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Fanfic: A Kevin/Scotty almost-but-kinda-not-entirely Christmassy what's-the-name-again. Part 5/5

A Kevin/Scotty almost-but-kinda-not-entirely Christmassy what's-the-name-again. Part 5/5

By Marea67
The whole gang
Disclaimer: Absolutely NO idea where this inspiration came from, because I haven't seen/read any of the 10 million variations on the topic. Written with love, and for fun, not for money.
Summary: Kevin Walker is a man without much feelings… Oh, and there are some ghosts, something or other about Christmas and then there's his handsome assistant Scotty Wandell…. Other than that, not many surprises and you can probably guess the ending too. But ... whatever... It's Christmas, right? ;)

Oh, yeah, it's an AU so characters can be different than you'd expect. And it's completely bogus, not meant to be consistent and so allow for some 'artistic freedom'. I've written this in 4 days, so I might have the lost the plot here and there. :D


Kevin carefully opens his eyes. His face is wet with tears. Sunlight streams through the window. It's cold in the room. Apparently he had forgotten to close the curtains yesterday. He feels strange. Disoriented. What a night. What a dream. What a nightmare.... But what if it wasn't? What if it wasn't a nightmare?

What if really no one would bother to show up at his funeral? What if Chad would really die because of that stupid movie? What if Elizabeth...? He can't even finish that thought without feeling repulsion. And Scotty? ... What about Scotty? Just the mere thought of that young man with his beautiful sweet smile gives him butterflies in his stomach.

"I..." Kevin is surprised by the sound of his own voice and he immediately holds back. But then he remembers how his father had pointed out that Kevin had feelings he wouldn't admit to and so he tries again. "I... I'm in love.... I'm in love with Scotty..." Kevin's smile becomes bigger. "I'm in love with Scotty Wandell.."

And he laughs because it sounds so funny and real and ... loving... in love. He throws the blanket aside and quickly turns on the tv. The news tells him that it's December 23. Two days to Christmas. This means that he still has time. Time to make changes. Things could be different. Nothing has happened yet.

He hasn't yet threatened Jason with eviction. He hasn't killed off the latest kind wish by Scotty. He hasn't yet been rude to his mother. And Tommy... Tommy is still alive! Kevin throws some milk into a bowl and adds some oatmeal. While he waits for his microwave to heat up the oatmeal, he takes a notepad and starts writing down his to-do list.


Scotty puts down his phone. He's too flabbergasted to say or do something. Mr Walker just called in to say that he would be late. He had 'things to do'. It's not the first time that Mr Walker doesn't show up for work because he had other places to be. But this time he had almost sounded... cheerful? ... Happy? ... Satisfied?


"Yes, yes, hold your horses." Jason mumbles as he descends the stairs, but Chad beats him to the front-door where someone is ringing like an idiot. When Chad opens the door, Jason can feel the blood drain from his face. Oh, no! Mr Walker! He had planned to go to Mr Walker tomorrow and beg for one more month. One last chance.

Now it's too late. Mr Walker showing up here can't be good news.
"Mr Walker." Jason's timid voice betrays his immediate fear. Kevin looks at him with a stern face.
"We need to talk. You're late with your payment... Again." Kevin points out.

"Yes... I know, but..." Jason starts to apologize.
"I don't want to hear it." Kevin says raising his hands. Jason is white as a sheet. "This place ... you can't continue to live here."
"But... But where will we go... The children..."

"This will be their last Christmas in this house." Kevin says. Chad steps forward.
"Listen, Mr Walker… I've been offered a job. I will have your payment in three, maybe four weeks. Please."
"No.." Jason shakes his head. "You can't take that job."

"I have no choice. The kids..." Chad starts.
"The children can't stay in this house." Kevin walks in and takes off his gloves. "It's dusty and old. Paint is practically falling off the beams... Everything is old. This is no place for children."

"We can't afford anything else." Jason is almost in tears as panic grabs him by the throat.
"I have a house. It has more rooms and bathrooms than I care to count. It's huge and I'm all alone. It would serve better purpose as a place for the children."
"Your house...? ... Even if... We couldn't afford it. Let alone make the changes that need to be made."

