marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Anniversary


By Marea67
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Just a little pointless snack on the anniversary of my first fanfic in 2007: Telephone


When Scotty sees Kevin enter the restaurant with a look on his face so smug that 'cat who ate the canary' would be an understatement, he knows that Kevin won his case. His smile becomes big.
"Wellllll?" He asks, though the question is rather pointless.

"Won it. Blew everyone away. Jury practically in tears. Judge a puddle of goo...."
"... And you exaggerating..."
"Just a tiny little bit." Kevin grins. Scotty wraps his arms around his husband and kisses him until they're both breathless and they need to let go.

"Mhmm, I should win cases more often, if this is the reward I get..." Kevin moans.
"I'm glad you won. You worked hard enough for it...." Scotty smiles, playing with Kevin's tie.
"Speaking of which... A nice little check." He dangles a piece of paper in front of Scotty's nose.

Scotty takes it and reads. He whistles.
"That is a big amount for a little check."
"Yes it is. And that means that, as soon as the money is in my account, I will keep my promise to you..."

"Which one?" Scotty wonders.
"That I'd take a few days off and take you someplace where I can fully pamper you with all the love I have to give..."
"Owwww, that one... Sounds nice...." Scotty says sweetly. Kevin's smile fades.

"Hey! A little more enthusiasm would be appreciated."
"Sweetie, I appreciate the idea, I really, really do, but you know how it goes, we take a long weekend at the Casa Del Mar and then there's some disaster with Sarah, Kitty, Justin or Nora and gone is our weekend...."

".... If it's not Jordan with a broken heart, some panic situation at the restaurant or ..."
"I know. I know. It's not only you. I'm just like you in these situations. Which is why I'm happy with the suggestion and I love you for wanting to keep your promise to me, but this will only lead to frustratio, so let it go..."

"Yes, maybe you're right." Kevin agrees. Someone in the kitchen calls for Scotty and Scotty gives Kevin a quick kiss on the lips before leaving Kevin. Kevin returns to his office. He sits at his desk and pulls his laptop closer. He's not giving up that easily. He promised Scotty something and he will stick to it.


Two weeks later


"Sweetheart, go pack some clothes. We're going to Hawaii."
"What?" Scotty gives Kevin an astounded look.
"We're going to Hawaii. It took a while before I could decide where we should go, but I've made up my mind."

"That's great, but..."
"Saul and Angie will take care of the restaurant, the kids are divided up between our mothers, I've not told anyone where we're going. Only Justin will have our number.... It's all sorted out."

"Are you serious?"
"Are these plane-tickets?"
"They are."
"Then I'm serious." Kevin confirms, glad to see that he managed to take Scotty by surprise.

"What clothes will I have to take with me?" Scotty suddenly wonders, as he adjusts to the change in his plans.
"As little as possible. I intend to keep you naked in the bedroom for most of the time anyway..."

"Sounds good to me." Scotty answers absent-mindedly, while he rummages through the drawers and he doesn't notice the wicked little grin on Kevin's face.
"I always have good ideas...."
"Maybe, but we also need to eat and I want to get some sunshine on my body."

"You can do that naked."
"Not the getting food in the restaurant-part, I'm fairly sure of that." Scotty points out.
"I see your point."
"And, come on, I'm stuck inside most of the time. I want some sun!"

"Can I put on the sun block?"
"As if I would let anyone else do that... And don't worry. I'll pen in quite some 'naked'-time with you." Scotty taps Kevin on the tip of his nose. "I love you, Kevin Walker..."
"And I love you, Scotty Wandell." Kevin pulls Scotty closer for a kiss.


Two days later


"This shrimp-salad is to die for..." Scotty licks his fingers. The restaurant at the hotel offers the most amazing breakfast and brunch food and Scotty has made it his mission to try just about every item they offer on the tables. Kevin can't try some things though due to his allergy for shrimps.

"Keep moaning over them like that and I will taste them... and then you can spend the rest of our stay here holding my hand in the hospital..."
"As if! If you decide to eat shrimps knowing you're allergic to them, you're on your own." Scotty lets him know with a playful grin.

"Nice husband you are.. Oh well, I'll have to find a cute male nurse then to hold my hand.. and other things..." Kevin deliberately plays with his words. Scotty smiles, but just as he plans to retort, he swallows in his remark. He's still uncomfortable with jokes about cheating. As if he realizes this, Kevin puts his hand on Scotty and gives an apologetic smile.

"I think I'll stay far away from the shrimps though. I'd rather spend my time with you."
"That would be healthy idea... I have some wicked plan for you later on."
"How much later?" Kevin wants to know.
"That depends on how fast we can get upstairs..." Scotty whispers as he leans in.


