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Fanfic: A Kevin/Scotty almost-but-kinda-not-entirely Christmassy what's-the-name-again. Part 2/5

A Kevin/Scotty almost-but-kinda-not-entirely Christmassy what's-the-name-again. Part 2/5

By Marea67
The whole gang
Disclaimer: Absolutely NO idea where this inspiration came from, because I haven't seen/read any of the 10 million variations on the topic. Written with love, and for fun, not for money.
Summary: Kevin Walker is a man without much feelings… Oh, and there are some ghosts, something or other about Christmas and then there's his handsome assistant Scotty Wandell…. Other than that, not many surprises and you can probably guess the ending too. But ... whatever... It's Christmas, right? ;)

Oh, yeah, it's an AU so characters can be different than you'd expect. And it's completely bogus, not meant to be consistent and so allow for some 'artistic freedom'. I've written this in 4 days, so I might have the lost the plot here and there. :D


The high-pitched screaming is the first thing that tips Kevin off on what is about to come and the white mist that enters the room is the second. Slowly the cloud takes shape. It's a blonde woman.
"I am Holly, the ghost of Christmas Past."
"I know you...?" Kevin tilts his head.

"Not sure...." Holly replies carefully.
"You're .... you're one of my father's ex-mistresses...." He suddenly remembers. "You got killed in that car-accident!"
"Yes. That would be me. And I'm not happy with this job, so shut up and come along."

"Well, we're off to a good start here."
"Follow me." She says and with a toss of her hand she sprinkles something in the air. She then turns around and walks away through the door. Kevin takes a deep breath and tries to follow her and walks slam-bam straight into the door.

With a yelp he steps back. Holly comes back through the wall.
"Sorry. Forgot that the dust takes a minute to do their magic." She says apologetically. Kevin wipes away the blood from under this nose.
"You did that on purpose." He accuses.

"Might have." Shrugs Holly. "Try again. Careful this time." Kevin hesitates a few seconds before approaching the door again, and this time, indeed, he goes through it as if the door doesn't exist. Holly grabs his arm and he gets the feeling of flying. He sees things, people, entities and places fly by.

Suddenly he's back at his old house, a long time ago. A time when things were still right and good. Kevin can smell the turkey. It's cooked in the way that only his grandmother and mother can make it and it makes him hungry. He can see his grandmother, Ida, in the kitchen and his mother, Nora, decorating the tree. Sarah, Kitty and Tommy are all little children still.

"That is me!" Kevin can see himself. He's about 6 years old and he's helping with decorating. All those bright-colored ornaments. He's shocked to remember how beautiful they were. He had forgotten all about them. He looks at his mother, all smiles, eyes aglow with expectation and with the hope that Santa will bring him what he wants the most.

"Boy. Is that you? That kid? What a chubby little fat-ass." Holly says. Kevin turns around.
" I wasn't fat..." He looks at himself again. "Well, maybe a little." He then concedes. And he remembers that he always had something. There couldn't be a virus or a bacteria in a ten-mile radius or he'd get it. And his mother would go into 'mommy-mode' full force.

He's the only one who had had most child-diseases. Any cold or flu in the neighbourhood nestled itself nicely and firmly on his chest and he'd seen the doctors more often than the other children ever had. It meant that, over the years he had spent (and would spent in the future) even more time at home and with his mother, than any of the other children.

When they went away to camp, hiking or practicing some sport, he was always 'too fragile' to do so...
"Your mother was always overly protective of you.." Holly's face shows the disdain she feels for Nora.

"She loved me." Kevin tries to protest but, in a way, Holly was right. Maybe it would have been better if he had been on the streets more often, perhaps he would have been a better fighter if he would have had to defend himself like Tommy did. Perhaps he would have been more 'manly' (like his father had wanted him to be) if he hadn't passed as much with Nora as he had.

He was a 'mommy's-boy' then and he would be until the day he died. It was also the reason he barely got in touch with his family anymore. He had felt suffocated by the time he had reached puberty. But when he looks at his own 6-year old version he can see a happy child. A child that still hoped, dreamt and believed...

"Let's get out of here. This much 'Christmas-joy' makes me sick to my stomach." Holly says. She grabs his arm again. Kevin once again gets the feeling of flying. Just when he gets used to weird sensation they stop so abruptly that Kevin had too much momentum and disappears into a snow-bank head first. Angrily he floats back up.

"Are you always that clumsy?" Holly has her arms crossed in front of her chest and impatiently taps her upper arm with one finger.
"You could have warned me that you were about to stop." Kevin bites back.
"Might have." Holly shrugs.