"Don't worry. After the holidays I will put a few men on the job of cleaning the house and making repairs where needed. And once that's done I will have all your belongings moved over to the house, so hopefully within a month the children with have a specious house all to themselves. It also has a beautiful lawn and a little wooded area for them to play. It will be nice to hear children laugh and play there in the summer."

"Are you serious?" Jason asks.
"Yes. I am."

"But why? What's the catch?"
"There is none. Perhaps my eyes have been opened. You're a man of God. I don't have to explain things to you, do I?" Kevin winks. Jason eagerly shakes his head. He has a tentative smile on his face, but he's still not sure if can really believe what he just heard.

Kevin turns to Chad.
"And you'd better listen to your husband. He's right. That movie-offer is a bad deal. I did some background checks on that one this morning and .. it will be a financial mess. Stay away from it and focus on the children. I'm sure a better deal will come along."

Chad is flabbergasted, but doesn't know what to say. He's glad with Kevin's confidence, even though he's not so sure himself. But then he doesn't know that Kevin has made a few phone-calls to make sure that Chad will get a better and less dangerous acting-job in the weeks to come. And one that pays better too.

At that moment Kevin sees the children at the top of the stair, curiously looking down on him. He smiles.
"Oh, yes. I forgot the children. Just wait a minute..." He opens the door and waves. To Jason's and Chad's shock a couple of men start wheeling in brightly wrapped gifts.

"I didn't have too much details on the children, but I think these gifts will be general enough to serve everyone. Ahm, and here some gift-cards to buy clothing and shoes for them. I assume you know better than I do what these children need. I will leave that up to your own choice."

"I .... I don't what to say..." Jason stammers.
"Just 'thank you' will do. You deserve a bit of extra help for all the love and affection you give these children." Kevin answers. He's about to leave when he turns back to Jason. "There is something you can do for me...."

"What?" Kevin sees a little suspicion in Jason's eyes.
"Say a prayer for me... I could use a little help, because... I don't really appreciate the idea of rotting in hell." Kevin answers.
"I will gladly put in a good word for you." Jason answers with a bright smile and he has no idea why it makes Kevin grin.


"Scotty! You won't believe what just happened..." Scotty has to put his phone a little further away from his ear, that is how loud Jordan yells. "I got a raise. I got a raise. And quite a lot too."
"You? Well about time too.... Did your boss say why he suddenly decided this?"

"Yes. Apparently some Very Important Customer told him to do so, or else.... The man said that he was impressed with me and that he wanted me to earn more money. And apparently it wasn't the kind of man you say 'no' to. So, I got a raise." Jordan is almost in tears of joy right now and Scotty feels very happy for his friend, but he remains cautious.

"Just slow down, please. Aren't you curious as to who it could be? I mean, the place you work for is indirectly owned by Mister Walker. Your boss will have to get his approval first. And he will certainly not appreciate such a demand. Don't you think?" Scotty carefully asks.

"Well, tough for the old goat, but I'm getting my raise and he can't take that away from me again now." Jordan gloats. Scotty smiles. What he wouldn't give for some extra money... But Kevin wouldn't do that... Maybe he should consider Jordan's many suggestions to get another job....


An hour later, barely two in the afternoon, Scotty gets a message from Kevin. "Go home. You're not needed at the office anymore." That is all it says. Scotty can't believe it. He hasn't had time off for as long as he can remember. He has to negotiate any minute off he wants to have. And now he gets sent home?

And what does this 'You're not needed anymore' mean? ... For a moment he quietly wonders if he's been fired. Nah. Couldn't be. Not even Kevin Walker would fire you by text-message. And why would he? Scotty is cheap and he works hard. Kevin couldn't get another idiot like him. So he can't be fired.... Can he be?

But he's not going to second-guess his boss's words. In fact he'll be glad to be home and see his apartment in the daylight for a change. First thing he notices when he gets off the elevator though, is that the 'for sale'-sign on the door of the apartment next to his is gone. Has the place been sold? Finally?

He walks by slowly and he can hear some noise coming from the apartment. Could it really be...? Scotty hardly dares to believe it. It's been empty for quite a while. He hesitates. Should he introduce himself? Or would that be too early? But he's so curious.. Eventually curiosity gets the upper hand and he rings at the door.

