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Fanfic: Halloween on the 8th floor

Halloween on the 8th floor

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty are invited to a Halloween-party.


"Are we sure about this?" Kevin asks, looking at the old elevator like he expects the monster of Frankenstein to step out once the elevator stops. Which wouldn't even be too strange considering it's Halloween-night and they are invited to a Halloween-party and that he and Scotty are dressed as vampires, with capes, fangs and all.

"Karl told me that the building is old, but the elevators are good." Scotty acts as the voice of reason.
"Really?" Kevin is still sceptical.
"Really." Scotty answers. "Now come on." Scotty steps in the elevator and presses the button for the 14th floor.

"So, Karl has made enough money for a penthouse suite then?" Kevin tries to make conversation.
"No, but they've been renovating the building and Karl has been asked to sell the four penthouse-suites on top. He decided to throw a party there tonight. Promotion for the new penthouses." Scotty answers.

The elevator shakes and shimmies and Kevin prays to every deity he can think of that they won't stop somewhere halfway. He gets images in his head of the newspapers reporting that he and Scotty have been found. Stuck in here for a week, death by starvation. He quickly shakes his head to chase away the thoughts.

Then, between the 7th and 8th floor, it happens. There's a loud bang and all the lights go out. Kevin can't prevent a shocked sound and he reaches out to Scotty, who grabs his hand in the dark. Within a few seconds some emergency-lights turn on.
"We're stuck." Scotty states the obvious.

Kevin takes the phone, which is in the elevator, hoping that there's some janitor they can call, but the line is dead. His cell-phone doesn't work either, and when he looks up at Scotty he can see Scotty put away his phone.
"Nothing." Scotty says.

"Well, that's great." Kevin tries to control the feeling of panic that rises up in his chest. Scotty taps on the walls and eventually yells as loud as he can:
"Help!!! We're stuck in the elevator." He shouts it repeatedly, but it remains quiet.
"Stop yelling!" Kevin eventually says, covering his ears.

"We have to try something."
"This is not getting us anywhere."
"If you have a better idea, Einstein...." Scotty replies. Unfortunately Kevin doesn't have one. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

Kevin opens his mouth to reply when there's a tapping high on the door of the elevator.
"Hellllllooooo? Is there anyone?" A voice from the other side of the door makes the two men move towards it.
"Yes! We're stuck in here!" Scotty yells.

"Hang on! Be right back!" They hear as a reply. A few seconds later they hear a scratching noise, followed by some thumping and a sound of iron on iron. "Those doors are relatively easy to open, once you find out how they work." The door of the elevator slowly but determinedly opens.

Now Kevin and Scotty can see that they are really between two floors, because they only see some light from high up in the elevator. In front of them is only concrete.
"Hang on. We'll hoist you up. No problem...." A rope gets thrown into the elevator. Kevin and Scotty hand each other the rope, each wanting the other one to be safe first.

"You first." Scotty decides and Kevin no longer wants to waste time arguing. He grabs the rope and feels how he gets lifted up out of the elevator, where several hands grab him and pull him out. It's dark, but he can see torch-lights around him. He assumes there must be a power-outage. Next he sees how Scotty gets pulled out.

"Both of you okay?" A voice in the dark asks.
"Yes. Thank you... Is there a power-outage?" Scotty asks.
"Yes. Apparently. We're lighting candles everywhere. Nothing to worry about... I'm John Carrs, by the way."

"Kevin Walker." Kevin introduces himself.
"Scotty Wandell." Scotty nods.
"Well, you two look fine. I see that Christopher Lee has left quite some impression on you."

"Tom Cruise wasn't bad either." Scotty can't help but say.
"Who?... Never mind. I'm not good with all those new actors. But we have a few witches, two Frankensteins and an Ichabod Crane. You should feel right at home."
"So two vampires aren't scary, I suppose." Scotty laughs. John laughs as well.

"I'm afraid you two will have to stay here for now. The electric doors are locked due to the outage, as are the elevators. And once this elevator gets stuck it always is such a drag to get working again. We've complained about it plenty of times, but so far nothing has been done."

