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Fanfic: A Kevin/Scotty almost-but-kinda-not-entirely Christmassy what's-the-name-again. Part 4/5

A Kevin/Scotty almost-but-kinda-not-entirely Christmassy what's-the-name-again. Part 4/5

By Marea67
The whole gang
Disclaimer: Absolutely NO idea where this inspiration came from, because I haven't seen/read any of the 10 million variations on the topic. Written with love, and for fun, not for money.
Summary: Kevin Walker is a man without much feelings… Oh, and there are some ghosts, something or other about Christmas and then there's his handsome assistant Scotty Wandell…. Other than that, not many surprises and you can probably guess the ending too. But ... whatever... It's Christmas, right? ;)

Oh, yeah, it's an AU so characters can be different than you'd expect. And it's completely bogus, not meant to be consistent and so allow for some 'artistic freedom'. I've written this in 4 days, so I might have the lost the plot here and there. :D


Kevin feels as if his head is still spinning. Is this the weirdest dream ever or might it be real? Or is it his sub-conscious telling him something? And he gets why 'the ghosts' would be showing his family, but why show Scotty, why the others, what are their names again? Jason and Chad. He's not responsible for them. It's not his problem.

At the same time he gets worried about the ghost of Future Christmas. What could that ghost have to show him? It's already been made clear to him that his family hates him, that he's a 'mean man' and that he is apparently robbing the light that Scotty has in him... or something like that... And thinking of Scotty....

At that moment he's distracted by the stroke of a gigantic church bell. It resonates in his bones, that is how loud it is. Slowly the silence returns and then he hears a squeaking sound, like a door slowly opening in an old b/w horror-movie. He turns to the door and he sees a hooded man standing there. He's holding a scythe in his hands.

Definitely some grim reaper-figure. Kevin can feel the cold run down his spine. So, this is supposedly death. Alright. Fine. Or something. The grim reaper lifts up his hand. Oh, thank God, not some skeleton, just a hand in black gloves. He snaps his finger and for a gloved hand it sure makes a lot of noise.

It takes a few seconds for Kevin to realize that it's actually the second stroke of the church bell and he registers how ominous it sounds to him. Suddenly he's in a dark place. He looks around but can't distinguish where he is.
"What is this?" He asks.

At that moment the lights go on and with a loud scream he steps away from the table he's standing through. On the table is his own body.
"What the hell? You could have warned me about this!" Kevin yells at the reaper. The reaper shrugs.

"So, there he is." Kevin turns around and is face-to-face with his mother. Nora looks down on the body of her son.
"What should we do with the body? Do you know if the deceased wished for a funeral or did he have other wishes..?"

"No idea." Nora answers.
"What is the cheapest way to get rid of the body?" Kevin can now see Justin, who's standing behind Nora. "Can't we give that body to science? At least he'll finally have some good use."

"There's an idea." Nora says. "If that is not possible, just burn it."
"The ashes...?" The undertaker now asks.
"Throw it away." Justin replies.
"That is highly .. irregular?" the man seems shocked.

"The point is... No one really cares what happens to him or his remains."
"You're family..."
"I gave birth to him, raised him and that is about it. I haven't seen him in years. He never bothered to get involved with his family.

He has no friends. He has quite a lot of enemies though. He was rich but never did one right thing. And that is about the only good thing that comes from his death. He never made a will so his wealth will be divided within the family, where it will be put to good use instead of more destruction."

"Mrs Walker, you sound almost pleased that he's dead."
"I am. It may the worst thing a mother can feel, but I've lost my son a long time ago. And for the longest time I tried to cover his awful behavior with a blanket of love, but I stopped doing that a long time ago as well.

This is alright. He was of no use to anyone. He was incapable of love or compassion, he lacked any feeling of moral obligation. He died alone. If it hadn't been for the cab he had ordered the day before, because his car broke down, no one would have missed him. He had no friends, no companion. He was miserable until the end."

There's a long silence as the undertaker looks down on Kevin's dead body.
"So. Cheapest solution then?" He asks professionally.
"Yes. Don't bother with a service. No one will show up." Justin then says. "Just send us a card that it's done and put the ashes on some field. Wherever is easiest and most convenient."

