..." Scotty starts to say.

But whatever else he wanted to say gets drowned by a ringing telephoen. A smile comes to Kevin's face when he sees who it is and he picks up, pushing the paperwork aside.
"Hey, up already?... Yes, I should have known.... At what time?..." Kevin had meant to ask at what time Scotty and he would be picked up, but the other one beats him to it. Kevin shakes his head. "No, we can't be ready in 10 minutes. We just got up. I need a little bit more time."

He leans over to Scotty.
"How long would you need to get ready?"
"30 minutes?" Scotty answers.

"Make that an hour...." Kevin than laughs and with a wink at Scotty he continues: "Yeah, my new husband is a bit slow. I'll explain in to you later."
Scotty shakes his head and laughs as Kevin puts his phone away.
"So, already it's the husband's fault, huh?" He jokes, but then he becomes more serious.

"What do I need to take along? I don't really have winter-clothes."
"If you don't mind, my husband was as tall as you are. His winterclothes are still at my mom's house. I never got around to getting rid of them. Perhaps we can check his clothes first? It would be a waste not to use them if they fit you."

"Okay. But maybe it will hurt your feelings more than mine." Scotty says, but Kevin shakes his head. He's pretty sure that that cannot be the case.
"We'll see that when we get there. If it doesn't work, there's a shop in town. We know the owner. He won't mind letting us in through the back-door if we wish to buy clothes on Christmas day." Kevin winks. "Now, let's move. We have one hour to get ready before the car pick us up."


The last 2 days have been so strange, that Scotty can't even be surprised anymore when several hours later he lands in Montana, on a small landing-strip behind the holiday-home beloning to the mother of Senator McCallister. Nope, not surprised at all. Why should he be? Life just went even crazier than he could have imagined.

Somewhere during the flight Scotty had come the realization that he's sitting on a small airplane with Senator Robert McCallister, his younger brother Jason McCallister, known tv-evangelist and with Jason's husband, Chad Barry, a famous actor. And that they are on their way to the mother of the McCallister-men, who just happens to live next door to the Walkers.

"The Walkers and the McCallisters have known each other for years. I dated Jason for a while. And Chad. But it never quite worked out." And somehow not even Kevin's explanation can surprise him. Of course Kevin would have dated two of the hottest guys around. Scotty just doesn't have time to think about it too much or even to feel uncomfortable.

The men had received him on board with kindness. Kevin and Scotty's story of how they got married incited quite some laughter, especially at the expense of Kevin, who, as a lawyer, should have been more careful. The flight in all is good. The conversations are animated and in all Scotty is just having a good time.

Sometimes he has the impression that Chad looks at him more intensely than he should, but Scotty decides not to take it personal. Chad will most likely not know anything him, so why get all stressed out over nothing? And when the plane finally lands, they say their farewells like old friends.

At the air-strip they are greeted by Kevin's younger brother, Justin, who helps them carry their suitcases from the plane into the car. Scotty's head is spinning, but he decides to just let everything wash over him. Scotty likes Justin almost immediately. He's very friendly to Scotty. And within seconds Scotty can see that the relationship between Justin and Kevin is just perfect.

They exchange the latest news with surprising speed, needing only half-sentences and a few names. Scotty, sitting in the back of the car, tries to relax as they drive up to a large house, which Scotty presumes to belong to the Walkers. But as they approach the house, Scotty gets more nervous. He's so not ready for this...


Kevin moves and turns over again. His duvet slides away, but it's warm and comfortable in the apartment. On the television the movie continues, but the sound is so low that it doesn't wake Kevin. In Café 429, Scotty is back in charge, but his mind isn't really on the job. His worries for Kevin have increased.

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