marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Why?


By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Daniel
Rate: G(-ish)
Disclaimer: Written with love. Not for money.
Summary: Daniel and that every annoying 'why' question….


“Why aren’t you married to a woman?” Daniel asks.
“Because I fell in love with your daddy.” Kevin answers while he makes sandwiches for their lunch.

“Because he’s nice and kind and he loves me and…”
“Greta says that two men or two women should not have kids…”
“Greta is 5, just like you. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“Because there’s nothing wrong with 2 men or 2 women falling in love, getting married and having kids.”
“But Alvin doesn’t have a two mommies or daddies. He only has his grandmother.”

“Why?” Daniel asks. Kevin bites his lip. He can’t very well tell Daniel that Alvin’s father is in prison for beating Alvin’s mother to death in fit of drug-related anger.
“I don’t know, hon. I just know that his father and his mother are not around anymore.”
“Will you die too?”

“I hope not any time soon.” Kevin answers.
“Or Scotty?”
“No. I don’t think he plans to leave you either.”
“And grandma?”

“That one may be a bit more tricky.”
“Because your grandmother is not that young anymore.”
“Uncle Saul is older.”

“True.” Kevin nods.
“So, uncle Saul will die soon?”
“I hope not.”

“Why what?”
“Why do people die?”
“I don’t know, hon. I just know they do.”
“It’s unfair.”

“I know. But that’s just the way it is.”
“Can we table a discussion on religion vs science until after we've eaten?"

"Because I said so." Kevin answers, shoving a bit of the sandwich in Daniel's mouth to shut him up.


"He's seriously driving me crazy with his ten million questions." Kevin smiles.
"I love that he's so inquisitive, but I agree, a little less wouldn't be bad sometimes either."
"Why?" Kevin teases Scotty, backing away when Scotty makes an attempt to grab him and before they know it they end up chasing each other round the couch.

“Why? Why? Why?” Scotty echoes, trying to catch Kevin, until Kevin lets him, takes him down on the couch with him, letting Scotty nestle between his legs so Scotty can shut Kevin up with a resolute, but warm kiss.

“Why? Because if you continue to tease me like that, I only get horny and I’d want to have sex with you right here and now…” Kevin whispers in answer to Scotty’s teasing.
“Why don’t you?” Scotty whispers back, mischievous grin on his face. At that moment Daniel walks in.

“Dad? Why are you lying on top of daddy? Are you feeling tired?”
That is why we can't have sex right now..” Kevin answers Scotty's question with a loving smile on his face.
"Whyyyyyyyyy?!?!" Scotty moans.


Tags: character - daniel, character - kevin, character - scotty

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