Kevin's stomach sinks. He can't believe what he's hearing. The door opens again and this time Scotty walks in. Kevin lets out a sigh of relief. Scotty is one of the kindest people he knows. Scotty will say something nice about him. He will miss Kevin. After all, isn't he in love with Kevin?

"Mrs Walker? We've never met, but I'm Scotty Wandell."
"You used to work for him, right?" Nora asks.
"I had to come and see if it was really true. I can't believe he's really gone. I think the entire world must let out a sigh of relief."

"You left him several years ago?" Justin asks.
"Yes. He literally made me sick. The coldness, the lack of compassion. I couldn't handle it anymore. Everyone kept telling me to leave, but somewhere deep down inside I kept hoping for a change..."

"Fat chance." Justin replies.
"I had to come to the same conclusion. I couldn't take it anymore. The misery, the sadness, he thrived on that, but I couldn't. I slept bad, I had nightmares, I lost a lot of weight because I was feeling miserable all the time. Eventually... I had to quit."

"You made the right choice." Nora nods.
"Yes. Maybe. And maybe I can finally move on. Thank you for allowing me to see him."
"You're welcome." Nora says. Scotty gives her quick nod and then disappears. Kevin feels as if he's about to pass out.

"We will leave it in your capable hands then." Nora than tell the undertaker. She leaves with Justin right behind her and then the undertaker is left alone with Kevin's dead body.
"Wow. You must have been one heck of a miserable human being. Well, maybe the minister can put in a good word for you.... Ah, there you are." The undertakes speaks to the man who now enters the room.

"I heard you had a deceased person?"
"Yes. His name is Kevin Walker. Family wants nothing to do with him, there will be no service. Perhaps you can say a few words?" The undertaker steps aside and Kevin can now see the minister's face. It's Jason McCallister. His face becomes white as sheet and it shows pure hatred.

"I'm afraid you'll have to call someone else. As far as I'm concerned he can rot in hell. He'll get what he deserves then." The undertaker is clearly shocked. He's know Jason for years and never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He doesn't even fully register that Jason McCallister has already left until the door falls in its lock.
"Wow! You really pissed off a lot a people." The undertaker says to Kevin's dead body.

Kevin turns away to the grim reaper.
"What was that all about? A minister who won't give someone a final kind word? That's ridiculous! And what about mom? Justin? Scotty? What did I do that was so bad, huh? I lived my life and they may not agree with things, but it was my life. It had nothing to do with them."

The grim reaper remains silent.
"Seriously! Can't you at least answer me? Or is that too much ask?" Kevin asks furiously. He hears a deep sigh and then the grim reaper slowly takes down his hood. "Dad???... Alright. I'm done for today. I don't think I can take any more nonsense.... Just get me back home."

"No." William seems to be rather determined. "You have questions that deserve answers. This is all about you. People are in charge of their own life. Should take their own responsibilities.... Well, isn't that all nice and cute? Except... Actions have consequences. And your actions had major consequences on a lot lives.

Let's take your first victim. Jason McCallister..." William Walker snaps his fingers. Another stroke of a gigantic church bell. It's the third. They're suddenly at a cemetery and Kevin sees how Jason sits next to a grave and cries. "Remember how you denied Jason and Chad their orphanage? ..."

Kevin can see how the grave is marked with a head-stone. On the stone, in gold letters, is the name of Chad Berry.
"What does this have to do with me?"
"He accepted the movie."

"Yes, Saul already said that it was a bad career-move." Kevin answers. "But that was his choice, that had nothing to do with me."
"You pushed him into it. If it hadn't been for your threats, he wouldn't have done it. Chad took the job.

He knew and trusted the director. But the director took a few shortcuts, because he wanted his movie made cheap. He decided to work with a young man and he took this young man's word for it that he was clean and never asked for proof. The young man didn't know he was HIV+.

He irresponsibly thought that it couldn't happen to him. He didn't do drugs, chose his boyfriends wisely and though he didn't use proper protection, he thought he was safe. ... And because the young man didn't know, Chad didn't find out until after he had infected Jason."