Kevin moves against Scotty. It's the 5th time they make love since they got here and Kevin enjoys every thrust. Just to know that no one will disturb them. No phones will ring and no family to interrupt them. The sound that escapes his lips is but a little squeak and Scotty immediately silences him with a thorough kiss.

They are so used to be as quiet as possible when they make love, so they won't wake the children, that even now they're still not used to being more loud. Scotty pulls out almost entirely and whispers.
"I want to hear you moan... We don't have to be quiet here..."

Slowly he pushes into Kevin's body again and this time Kevin doesn't hold back. Scotty smiles. It had been too long since he heard those delicious sounds that Kevin can make. They turn him on, encourage him to make more of an effort. Kevin reaches out to Scotty to pull Scotty into another kiss.

It's been too long ago since the sex between them was this intense and they could take their time enjoying it. Scotty's thrusts become faster and Kevin bites his lower-lip at how good it feels. He wraps his arms around Scotty, whispers in his ear how much he loves him, how much he wants and needs this. This time it's Scotty who loses control first and Kevin laughs softly over this victory.


"I think I've gained quite some weight in a few days... Ï need more exercise..." Scotty straddles Kevin's body, while Kevin lies on the bed, on his back.
"Again?" He asks, but his smile is a content one.
"I can't get enough... I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have sex with you..."

"....without disruptions..." They agree simultaneously and they both laugh out loud about how in sync they are. Scotty bows down to kiss Kevin, but Kevin makes a sudden movement and before he knows it, Scotty is on his back on the cool sheets. Kevin moves closer and kisses him.

"You may want exercise, but right now, I get to decide which one." He tugs at Scotty's t-shirt and Scotty pulls the shirt over his head and tosses it on the floor. Kevin kisses his throat and his shoulders. Scotty runs his fingers through Kevin's hair, pulling him back up for a kiss, but Kevin will not be distracted.

He gives Scotty his kiss, but immediately continues where he had been stopped, back to Scotty's shoulders, his chest, slowly moving down. He slides his hands under Scotty's body and then moves them down. Scotty lifts up his ass to let Kevin undress him further until Scotty is naked underneath him.

"Now there's a sight I don't see enough.." Kevin says while he hungrily looks at Scotty body. "I want you so much."
"I'm all yours." Scotty says. Kevin nods that he knows this, then he leans in. He can hear Scotty catch his breath, and then slowly let go, when Kevin's mouth finds what it seeks.

Scotty's fingers grab into Kevin's hair.
"Yessss." He whispers, pushing Kevin's head down with not too much strength. He begins to move. Kevin takes his time, pushing Scotty to the edge and pulling him away from it, so Scotty has no option but to protest...

Kevin plays with Scotty until he wants satisfaction as much as Scotty does. He slips inside Scotty and Scotty responds to him almost immediately. The sex is fast, passionate and intimate. Their bodies melting together in the way they love it most as they both find satisfaction in each other's arms.


The sunset is magical in its beautiful colors and Kevin lets his back rest against Scotty's chest. Scotty's hands rest entangled on Kevin's belly. Neither of them can remember ever feeling more relaxed.
"Can we come back here?" Kevin asks lazily.

"We'll be celebrating our 10-year anniversary next spring.... Can we come back here?"
"And spend even more time in bed?" Scotty teases, letting one hand casually slide over Kevin's suntanned thigh.
"I you insist..."

"I want a contract that says just that.." Scotty says.
"I'll draw it up...." Kevin promises.
".. And room-service bringing us champagne and our favorite dishes?"
".... just sign on the dotted line..."

"Can we have five days of bliss, just like we had now?"
"Seven days. Non-negotiable." Kevin decides.
"You drive a hard bargain, Mister Walker." Scotty chuckles.
"Trust me, Mister Wandell, not only my bargains are hard..." Kevin grins.

They both laugh out loud. Scotty pulls Kevin's head back and kisses him.
"I'm serious though. I want to come back here." Scotty then says.
"No problem. We'll block those days in our calendars and let no one mess it up."
"No one?"

"And nothing.... I'll tell you even better, we'll make reservations for May as we leave."
"Agreed." Scotty nods and kisses Kevin again.
"Shall we go back to our hotel-room?" Kevin asks longingly, already getting excited again.
"I want to wait just a little longer... I love sitting here. Just you and me..."

Kevin sighs over Scotty's words, his fingers entwine with Scotty's on Kevin's belly. Kevin knows that Scotty is right. It's just them now. No work, no kids, no chores, no family, no obligations. Just the two of them. They still have time before they have to go back. And the night is still young. And so much can still be done between now and midnight... And after midnight.

Tags: 2017, character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17

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