The door opens and for a moment Scotty is blinded by the sunlight that comes in through the windows and from behind the person opening the door.
"Hi, I'm Scotty, your next door neighbor and ...." At that moment Scotty registers who's standing in front of him. "...Mr Walker?"

"Hi." Kevin says. He looks shyly at Scotty who doesn't know how to move on. "Want to ... come in?" He takes a step back and, with some reluctance Scotty walks in. The place is on the corner of the building and therefore has more windows. Because the day is cold but sunny, the sunlight lights up the room magnificently and Kevin's view is more beautiful than his own.

"It's a.... lovely apartment." Scotty can't help but say.
"I know... I saw it and it was just what I wanted. Light. Lots of light. I'm... I'm tired of living in the dark." Kevin's words makes Scotty turn to him.
"You actually plan to live here?"

"Yes. I hope you don't mind?" Kevin asks.
"No... why should I?" Scotty answers hesitantly. Kevin looks at Scotty and suddenly he feels lost. He has forgotten how to do this. He was never good at flirting. He will never be able to tell Scotty how he feels. His shoulders sink.

Scotty isn't entirely sure why Kevin suddenly looks so lost, but it somehow breaks his little heart
".... I'm just surprised. You have such a big house of your own..."
"I've given that to Reverend McCallister and his husband. For the children."

"What?" Scotty's jaw drops. "You gave it away...? That is ... unexpected."
"I had a dream last night... It made me aware that I was screwing up my own life and that of others... I could fix two things rather quickly... Taking care of Jason and Chad was easy...

But I have no idea ... how to move on beyond this... I know what I want... I just don't know how to get there... I've lost ... I've lost my ability to really ... communicate with people..." The silence between them is deafening for a while. They just look at each other, unable to look away, but unable to take next step as well.

"Do ... Do you want me to help you?" Scotty then quietly offers.
"I'd like that..." Kevin answers.
"Okay. What is step one? What do you want the most?" Scotty asks. The question obviously surprises Kevin.

"The most? What I want the most? ..." Kevin repeats.. Oh, he knows what he wants.... But he could never say that?! And yet his mouth works faster than his annoying brains... "I want you." The words are out before he can stop them. And the moment he speaks the words, he wishes there was hole he could sink in.

Shocked by his own audacity he turns away from Scotty.
"You what?" He hears Scotty ask. He turns back to Scotty..
"I'm sorry.. I... I shouldn't have said that... I just..." Scotty can see that Kevin is mortified. It looks rather cute on him.

"You want me?" Scotty now asks. It's not like he really needs an answer. The longing is clearly in Kevin's eyes. Why had he never seen it before?
"I... I fell for you the moment you walked in... But I've been hurt before and I didn't want to get hurt again. And you were younger... And I never thought I'd stand a chance... Hiding in my books and in work and keeping you at arm's length and pretend that I didn't care would be the safest for me..."

"Mr Walker...." Scotty sighs with a little smile.
"Kevin. My name is Kevin."
"Kevin..." Scotty likes how it sounds now that he can finally give in. "Come here."

He places his hand in Kevin's neck and pulls him closer. He can feel Kevin resist a little, but the moment Scotty's lips touch Kevin's, Kevin just seems to melt into his arms. The kiss is hesitant at first, but then Kevin throws himself into it.

Their kiss becomes sensual, deeper, more demanding from both sides. Kevin can feel Scotty's hands go down his back, follow the curve of his ass and then pull him closer. Kevin's shocked reaction is muffled by the kiss and Scotty loves it. Scotty is strong and warm and Kevin feels as if his entire body wakes up from a long winter's sleep.

He presses himself closer to Scotty, wanting to feel even more, wanting to caress him, touch him... love him... but then Scotty breaks the kiss.
"Wow... This was better than I dreamed it could be..." Scotty is out of breath. Who could have thought that there was such a volcano lurking underneath Kevin's chilly demeanor?

Kevin's insecurity comes back.
"Scotty? Do you want me too?" He's still not sure whether he dreamed or not and he has to hear the answer from Scotty's lips. Scotty laughs softly.
"Do I want you?" With an 'Oh, Kevin' Scotty pulls Kevin close again.