And just when Kevin is about to give a piece of his mind, something whizzes right through him. It's a snowball. A snowball that moves on, undisturbed, and hits the back of the head of a young boy, who turns around angrily.

"I hate you, Tommy!" He yells at a kid standing behind Kevin. Kevin slowly turns around. Behind him is his older brother Tommy, but he can't be any older than fifteen. That means that the vision of himself isn't much older than thirteen. Kevin can't really remember this, but it could have happened.

"I'm going to tell Mom." Kevin-the-child raises his fist and he runs off. Tommy's grin disappears and a young man, who Kevin recognizes as Larry, one of Tommy's best friends, puts his hand on Tommy's shoulder.
"Hey, you want me to go tell your mom that I threw the snowball?"

"Nah, she wouldn't believe you anyway."
"Your dad will punish you." Larry seems concerned.
"Yes. Probably." Tommy acknowledges.
"I'm sorry, I never meant to hit your brother. I hadn't even seen him. Was targeting Pete."

"I know. It's alright."
"Why does your little brother have to be such a snitch?" Larry now wonders.
"He's not really a snitch. He's just a mommy's boy and he just always feels wronged. He thinks that I did it and that I did it on purpose."

"But you didn't... Let me at least go to your mom and tell the truth."
"No. She won't believe you or me anyway. She's so protective of Kevin..."
"But why?" Larry asks again. Tommy looks at him. He seems to be clearly in doubt whether to trust Larry or not.

"Kev... Kevin is ... different... He doesn't know it yet... But we can see it... He's not... not like my sisters or me... Mom is worried about him all the time. Of what he will do when he finds out."
"Is he adopted?" Larry asks. Tommy rolls his eyes.
"No.... He's gay..."

"How can you know that?"
"Mom had a gay brother. She loved him very much. But she didn't find out that he was gay, until she found his farewell letter. And then, about a year ago, she saw something in Kevin and it just clicked in her head. She suddenly knew."

"She could be wrong."
"Mom is never wrong." Tommy shakes his head with certainty. "She thinks that between now and two years, he'll come out of the closet." Larry remains quiet for a while, but then get back to his first problem.

"Well that's all fine and dandy, but, in the meantime, you're in deep shit...." He states. Kevin can see Tommy nod that he agrees. Kevin can't help but murmur:
"I doubt it. Dad and mom would always let Tommy get away with murder." But apparently Holly disagrees with him.

"No. Your mom was adamant about protecting you. And whatever your mother wanted your father did. Tommy didn't get away with it... He got punished."
"What? Send to bed with bare feet or something?" Kevin shrugs.
"No. William wasn't afraid to use the belt, just like his daddy had."

"Dad??? ... Yeah right!"
"True. You never gave him any reason to get punished, but you got Tommy punished a lot of times." Kevin looks at Holly, she looks rather stern.
"I... Is that really true? Because I never knew... Tommy said a word to me about it."

"Too proud. Too stubborn... Do those traits sound familiar? He'd rather bite his tongue off than complain to you. Just like you, he would never admit that he was hurt." Kevin sees Tommy enter the house and he follows in to see his mom shake his brother back and forth.

"Why do you keep hurting Kevin? You know you shouldn't... I don't want him to end up like my brother....! Leave Kevin alone!"
"But mom...." Tommy tries. Nora shakes her head. She doesn't want to hear it.
"You go to your room and think about what you've done. Wait until I tell your dad...."

At that point the door swings open and Larry enters as if chased by the devil. Nora lets go of Tommy and Larry gets between her and Tommy.
"I did it, Mrs Walker. I'm the one who threw the snowball. It was supposed to hit Pete, but he ducked and then it hit Kevin. I'm sorry. Kevin wasn't the target. It was an accident." He's breathless and looks at Nora with big eyes filled with fear. "Just don't punish Tommy for something I did."

"But Kevin said..." Nora starts. Larry points at Kevin's jacket however.
"Look at his coat, Mrs Walker, Kevin got hit in the back. He couldn't have seen who threw the ball. He just turned around and saw Tommy and thought that Tommy had thrown it. I made a mistake and Kevin misunderstood..."

"Is he telling the truth?" She looks at Tommy.
"Yes." Tommy's voice is hardly audible.
"I'll take Larry's word for it then.. Now go play outside. And leave Kevin alone."
"Yes mom."

Kevin watches how his brother runs away and he feels a bit guilty. He follows them outside and is just in time to see Tommy put his hand around Larry's underarm.
"Man, thank you. I will hate Kevin forever for his lies and his snitching, but you and I.... Bloodbrothers forever, man... I ever you need me..."