A beautiful woman, wearing a witch's hat and dark makeup, but no witches-costume, hands them a drink.
"My name is Catherine, call me Cathy. I'm John's wife. And you two might as well make the most of it. May still take a while before we have electricity again. Which floor were you heading for?"

"Fourteenth." Scotty answers, with a smile. A look passes between John and Cathy.
"You're befriended with those two men?..." Johns asks and he gives Kevin and Scotty a big fat wink. "Listen, we don't mind, we know them and they seem like nice guys, just.... don't tell everyone you're like them..."

"Oh, we dont'mind, like John said, it's just ... well... some of our friends can be a bit weird about it and don't think it's right... It's none of our business naturally, but... well, you get it." Cathy says.
"I think I do." Kevin replies carefully. She taps him gently on the arm and walks away to talk to another guest.

"Seriously?" Scotty asks quietly. "In this day and age?"
"Well, let's just go with it. Maybe they're not from here... If we get a warning like that, we'd better take it serious.... I'd rather not end up with a wooden stake between my ribs. " Kevin whispers back.

"No, 'course not." Scotty acknowledges.
"Where would we be without batteries?" Cathy sing-songs, putting a vintage-looking transistor-radio on the table. The music that plays is straight from the 60s.
"That is one heck of an old radio.." Kevin laughs at Scotty.

"Yeah, my dad used to have one like that in his garage. It was an heirloom from his father. But when it's all you have... I think they're trying to make the most of it. None of them are all that young, I think.... Come on, let's mingle. We're stuck here anyway. Might as well make the best of it." Scotty suggests.


About 20 minutes later, Kevin pulls Scotty to the side. He has a frown on his face.
"Are you okay?" Kevin asks.
"Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know." Scotty looks around. "Isn't it odd that this place looks like it came out of the 60s, yet everything is brand-new?"

"It's vintage. They recreate things from the 60s." Kevin shrugs, holding up his phone, trying to see if he gets a signal.
"Forget it. Tried that already in several places. Not working." Scotty says. "Which is weird because Karl could reach us just fine with his phone."

"But that's on the 14th. It's an old building. Lots of concrete and iron bars in the walls..." Kevin shrugs.
"The costumes seem outdated too."
"That's 'cause you see them by candlelight. The weird light makes everything look different from what we're used to see."

"I'm just a little spooked." Scotty speaks softly.
"Have you tasted the little hors d'oeuvres? Something fishy about them."
"Probably shrimp. Stay away from them. You're allergic to them." Scotty reminds him.
"No. Not shrimp. Just ... they taste like cardboard."

"And you know this because...?"
"I tried them."
"I mean, what cardboard tastes like." Scotty says, rolling his eyes.

"Alright, Mister-I've-been-spending-too-much-time-with-a-sexy-handsome-lawyer, they taste like what I imagine cardboard to taste like.... Happy now?... They just aren't as good as yours are." Kevin replies. Scotty gives his husband a grateful smile and Kevin figures that those were the words that Scotty had wanted to hear.

"You know, those candles are a fire-hazard. They're way too close to the curtains..." Scotty points at one of the candles.
"Yeah, don't like it much either."
"Perhaps we should..." Before Scotty can go on, John is back.

"The telephone-lines are dead too." He tells them.
"We already tried to reach someone..." Kevin holds up his phone. John stares at it and then starts to laugh.

"You guys have been watching too much of this show... what's it called again?... Star Hunt? Star Journey? Star Trek! That's it! Star Trek. Silly things, but why not? It's Halloween." John grins. Kevin turns to Scotty, a questioning look on his face.
"Maybe.... Maybe we should check if we can reach the 14th floor by the stairs."

Scotty seems as uncomfortable as Kevin is.
"That might be a good idea..." Kevin nods. Scotty and he find Cathy to ask her if it is possible. She definitely has to think about her answer.
"No. Not with the electricity off." She shakes her head. "The doors to the stairs are locked."

As if on cue, the lights start to flicker and the room is bathing in light. Scotty and Kevin can now see that, contrary to their previous assumption that it was just the candlelight that made the costumes seem outdated, the costumes do look like the ones worn in the 60s.