Kevin can feel the blood run from his face and he stares at the headstone.
"And because they were now both positive, they were no longer allowed to keep the children, who got dispersed over other orphanages and lost the loving place they called their home. You see, actions and consequences. "

"I'm ... I'm so sorry." Kevin says quietly.
"That won't help Jason. Chad died in a car-accident, an accident, but Jason believes that Chad killed himself. And now he misses Chad and he's angry because he believes Chad abandoned him and he feels alone, because he no longer has his children to look after anymore either. He lost everything."

Kevin shakes his head.
"I didn't know.. I couldn't have known.... Is there no way that I can make this better? Different? Is this outcome the only version there is?"
"Your actions have consequences. These are the consequences."

A fourth stroke of a church bell and they are no longer at the cemetery. Instead they are in an apartment. And Kevin sees Scotty on the couch. Jordan is next to him.
"So, he's really gone." Jordan states.
"Yes. He's really gone." Scotty confirms.

"Good. Then maybe you can put it behind you as well. Perhaps you can finally move on."
"I don't know how...." Scotty says and he hides face against Jordan's shoulder. William pulls Kevin away.
"Scotty is another 'not-my-fault'-victim."

"How? He left me. He got out. So, why should he still be affected?"
"He doubts his choices in life. He no longer trusts his inner instinct, his inner voice. And he's become very cautious and mistrusting because he made such a huge mistake with you.

Unlike others, he could still see your potential. He could see you for the charming, beautiful man you could be. He could still see it when no one else could see it anymore. But you couldn't see him. You never noticed what you were doing to him. Even when he left you, you couldn't bring yourself to face the truth and admit that you were in love with him from the first day you met him."

Kevin gasps. He and his father had never, ever, discussed these kind of topics before his death and now it feels creepy that his father would know the things that he couldn't even admit to himself. He looks at his father.
"I.. I..." Kevin stammers.

"I know. Now that I'm dead, I can finally see through you. Your mother and I made mistakes. Actions and consequences. Those actions of ours combined with decisions made by Danny, by Tommy, by Browne, by yourself... they all lead to this moment. And just like we've made right and wrong decisions, so have you.

And you now see the outcome of your decisions. You had Chad and Jason evicted... It had consequences. You couldn't admit your feelings for Scotty. It had consequences. You turned your back on your family.... my family." William's voice becomes softer.
"What were the consequences there? Why was mom this cold about me?"

Another stroke of the gigantic church bell. The fifth one. And Kevin trembles with how deep the sound runs. They are in a small dark alley. Kevin sees a young girl. She's not alone. She's with an older man. They walk until they can no longer be seen. Then the man shoves her to the wall and starts to kiss her.

Kevin looks away. It's somehow repulsive.
"What is this?"
"That young girl is Elizabeth. Your niece. Tommy's child."
"She can't be any older than 14 or 15."

"She'll turn 16 in a few months. If she survives that long. These are not the safest places to be."
"Why is she here? Tommy would never allow his child to ... accept this treatment. He wouldn't."

"Tommy is dead."
"No one knows though. Tommy couldn't get job. He got thrown out of the house. The one you owned. He moved back in with Nora, but he couldn't handle the humiliation. He was always such a proud man...

One night he left... Got drunk. Ended up in the water and drowned. His body hasn't been found yet. Everyone still thinks that he ran away. It was tough on Julia. And on your mother. And it made Elizabeth a problem child. A child who seeks love and affection any place and in any way she can get it."

"Get me out of here." Kevin cries softly. "I don't want to see more. I can't take it. Your message to me is that nothing good comes because of me."
"Well, your sisters got married well and Paige and Cooper do great. They completely banned you from their lives though... So, not sure what role you play there."

"But this is not the end? This is not the only way? I can still change things? I mean, why bother to show me this, if I can't change it? Right? ..." William however doesn't answer Kevin's question. "Right?" Kevin asks again. Another stroke of the church bell. The sixth stroke.

They are in a dark place. Just the two of them.
"Can I still make changes? Is there another outcome possible? Please tell me."
"Your actions... have consequences." William answer slowly and he disappears.
"Dad? Dad? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad?!?!?!" But everything turns to black and the bell chimes six more times.


End of Part 4/5

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