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welcome to my fantasies
Slight "WTF" moment.... 
29th-Jul-2017 08:47 pm
... When I ran into an old post of mine that was posted as a "Private Post" and it had the text:

"Things are nowhere near as problematic as you think right now, so stop worrying. Worry will give you wrinkles -- and besides, it's bad for your health! Yes, you should definitely acknowledge any feelings of insecurity or fear, but you can't let them guide your actions. Be proactive, and move yourself to where you want to be instead of wallowing in the unpleasantness of where you are right now. No one but you can make the important changes you want in your life."

I have no idea where it came from (Seen on tv? Heard in a song? Read someplace else? If anyone has any idea I'd like to know.) nor what the context of this could be. But it was interesting to read. :) 
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