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Fanfic: Kevin/Scotty from A to Z - B - Bank

Kevin/Scotty from A to Z - B - Bank

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with a dash of Robert
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Scotty wants to get his loan approved to buy "Cafe 429" and gets unexpected help.

Takes place somewhere between 4.22 and 4.24, with a little reminder of 3.08 and with small reference to Picnic in the park



“Please, sit down. Can I get you some coffee?” Brad, their personal banker, asks them. Kevin and Scotty both nod. He leaves them alone in his office and Scotty turns to Kevin.
“Remember the first time we were here? To get our first joint account?” Scotty asks. Kevin only nods that he remembers.

“Okay, we didn’t drive far enough for it to be Casa del Mar. Oh, I’m guessing The Standard, right?” Scotty fishes for an answer from Kevin. He wants nothing more than to take away the blindfold and find out what Kevin’s ‘surprise’ for him is.
“Keep guessing.” Kevin laughs, walking to the passenger-side of the car to help Scotty.

“I feel we should have a safe word.” Scotty says.
“Funny you should mention the word ‘safe’.” Kevin replies. He guides Scotty a few steps forward. “Ready?” When Scotty hums that he’s ready, Kevin takes away the blindfold. “Ta-da!” He announces.

Scotty looks around, a little flabbergasted and not sure what the ‘surprise’ is supposed to be. All he sees is a bank.
“We’re at a bank? In Pasadena?” He asks, knowing he’s supposed to give some reaction, but not sure if he’s supposed to be ‘happy’.

“Yeah, I drove a real big loop on the freeway to fool you, because, now, we have an appointment with Brad, our personal banker, who’s going to help us open our joint accounts …” Kevin explains and Scotty suddenly feels more touched that he had expected he’d be.

Sure, they had fought about money, but when Kevin hadn’t brought up the discussion again after they had made up, Scotty had expected that everything had gone back to ‘normal’, with Kevin paying for everything and him being annoyed about it. But Kevin had actually taken action.

“That is so cute.” Scotty smiles.
“...THEN we go to Casa del Mar.”
“Ooh, scratch cute, you’re drop dead sexy.” Scotty can’t believe how much he loves Kevin for this ‘surprise’.

“Did I do good?” Kevin now asks and the puppy-dog look on his face melts Scotty’s heart.
“Very good.” He answers. “I love you.”
“I love you.” Kevin replies and Scotty moves in for the kiss….

It seems such a long time ago. They’ve grown so used to knowing everything about each other’s money that neither of them can still imagine that it was once such an issue.
“Nervous?” Kevin asks.
“Terrified.” Scotty admits.

“Listen, you’ll do alright. Sure, we’re financially perhaps not as strong as we might like, but there’s Uncle’s Saul’s money as well and Sarah has written a terrific business-plan for the restaurant….”
“I read it. She did a good job.” Scotty acknowledges.

“The Walkers have been in business for so long, we know what we do.” Kevin nods and Scotty can hear how proud Kevin is of what his family has achieved, even now that Ojai Foods is in trouble.
“... And I know that you went over every little detail in the contract...”

“I did.”
“But he can still tell us that it’s ‘no’, when it comes to the loan.” Scotty voices his fear.
“He could.” Kevin admits. “And then I’ll have to do what I do best, which is talk him into changing his mind.”

Though Kevin says the words with a casual arrogance, Scotty knows that, deep inside, Kevin is worried that Scotty will not get the deal.
“I’m sure that if anyone can make him change his mind, it’s you.” Scotty answers, and funny enough, it actually is something he’s sure of.

Well, perhaps if he has faith in Kevin and Kevin has faith in him, there might be enough faith between them to make this work. The door opens and Brad comes back with 3 coffee-cups.
“We have gone over the papers you’ve sent us…” Brad starts, once he’s back at his desk.

“We only hope everything is in order.” Scotty nervously inquires. Brad watches how Kevin, almost casually, places his hand over Scotty’s and gives him a little nod. It’s a quick signal to let Brad do the talking and Brad takes that moment.

“We’ve gone over the numbers, as they’ve been drawn up. I know they’re only estimates, but I believe that the restaurant, that you have in mind, is in a profitable area. I think that it is good to see that you’re willing to sell the loft and that you plan to move to the living-space over the restaurant.