Later that night, Scotty feels exhausted. He had ordered Chinese, because cooking would separate him from Kevin for too long. He could clearly see that Kevin enjoyed the meal and the company. Slowly Kevin had began to talk more. And for the first time in all those years, Scotty actually heard him laugh out loud.

No one had seemed more shocked by that sound than Kevin himself and he had practically shriveled back up again, but this time Scotty wouldn't let him.
"Don't stop. I love to hear you laugh." Scotty had told him and he had pulled Kevin in for another kiss.

But now Scotty feels tired. Kevin couldn't get enough of being kissed, being touched, but he was clearly worried about moving further than that and Scotty isn't too sure whether he's disappointed by this or not. Today has been a weird day. Kevin changed so drastically from one day to the next that Scotty is not sure that he has caught up yet.

They had talked a lot between their kissing and during their dinner. And Scotty can understand Kevin a lot better now. As weird as his dream might have been, it had certainly woke him up to what he stood to lose. And he's glad that Kevin finally told him that he wanted him.

But at the same time he's worried about what tomorrow will bring. How long until Kevin would become the 'old' Kevin again? Could he really continue to try to be more open and gentle and compassionate? And if he would get new friends, wouldn't he get tired of Scotty and maybe fall for someone else?

With Kevin back at his own apartment and just one wall separating them, Scotty longs for Kevin to be back here so they could continue to explore each other, but maybe it is better if they take some distance and take it slow... but just thinking of Kevin makes Scotty's lips burn with desire to kiss him again.

The water-cooker lets him know that it's done heating up the water and Scotty makes a cup of tea for himself. Back in bed, he puts the tea on the little table next to his bed. He feels cold and empty somehow. Like something is missing. And at that moment he can hear his doorbell ring.

He checks before opening, but then hurries to open up. It's Kevin.
"I can't sleep. I can't put you out of my mind..." Kevin's eyes betray his longing. Scotty pulls him into his place, closes the door and kisses Kevin with a hunger he never knew he could have.

Clothes end up on the floor as they make their way to the bedroom.
"Are you sure?" Scotty asks between two kisses.
"No." Kevin answers honestly. "I'm terrified... But I want you... I just don't know... It's been so long and ..."

He doesn't get more opportunity to speak, because Scotty gently pushes him on the bed and covers Kevin's body with his own. Kevin spreads his legs, so Scotty can lie between them. His hands are Scotty's hair, forcing his head down because he wants the kisses to be even more intense.

Scotty's mouth leaves Kevin's and he kisses Kevin throat and then moves to his shoulders. The little noises of delight that Kevin makes are music to Scotty's ears. But when he tries to take off the last piece of clothing standing between him and a naked Kevin, Kevin stops him, suddenly looking at Scotty with panic in his eyes.

Scotty doesn't really fight it. He only teasingly lets his fingers caress the hardness under the soft fabric and Kevin almost immediately reacts to the touch. Scotty teases again and Kevin moans. Then Scotty no longer teases, but he lets his fingers follow the hardness with more insistence. Kevin moves up his body to Scotty's hand.

Scotty realizes that Kevin is close to coming and by now Kevin is so lost under Scotty's touches that he no longer cares that Scotty removes the last piece of clothing. Under the soft light on the bed-side table, Scotty can see Kevin now, completely naked. Kevin trembles with fear and anticipation.

Scotty smiles lovingly down on Kevin and kisses his lips, but he won't let Kevin pull him down for a kiss. His hands caress Kevin's body with more strength than he had planned. His hunger is too big. He wants Kevin so badly that it hurts.
"You're beautiful." Scotty says, knowing that Kevin needs to hear these words.

"Scotty...." Kevin breathes out his name as if he's been holding his breath the whole time. Scotty smiles and he kisses Kevin's chest, his belly-button and further down. His lips part and then he takes Kevin swollen member is his mouth. Kevin cries out when the sensations hit him.

From the corner of his eye, Scotty can see Kevin grab the sheet with one hand, while the other hand pushes Scotty's head down. Scotty is surprised by the passion, the desire and the need in Kevin and at the same time it turns him on even more.
"I can't...." Kevin tries to push Scotty's head away. "Don't stop." He begs at the same time.

