marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Haven't given up ...

.. on either my LJ or the boys. But I'm currently writing for the NaNoWriMo. Passed the 40.000 words (out of the 50.000 or more words). I'm writing my own story. First time, all my own characters, my own words, my own things. And for the first time I'm writing in Dutch (my native language)

It took a while to find the voices in Dutch, because I'm so used to 'hearing' English, so it was quite exciting.

Re-reading the first pages it was all clearly still very stiff, but I'm right now at page 58 and the characters are really coming alive. It was quite a challenge.

The NaNo goes on until 30 November and before that time I want to get to my 50.000 words (or more).

At the same time I still want to write something Kevin/Scotty too this coming week, because 30 November marks the 10 year anniversary of my first story "Telephone".

I just don't know yet what I will write. Lack of inspiration. :D

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