Scotty and Kevin only need one look at each other to know that they both think that this is taking the 60s theme a little too far.
"With the electricity back on, you could perhaps try the cargo elevator. We use it to haul up heavy things. Not as fancy as the one you came up with, but for more reliable." Cathy nods.

"Where can we find it?"
"At the end of the hall. I'll show you." She moves ahead of them. Somehow she reminds Scotty of the original Morticia Addams, that's how tight her dress hugs her figure. Except her dress doesn't reach further than her knees, so she can walk with a little more ease.She's very graceful.

"Here it is." She slides away a wooden panel. "It's a bit hidden out of sight, because it's not that pretty and they don't want kids to play in it either..." She presses the buttons and not long after, the door of the elevator opens. "It's a bit slower than the other one, because it's sturdier, but it will get you there." Cathy smiles.

"Thank you for saving our lives." Kevin raises her hand to his lips and places a kiss on it. She laughs openly now. A beautiful face.
"Have a good time at your party." She nods as she gently coaches them into the elevator. Kevin presses the button for the 14th floor and the doors close.

The lighting in the elevator is not all that well and though Kevin feels some panic as the lights flicker now and then, fearing another stop of the elevator, eventually the doors open and the loud music tells them where the party is. The door to the apartment is open and people walk in and out, drinks in hand.

"Kevin! Scotty! You made it!" Karl, an old friend of Scotty's, greets them with open arms.
"Sorry we're late, but we were stuck in the elevator when that power-outage happened, if it hadn't been for the people on the 8th floor being so kind to get us out of the elevator, we would been stuck in there and I would have died of an anxiety-attack."

Karl gives Kevin a confused look.
"Power-outage? What power-outage? We haven't had one."
"But the elevator... it stopped between two floors.. those people at the party..."
"What party? ... We're the only people in the building." Karl says.

"I doubt it. Scotty and I were just at some 60's party. It was all very well decorated. You'd really think you were back in that era." Kevin explains again and this time Scotty nods that he agrees with what Kevin says. Karl looks at Kevin and then at Scotty. He gets the impression that neither of them is lying or making it up.

"I don't know what you've had to drink, boys, but I'm sure the entire building is empty. The renovations still need to happen. There's no one else here.... Where did you say this party was?"
"On the 8th floor." Scotty now says. Karl seems even more confused.

"You guys, that's impossible. The only apartment on the 8th floor got severely burned in 1967, during a power-outage. Fire broke out at a Halloween party of the owners, John and Cathy Carrs. Apparently the sweetest people ever. Open-minded. Generous. Loved to party.

Some candle near the window had not been extinguished. Drapes caught fire and before they knew what happened it spread at light-speed. A lot of people couldn't get out. Due to power-outage the doors to the stairs got locked and hadn't unlocked, when the power came back up.

A few made it into the elevator, but the fire created a short-circuit. Those in the elevator died from suffocation from the smoke. It was a terrible night apparently. They never cleared out the 8th floor or did anything to rebuild the apartment there. It's simply locked off.

The structure of the building was still good, so it wasn't dangerous to leave it as it was. At first,they didn't rebuild because they figured no one would want to live there, due to the many deaths that had occurred. And later on, it became too expensive and the owner of the building wanted it to remain untouched.

His parents had owned the place and they had died in the fire. The kid only survived because he was staying at a friend's place." Kevin and Scotty stare at each other. John? Cathy? The Carrs?
"I need a drink." Kevin says and Scotty quietly agrees.

"Hey boys! Happy Halloween!" Karl raises his glass, but the smiles on the faces on Kevin and Scotty don't really reach their eyes. Kevin grabs the first drink he can lay his hands on.
"Do you really think...?" He doesn't finish his question. Scotty shrugs.

"I don't know what I'm thinking right now." Scotty answers. Kevin sees him shiver and wraps his arms around him.
"We're okay." Kevin says. "Let's figure the rest of this out later on. For now, let's just celebrate Halloween and ... celebrate that we're alive."

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