The loft is situated in a place where apartments sell well, so you should be able to get a fair price for it, even in this economy. There’s of course Saul Holden’s money… which is quite substantial as well.

And I know that Mrs Nora Walker would agree, if necessary, to use her own house as some sort of collateral.” Scotty gasps quietly. He hadn’t know about that, but when he looks at Kevin he can see that Kevin isn’t shocked. “Still, the economy as it is, is making us a little more careful with the loans we give out.” Brad warns.

Scotty feels his hope sink.
“Too many mistakes have been made in the past and many people are paying for the consequences right now.” Brad continues to explain. Kevin nods and he leans forward a bit to make better eye-contact with Brad and he says:

“We’ve pulled together all the financial resources we could think of. We still had some money left from selling my father-in-law’s comic book. There’s the price that the loft could get. My mother’s financial support and my uncle’s part of the restaurant. I think we’ve given a good business plan that is viable.”

“If it were me, I’d sign straightaway, but my superior still doesn’t believe it’s good enough. He’s aware that Ojai Foods/Walker’s Landing isn’t doing too great and he fears that once that business collapses, it will impact your mother, your uncle and you as well.” Brad’s voice is kind and understanding.

“I’m afraid that…” He plans to continue, but a quick knock on the door, followed by the entrance of his secretary makes him stop half-sentence.
“I’m sorry, there is an important message for you.” His secretary puts a piece of paper on his desk. “Came in this morning and I’ve checked and it’s legit.” she quickly whispers.

Brad quickly reads the message and gets up.
“Will you excuse me for a minute?” Without awaiting an answer he leaves the room. Scotty immediately turns to Kevin.
“He’s going to say ‘no’, isn’t he?” He asks anxiously.

Kevin doesn’t know what to say. He’d rather not believe it, but he knows it’s more likely to be the truth. Despite all their hard work, Scotty would not get the loan he needed to start his restaurant and, seeing Scotty’s devastated face nearly breaks Kevin’s heart. He wishes that could take away Scotty’s sadness.

At that moment Brad returns, with a smile on his face.
“You have some good fortune, with the friends you have.” Brad grins.
“Excuse me?” Kevin really doesn’t understand and neither does Scotty.
“We received confirmation from ex-Senator Robert McCallister’s bank.”

“What?” Scotty now asks.
“There’s the extra financial back up you needed. And it’s sufficient to grant you the loan.” Brad announces. Kevin’s jaw drops and Scotty is glad to see that he’s not the only one who’s surprised.

“Can I see that?” Kevin asks and Brad hands him the documents. “He has agreed to be our guarantor? Wow, I’m baffled.” Kevin is clearly flabbergasted.
“Once all the documents are ready to be signed, he will be asked to sign as well, but I don’t think that will be a problem.” Brad says with a smile.


Once outside the bank, Scotty sits down on a bench.
“I’m going to tell mom and Saul that we have the loan.” Kevin says cheerfully. Scotty nods and takes his own phone. He takes a deep breath while he presses what number to dial.

“Hi Robert, it’s Scotty. I wanted to thank you for your back up. We were a bit surprised by it though…” And suddenly it dawns on Scotty that perhaps it was Kitty who did it and Robert doesn’t know about it and…
“I’m glad I was on time.” Robert replies. “I had to hear through the grapevine that you had planned to ask for a loan today. Why didn’t you ask me?”

“I didn’t think you would want to invest time, let alone money on my restaurant.”
“Remember that lunch we once had in the park? I told you then that I believe in your ability as a cook. I’m sure that your restaurant will be a great success.” Robert replies with so much conviction that Scotty doesn’t know what to say.

“Thank you. I’m… I’m very grateful.” It is all Scotty manages to say.
"You're welcome. Now, go and make that restaurant the hottest place in LA." Robert orders. Scotty laughs, says his goodbyes and hangs up, still a bit flabbergasted.

“Are you ready?” Kevin asks.
“For what?” Scotty asks.

“I booked us a room at the Casa del Mar. We need to celebrate.” Kevin is so happy and cheerful that Scotty can’t help but laugh and suddenly feel freed from a great burden.
“You’re still drop dead sexy.” Scotty grins as he gets in the car.
“I know.” Kevin leans over to kiss Scotty. “... that is because I in love with you.” And he kisses Scotty one more time.

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