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Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving 2007.


By Marea67

About: Kevin mainly.

Rate: PG-13

Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Last year…. (allow some artistic freedom here. I'm not sure if Kitty/Robert got married before or afer Thanksgiving, just guessing.)





Thanksgiving 2007 feels like the worst one Kevin ever had. Nora wants the whole family together and Kevin watches the whole charade with an empty feeling. Nora runs around like crazy, trying to be very, very cheerful. Kitty is not here, she is still in her ‘honeymoon’-phase annex campaign-trail with Robert, they have so little time together that Nora can understand that they do not  want to be at her party.


And Kevin wishes dearly that he can come up with a good excuse to leave. Because Sarah is not in the mood for a party, she’s upset because she doesn’t have the children. Kevin and Nora tried very hard to cheer her up, but Kevin eventually dropped out after listening to Sarah ventilating her anger about Joe for nearly two hours. Every topic he had started, had ended somehow in her ranting about Joe and Paula and he was tired of it.


Tommy and Julia are no help either. Lizzie is cranky all the time. The littlest thing sets her off crying and Julia, just recovering from the flu, looks death warmed over. She hardly talks or laughs and spends most of her time calming down Lizzie and getting more and more irritated over Nora’s well-meant, but unneeded advice on what she should do.


Tommy, noticing the storm in the air, spends his time taking the worst of Julia’s anger, now that she cannot get mad at her mother-in-law and, really, Kevin feels sorry for Tommy, for right now, he can do nothing right in Julia’s eyes. Kevin turns away to see Justin moping around. He agreed to meet with two other veterans later tonight and he’s just ‘filling his time’….


The dinner had not been bad at all, but it drained Kevin of all energy and he has no idea how to survive the next  hour or two here. He goes to the kitchen and sits down on one of the chairs. In here it’s quiet and that is what Kevin needs right now. No noise. Nora walks in.

“What are you doing here, honey? Are you alright? You didn’t catch Julia’s flu, I hope?”
“No, mom, I’m fine…” he says with a certain lassitude.


But on seeing the worried frown on Nora’s face, he explains:

“I miss Scotty.”

“Did he have to work?”

“No. He celebrates Thanksgiving with friends of his.”

“Couldn’t you go with him?”

“Scotty felt it would be too much, too soon. His friends know of me, from the last time we broke up and they don’t know we got back together. Scotty feared there would be some negativity towards me.”

“Yes, that would be sad.” Nora acknowledges. “Kevin, you are not in the mood to celebrate, are you?”


“No, I just want to go home and sulk.” Kevin admits. Nora smiles.

“You know what? I’m done too. Julia and Lizzie need sleep. Justin is about to leave. I’m kicking all of you out of my house.”

“Really?” Kevin asks, a little too much eagerness on his face.

“… provided you drop off Sarah. There’s no way I’m going to let her drive, with the amount of alcohol she drank.”




Kevin watches tv. Wine and remote close at hand and warm under a blanket, he had his doubts if watching a series like “Over There”, about the war in Iraq is a good idea, it is all very dramatic. But a higher level, it makes him wonder if Justin went through and saw some of the same things as these soldiers. And, alright, on a more shallow level, he feels attracted to one of the lead-actors.  


He hears a small clicking sound and the door to the loft opens. He sits up to turn on the light above his head.

“Scotty?” Kevin asks lazily, watching Scotty come in, put down his keys and take off his coat.

“Hi. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Scotty apologizes

“No, I was watching tv anyway… I thought you would stay over at your friend’s place.”

“I got bored and tired of it all. I missed you like crazy.” Scotty says softly.

“You did?” Kevin can’t believe it. “Because I missed you too.” He shyly admits and Scotty smiles at him and takes off his shoes to slide under the blanket on the couch with Kevin. His body immediately covers Kevin’s and without hesitation he starts to kiss Kevin.


They kiss until they are breathless. Scotty lifts his head a bit and caresses Kevin’s cheek.

“You know, we were doing our little round of ‘things to be grateful for’ and all I could think of was you. My friends think I’m crazy, but that is how I feel. You took away my fear for losing my job by helping me with the DUI. You gave me a roof over my head, your friendship and then also your love… I can’t believe how lucky I am.” Scotty says tenderly.


“You know, Scotty, this Thanksgiving really sucked, until now. And I promise you, next year we’ll go to your friends together.”

“Really? Not your family?”

“No. I’ve seen them enough. And you will get see more of them this coming year too. So, next year I want to celebrate it with your friends…”


“Sounds perfect to me.” Scotty smiles, lowering his head as he lets his lips come into touch with Kevin’s. Gently caressing Scotty’s back, Kevin grins. Yes, this was a bad Thanksgiving, but he now also remembers what it is that he has to be grateful for… For being reunited with this wonderful man and Kevin wants nothing more than to become a part of Scotty’s life.


And his friends are important to Scotty, so Kevin wants to please them, so that Scotty will never have to chose again. Next year, in 2008, Thanksgiving will  be  perfect, with no problems, no Walker-family (as much as Kevin loves them) and with Scotty’s friends. And with that promise in mind he surrenders to Scotty’s tenderness.




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