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Fanfic: Marry me before Christmas 01/10

Marry me before Christmas 01/10

By Marea67
: Kevin & Scotty (mostly )
Rating: It will undoubtedly have some NC-17 there, what else would be the point?
Disclaimer: As usual, written with love and not for money
Summary: It's a alternative view on the Hallmark Christmas movies TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT and just try to enjoy it ;)

To make it easier to read the 'here and now' will be blue
The alternative will be just in black as it a most of the story.


Kevin coughs once again and Scotty feels his forehead.
"You're burning up." He says.
"I kneuw..." Kevin replies with a stuffy nose. Scotty smiles. "Were are the kithsss?" Kevin then asks.

"Safe from your germs. They're at your mom's."
"Oh. Good." Kevin reaches out to the box of tissues and blows his nose. Not that it unblocks anything, but he can hope that it will.
"I'm sorry I have to work, baby." Scotty apologizes.

"This must be the worst Christmas ever..." Kevin sighs. "Half your staff out with the flu. And now me as well. I wanted to help you tonight in the restaurant..."
"No way you're getting close to my kitchen when you're sick like that." Scotty smiles, caressing Kevin's hair.

He places two thermos next to the bed.
"That one has tea. That one has your mother's chicken-soup. I've put a few cups here for you as well. The remote to our television is next to the cups and I've also put some cookies here, because sometimes, when you're feeling sorry for yourself, you just need something 'nice' like cookies, instead of something 'healthy' like chicken-soup."

Scotty winks and, despite feeling quite sick, Kevin manages a little smile.
"Just try to get some sleep, that's usually the best medicine against the flu. Lots of hot tea and lots of sleep." Scotty advices.
"Yes, nurse." Kevin answers sweetly.

"There's some romantic Hallmark Christmas movie on tv tonight. Why don't you watch that one? It might lift your spirit somewhat." Scotty leans over to Kevin to kiss him, but Kevin stops him.
"Don't want to make you sick as well." He says, pushing Scotty gently back.

"Alright, babe. Now remember, if you need anything...."
"... I'll call you. But I most probably won't because you have to work on Christmas-evening and you don't need me interrupting you every ten minutes. I'm sick as a dog, I just want to sleep."

"Whatever you want, baby." Scotty sighs. He looks once again at Kevin, feeling sad to leave his husband alone, when he's feeling so sick. Kevin waves at him and words the word 'Go!' to him. Scotty smiles and leaves the apartment, knowing that once he'll be in the kitchen, he'll be too busy to worry about Kevin.

Kevin checks to see which Christmas movie is playing. Hmmm, one with a guy named Luke Macfarlane. He vaguely remembers Chad saying that the guy is a good actor and that Chad wouldn't mind making a movie with him. Kevin shrugs and turns on the tv. Commercials are still on.

He makes himself comfortable and the obligatory Christmas-cheer begins... It's the usual merry fun... Oh, look, business woman. Smart. Sharp. Of course, she can do without a man.. until she meets "The One. Kevin tries to stay awake but the pills Scotty gave him are starting to have an effect.

IThere should be a gay Christmas-movie one day. He grins at the thought. Something about a successful lawyer meeting an attractive waiter... Oh, no, not those commercials again! The movie has barely started! .. Kevin closes his eyes. It's hard to keep them open. The movie should be about two gay men, meeting, getting to know each other. Something funny, but hot... Something....




A man sits down next to Scotty at the bar and says:
"Scott, you're an asshole." For one second Scotty considers pointing out that his name is Scotty and that he has no idea who the man is or what he did to him, when he sees that the man is actually on his phone.

Interest peaked, he wonders what the Scotty-minus-the-y might have done.
"No. We have gone over this a million times. You agreed... You can't do this." The man next to him sounds desperate. "Don't 'Kevin...' me in that patronizing voice..." So, his name is apparently Kevin and he sounds pretty angry.

"Just get here! You have two hours left. And I can tell you... if you let me down... if you don't show up, it's over. It's definitely over. Don't bother getting in touch with me ever again..." Scotty pulls his drink closer. Sounds serious. Seems he's not the only one having a bad night then.

Las Vegas may be the city of casinos and fun, but right now Scotty doesn't feel lucky or joyous, neither in game or in love. He feels used and discarded. Unloved. No one cares for him and he has reached the point where he no longer sees the sense in caring about others either.

