marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Photobucket decides to be an (beep) again....

.. Alright, imagine my suprise this afternoon when I discovered that Photobucket had (once again) pulled an asshole-trick. They no longer show embedded pictures. And without any forward notice. They can email me with all their stupid adds, but not to tell me that they will make changes to my Photobucket-account that will impact further sites, forums etc that I work on? Seriously?

And just 'like that" (snaps fingers) a lot of pics are no longer available to be seen by 'third-parties'. This means that a lot of my old posts no longer have the pics they once had. Which SUCKS!!!!

Oh, sure, I can have them re-instored.. for 400 dolllars a year! ..... Has anyone seen some guys with white straight-jackets in front my house? Nope? Good, because it would seem that I'm still not entirely insane then. I not some cheapskate who wouldn't want to pay. I used to pay for Imgur too, when I just started there (a few years ago), but 400 dollars? Are they crazy? There are sites where you pay between 25 to 100 dollars per year for service, but 400? Never-ever.

So, Photobucket can Photo-fuck-off as far as I'm concerned and I wish it a quick demise.

I'm downloading everything I have up there and I will upload to Imgur in time. I will have my holidays in 3 weeks, so maybe I'll go through all my old stuff on LJ. I had plans to do that ''one day", guess that day's a little sooner than expected.

If anyone is missing any picture in particular, (because you have links to it or something) let me know, I see what I can do. Nothing is lost, just no longer available for you to see. Plus, 98% of what I've posted is still on my computer and external hard-drives as well. :)

It's just a very shitty thing to do and I'm done with them. 
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