"That's what friends for." Larry smiles. Kevin feels strangely moved by the sincerity between Tommy and Larry.
"Beautiful isn't it?" Holly speaks, but her voice is cold as ice. "Maybe now you'll understand why Tommy was devastated when Larry got killed in that car-accident.

And why Tommy had so much trouble getting his life back together after that. He lost a more than a friend, he lost someone who was closer to him than his own family had been...."
"I didn't know that.." Kevin answers.
"No. There are a lot things you don't know... You were always too busy with yourself."

"Now that's not entirely fair..."
"Remember your first boyfriend. Danny McCullough?"
"How could I forget?" Kevin replies.
"You've been doing pretty good so far...." Holly answers.

Kevin has to admit that he hasn't thought of Danny in a long time, so it's not that Holly is entirely wrong. Holly makes a big swiping motion with her arm and the entire scenery disappears and get replaced by a small bedroom in Santa Monica. It's Danny's place, Kevin immediately recognizes it.

And it makes him incredibly sentimental all of a sudden. There was a time when he had been obnoxiously happy in a place that had less square footage than his current bathroom. They had eaten canned beans (and farted their way through the night) and had drunk cheap beer, but they had laughed and loved.

With a slight flutter in his stomach Kevin can suddenly remember their first kiss, the first time they had touched, the first time they had made love.... Kevin looks around. He can remember this moment. He got accepted for a job he had applied to. He can hear himself and Danny giggle in bed.

"Open it up, Kev."
"I'm scared... What if they turn me down?"
"Then you try again... Someplace else." Danny laughs as his boyfriend opens the envelop.

"Did you get accepted?" he asks. Kevin nods. "Really?" Kevin nods again, too speechless to talk.
"Yes!!" Danny throws himself on Kevin....

Kevin looks away. He can't handle to see more.
"Look at yourself, Kevin, you were so in love..." Holly's voice almost sounds sympathetic. Kevin looks over his shoulder to his younger self. The joy in his eyes. The sweet smile on his face.

"I love you." The younger Kevin whispers at his boyfriend and they kiss.

Kevin can almost feel the kiss burn on his lips once again. He had felt such passion. Once. A long time ago.
"How did that love end?" Holly asks, as if she doesn't already know the answer.

"I had to work. I started working for "Carter, Right and Dupray"....." Kevin answers.
"Yes. And you worked hard, didn't you?" Holly says and again she waves to make the scenery change. "Remember this?" Kevin sees himself standing in his old office, with Danny, and he knows what's going to come.

It had been just before Christmas and Kevin and Danny had decided to spend this Christmas until New Year together, away from everybody. Danny had booked a hotel, 5-star treatment, Jacuzzi and all... There was enough money to pamper themselves. And then Kevin had cancelled. He had preferred to work for the money instead of spending it.

The cancellation had followed on the heels of missed dinners, botched talks, re-scheduled meetings and rain-check?-change-of-mind, mostly from Kevin's side and though he had seen the anger, resentment and impatience grow in Danny, he hadn't recognized the danger it would bring to the relationship with the man he loved so dearly.

"I can't take it anymore, Kevin, you've done nothing but work and study. You're turning into a complete sour-puss just like Carter, and I'm tired of waiting for you. It's been almost a year where you barely recognized my existence. You forgot my birthday!!! All you want is money, and more money, and more... And I'm done!"

"He left because he didn't care about the money. He wanted you." Holly says.
"He never appreciated all my hard work. Within a few years Right and Dupray died and then there was only Carter and me left. We were successful. We earned a lot of money. We were rich!

We loaned money to people who needed it and we would also buy valuable properties such as houses, art and belongings, with the intent to resell them."
"Which is what your did when Carter died? Carter wanted the expensive belongings, you preferred the cash."

"Cash is always better."
"So you have a lot of money, but you don't do anything with it."
"It's not enough."
"When will it be?" Holly asks, but Kevin can't answer that question. Because when will it be enough indeed?

Holly looks on as Danny leaves the office and a flabbergasted and shocked Kevin turns around to pour over his books again. He cries quietly, but he doesn't go after Danny. Maybe because he somehow believed that Danny would regret his words the next day and he would come back to him.

Holly shakes her head.
"Overly protective mom who alienates you from your family and favors you over the others. Your brother hates your guts. Your boyfriend no longer wants you and you throw yourself on becoming so rich that nothing else matters..."

Kevin can now see how Danny gets in his car and starts to cry uncontrollably. It upsets him, because he can't comfort Danny. He never thought that... Well, that is just it, isn't it? He never thought of anything or anyone else. He was too busy with himself.
"... You were already well on your way to become a complete asshole." Holly judges. She snaps her fingers and everything becomes black.


End of Part 2/5

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