His first orgasm in so many years hits him so fast and with so much power that he completely forgets to give Scotty any warning. Not that Scotty seems to mind because he drinks Kevin in as much as he can handle and Kevin closes his eyes so tightly that they hurt.

As the biggest wave of passion begins to subside, Scotty wipes off his mouth and he can see Kevin look at him with tears in his eyes.
"I ... I had forgotten how good it feels.. to be loved.." Kevin cries. Scotty laughs and cries at the same time.

"You little idiot... I love you so much... And there's so much more where that came from. I got so much I want to remind you of."
"Promise?" Kevin asks. Scotty nods his head, his answer 'promised' is soundless and he lets Kevin cry in his arms.


The next night


"Are you sure that you wouldn't rather go to Jordan? We still can, you know." Kevin offers.
"I know... But we won't... I told you I'd be by your side and help you through this.... So, here we are... And you're going to ring that doorbell..." Scotty decides

"You will stay with me, right."
"I said I would."
"I can't do this on my own."
"You don't have to." Scotty promises.

"I love you." Kevin swoons sweetly. Scotty laughs, gives Kevin a quick kiss before turning him back to the door.
"I love you too. Now stop postponing the inevitable and go for it." Scotty points at the doorbell. Kevin rings it.

His hands shakes with nerves and suddenly he grabs Scotty's hand, wanting to feel Scotty's support. At that moment, the door gets opened by Justin, who is clearly surprised to see them. He looks Kevin up and down before looking at Scotty. He makes no effort to let either of them in. Instead he turns to kitchen and yells:

"Mom!!! ... Someone here to see you..." Nora exits the kitchen, cleaning her hands on her apron. She takes one look at Kevin and stops.
"Oh, my God... Kevin!" She can clearly not believe her eyes.
"Hi, mom." Kevin carefully says.

"Kevin." Nora repeats, still in shock.
"I'm sorry, mom. I know I've been an asshole for a long time. And I'm so, so sorry. I love you very much, mom. I... I want to come home.... Well, not literally, I have my own place, but..." Kevin starts to stammer.

Nora laughs at his words. She wipes away her tears.
"This will always be your home, sweetie. You know that." She says and she spreads her arms, inviting him for a hug. She holds him so tight that Kevin nearly suffocates. "I'm glad you're here, baby... Will you stay for dinner?"

"Only if Scotty can join us as well. He...." And suddenly Kevin smiles, because, so far, he hasn't told anyone else. "He is my boyfriend."
"I'll set two extra plates." Justin then says and he reaches out a hand to Kevin. Kevin takes his hand and for a moment the two brothers look at each other. Then Justin pulls Kevin into a strong brotherly hug.

"It's good to have you home, man." He says and Kevin is too overcome with emotions to answer. "You've made mom's day... Damn, what am I saying. You've just made her whole year."

By now the other family-members come in the hallway as well and Kevin introduces Scotty of everyone. Just as the family plans to return to the kitchen-dining room the door opens one more time and Tommy enters the hallway. Silence falls.
"Hey, Kevin." Tommy nods.

"Tommy." Kevin recognizes. He clenches his fists. This will be the toughest one, he supposes. "I wanted to apologize... For all the times I got you in trouble when we were kids.... I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when Larry died... I don't think that I really understood what he meant to you... I know you hate me..."

"I don't." Tommy shrugs. "Not really. You were a pain-in-the-ass, but you were also my brother. And I wasn't always that easy with you either. We were both good at making each other miserable." Tommy says.
"I agree. And I want that to stop. I want us to be brothers...."

"I'd like that too." Tommy nods. "It may take some time though."
"But we can make a start, right?"
"Yeah, how about we make a start by not letting dinner get cold?" Sarah suggests.

Everyone laughs and follow Sarah to table. Before they go through the door Kevin grabs Scotty's hand.
"Am I doing the right thing?" He asks.
"I think you do." Scotty answers.

"I love you." Kevin says breathlessly.
"Love you too." Scotty gives Kevin a quick kiss on the lips. "Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas." Kevin smiles. And he opens the door for Scotty to join his family and become a part of it once again.



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