The man next to him (Most likely named Kevin) takes his drink, which the bartender just gave him. With one big gulp it's all gone.
"Another!" He orders. Scotty knows he shouldn't be, but he's impressed nonetheless.
"Seems like we have the same plan." He says.

Though Scotty had meant to keep that thought to himself, his voice had apparently not received the memo and he catches the attention of Kevin.
"Which would that be?" Kevin asks.
"Drink myself into oblivion and then crash my car into a brick wall." Scotty answers.

Oh, God, had he really said that out loud? Damn! It sounds so.... desperate... and he's not ... oh, who is he kidding, yes, he does feel rather desperate. In the meantime, Kevin seems to have thought over Scotty's words. He gulps down a second drink and orders a third and indicates the bartender to fill up Scotty's glass as well.

"I like part one, the second half is just... not healthy." Kevin says. "But then I think that, like me, you're not sitting here because you feel overjoyed and totally in love."
"Nope." Scotty's agrees.
"Show me yours, I'll show you mine...." Kevin mumbles, but Scotty heard him.

"'Scuse me?" Scotty asks, wondering if he just had an indecent proposal. Kevin smirks, amused by Scotty shocked, but apparently not entirely insulted reaction.
"Story of woe. Tell me yours, I'll tell you mine." Kevin corrects himself.

"Oh." Scotty now understands and he's not sure if he's relieved or disappointed. "Oh, well. Not much to tell..." A group of people leaves one of the bar booths and Kevin motions with his head that Scotty and he should sit down there. Scotty grabs his new drink, as Kevin does, and together to head over to the empty booth.

The leather is old, but comfortable. The light is soft and gentle. Kevin picks one side of the table, waits for Scotty to sit down opposite of him and with a shrug, he explains:
"I want to see the door, see if Scott shows up."
"Who's Scott exactly?"

"My fiancé. We both live in Los Angeles, but I've been working on an important case in Philadelphia. We've known eachother a few months now and we're supposed to get married in two hours. We had everything planned. I booked time at the wedding-chapel across the road . Then on to the honeymoon-suite in the hotel next to it to ... celebrate our wedding night...

All cheap and cheesy, I know, but ... I just wanted to get married to him. And he had said that he wanted a Vegas-wedding and so,... whatever... I don't know. So, I got here, I put my stuff in the honeymoon suite... headed over here to get just one drink and wait for him. And then he calls and says he's having second thoughts and considering staying back in Los Angeles.... He's just.. 'not feeling it'?..."

"Oh, wow!" Scotty doesn't know how to react. "What an asshole."
"Yes. that's what I said too." Kevin nods, waving the waitress over for another drink. Scotty knows he should stop, but ... what's one more drink? "And you?"

"I came here with my boyfriend, we were supposed to spend Christmas with his family, he wanted to introduce me to them and so on...We came a day earlier. He wanted to show me around, he said. We went to a casino. He lost some money. He got angry, started drinking, lost even more money and we went back to the motel... He started an argument with me and .. he hit me..."

"Oh, my God.... Are you alright?" Kevin seems to sober up a bit.
"Yes. No worries. When I worked as a waiter, I once took a self-defense classes and I knew how to avoid most of the hit." Scotty shrugs.
"Then what?" Kevin is shocked. Scott might be an asshole, at least he's never been violent to him.

"What do you think?! I punched his lights out. I mean, I hate violence and I'm not going to start a fight, but I sure as hell will finish it. I'm nobody's punching bag."
"Good for you." Kevin manages to say as the waitress brings them their ordered drinks. "Then why drive your car into a brick wall?"

Good question. Scotty plays with his drink as he forms his replies.
"I'm just tired of it all. I keep making the wrong decisions. I mean, after I lost my job, we talked about rebuilding our lives here. So, I sold most of what I had. I gave up everything. I was sure he was the one.

And I brought the last few items I still had in my car with me, thinking that he and I would start something new here. I thought I had found a nice guy, but he turns out to be abusive. But I made mistakes before that. The guy I had before him decided that he preferred to stay with his wife and kids,.... and, for the record, I didn't know about them until he told me about them when he broke with me.

The guy before that cheated on me. But I'm not sure if that wasn't just karma, because I kinda cheated on the guy before that, who was a genuinely nice guy, but boh-ring.... So, no house, no income, no boyfriend. Stuck in Las Vegas.... I feel so incredibly stupid... I should have realized that in coming here I would basically burn all my bridges.

I don't know anyone here. I'd be dependent on him, but ... I was so stupidly in love... And now I have nothing. And it's two day until Christmas.. I had very different plans for this Christmas... This is so depressing." Scotty gulps down his drink in one go and he coughs.

It stings in his throat as if he only now realizes that it's very strong and high on alcohol. For a moment there's silence between them. Kevin looks at his watch and a sad look comes to his face.
"He's not going to show up. He'll leave me 'at the altar', won't he?"

Yes, time is moving on and the two hours have slowly turned into one hour.
"Looks like it..." Scotty answers gently. Somehow he hopes for a Christmas-miracle and Scott-the-asshole will turn out not to be so bad, just having a case of cold feet. And that he will whisk Kevin away to the chapel for a beautiful dream wedding.

"Nope. I don't think my knight in shining armor is going to show up." Kevin decides with a sad smile on his face.
"Not that many white horses in Vegas, I presume." Scotty reluctantly offers. Kevin nods at Scotty's words.

"One more drink. And then I'll head on over to the chapel, cancel the whole deal and see if I can somehow get some refund."
"Mind if I join you in that one more drink?" Scotty asks.
"No... My name is Kevin Walker, by the way..."

"Scotty Wandell...." And upon seeing Kevin's surprised face, he grins. "Yeah, for one moment I thought you were talking to me, calling me an asshole..."
"What are the odds?" Kevin suddenly giggles and it's contagious, because Scotty starts to laugh as well.


Scotty tries to lift his head, but it hurts like hell.
"Oh, God, I swear, I'll never drink again." He moans, trying to find a better position to lie in. Apparently moving was not a good idea, because it wakes up his stomach as well. He stumbles out of bed, manages to find the right door to the bathroom, where he empties his stomach.

Still half-sick he cleans up, washes his hands, tries to get rid of the soap under his wedding ring and then he staggers back to the bed, feeling that he just missed a very important detail. Almost at the door however, he quickly returns to the toilet to get rid of what little had still been in his stomach...

Out of breath and feeling quite empty, feverish and still nauseous, he leans over the washing-basin and splashes cold water on his face. He can't find his toothbrush, but he does find some toothpaste, though not his brand. (What?) He puts some of it on his finger to clean his mouth and teeth to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth.

It does seem to help him feel somewhat better.
"Not used to drinking, are we?" A voice behind him says. In the mirror he can see Kevin standing there. Somehow he's not shocked or surprised, which... come to think of it... surprises him, maybe even shocks him.

"Noooooo, maybe getting drunk was a bad idea after all..." Scotty replies slowly. Where is he? Is he in Kevin's room? What is he doing there? Had they....? Oh, no!...No!...
"How did we get here?" He asks, hoping it will get him answer as to where he is.
"Dunno. I guess we managed to cross the street without getting killed... "

Kevin's answer doesn't answer much, so Kevin elaborates:
"This is the honey-moon suite I rented. My suitcases are here..." Kevin points at the suitcases in the corner.
"Oh. I see... I will of course pay.... something..." Scotty lets himself fall back on the bed.

"Ah, don't worry... Scott, my ex, has just texted me that he's so, so, so sorry and that he will take care of all the expenses and that we'll talk things through once I'm back in Los Angeles... As if!" Kevin rolls with his eyes to show his contempt over his ex's insensitivity. Scotty smirks.

Yes, he can imagine there's no easy way back to that relationship. He turns on his belly and reaches out over his head, his fingers play with his wedding ring and... he stops... His what? ... His wedding ring... There... is... a... wedding ring... on... his... hand... and... it's ... not... his... Well, the hand is, but not the ring...

He sits up with a jolt and tries to get the ring off his hand.
"What the hell is that?" He cries out. Kevin seems to realize that there's something wrong.
"That's a ring?" He wonders if Scotty has gone crazy.

"I don't carry a ring!" Scotty states with certainty.
"You do now?" Kevin replies, not entirely sure yet what Scotty's problem is, until he realizes that he too carries a ring and that it looks similar to the one Scotty can't seem to get off his finger. Kevin however does manage to slide away his.

A strange thought comes up. He throws the thought away. It comes back. He tries to ignore it, but that little nagging voice makes him look inside his ring and there he reads the words he had dreaded could be there: 'Kevin & Scotty ~ Dec 22 2018'.
"Oh! Shit!" He mumbles.


With a smile Kevin turns over in his bed. He likes his "dream~movie" so far....

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