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Fanfic: A guest for Christmas 14/14

A guest for Christmas 14/14

by Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: for now G, if it changes I'll let you know ;)
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money
Summary: Guy meets guy and, well, you know how it goes....

Just remember: This is an AU, so the usual applies; Things can/will be different. Don't like it? Don't read it.


There's so much noise around the dinner-table that Scotty nearly misses his phone-call. He retreats to the kitchen, where Nora finds him five minutes later.
"Everything alright, hon? You look exhausted."
"I am. But, I'm good. I'm happy actually. It all went according to plan..."

Nora nods that she heard him. She's not sure what went according to plan, but she assumes he'll explain later on. Scotty joins the others and Kevin looks up when he sees Scotty.
"Well?" He asks. Scotty signals that there's too much noise.

Kevin taps gently with his spoon against a large glass bowl standing in front of him.
"Guys! Quiet!" He yells. Suddenly it's silent, just as Nora walks in.
"I don't know if you're interested, but I've just spoken to Mark. He's alright. He has managed to get his old apartment back.

He got in touch with another friend of mine, Jordan. And at first I had asked Jordan to help Mark tomorrow, because it's Christmas today, but Jordan talked to his family and they decided that, under the circumstances, it was best to help Mark straightaway. They went to Greg's house and Mark has managed to get what was his out of the place.

Fortunately it wasn't very much, mostly some paintings and clothes, but Mark is sure that he has everything at his place now and he's ready to cut all the ties with Greg. Permanently."
"Well, that's good news." Nora says.

"It is. However.... Apparently, Greg found out that Mark is gone and he connected the dots back to me and to you guys. According to Mark, Greg is very angry and he has plans to 'take measures', for whatever that means .... Greg seems to think it's all your fault... Mark is very sorry that he might have gotten you guys in trouble...." Scotty tells.

"Don't worry. We can handle Greg. He won't come after us." William smiles.
"Thanks for the warning though. We'll be ready for him." Tommy nods. Scotty sits down next to Kevin and the family resumes their dinner.
"Feeling better?" Kevin asks.

"Yes. I know it's silly, that I am worried about him after he had cheated on me and dumped me, but Mark is not a bad person..."
"It's not silly. You're just a very loyal person. And for what it's worth, I don't think he's a bad person either.

But I do believe that you should be careful that he will not try to get you back in his life and had you run it for him, like you did before. It's really time for you to stand on your own two feet."

"No. No worries. I told him loud and clear that I might have given him advice today, but that now that he's back in LA, he's on his own. I just want to enjoy my holidays with you and have fun for the rest of the time." Scotty says.

"Good... Just wanted to stake my claim on you..." Kevin teases.
"I thought we'd be using my stake instead." Scotty grins, grabbing Kevin's hand under the table and letting it slide between his tighs, to let Kevin know how aroused he is.

"I like that idea even better." Kevin immediately replies, making both men smile at each other and their plan for the coming night. And for Kevin it can't come fast enough. He longs to be in Scotty's arm and become his.


Kevin moans under Scotty's touch. It amazes him over and over again how easily Scotty can drive him crazy with desire. They had hardly been back in the room, with the door well-locked behind them, or Scotty had eagerly driven Kevin to a quick orgasm, with the sweet promise that this was just the start.

And he keeps to his promise, after the first wave of relief had passed, he had slowly but surely began to make love to Kevin. He's taking his time, focusing on bringing nothing but pleasure to Kevin. Meeting Greg had made Scotty realize in what a terrible relationship Kevin had been and he wants nothing more than erase Greg from Kevin's system.

So he seduces Kevin with touches, kisses and caresses. He makes Kevin moan with desire and arch up to his touch. He lets his hands caress Kevin's body knowing that Kevin rediscovers so many very sensitive spots. In bed, Mark had been Scotty's equal and rather dominant, but now Scotty is the one who takes the lead, with no real objection coming from Kevin.

"Are you sure you want this?" Scotty whispers, nodding towards the condoms and lube. "There's no hurry. We can wait. There's so much more I can do with you..."
Kevin bites his lower lip. His imagination going wild with what the 'more' could be, but he shakes his head.

"That's not what I want. I don't want to wait." Kevin trembles with anticipation. Sure, he remembers the wild nights he had before Greg, but it's all so long ago. Could he really be that passionate person again?

"Turn over." Scotty whispers. Kevin turns to lie on his belly. Scotty moves his hands, partly massaging, partly playing. With each touch he becomes more intimate. He knows that Kevin expects a lot from him and to be honest, he expects a lot from himself as well and he can only hope that he can deliver.

He kisses Kevin's back, tracing his spine down and back up.
"Are you ready?" He whispers in Kevin's ear, but all Kevin can reply is something rather inarticulate. Scotty bites his lip, trying to stay calm as he slowly and carefully penetrates Kevin. He can hear Kevin gasp, but he's fairly sure that it's not in pain.

Scotty exhales shakily, he can't remember ever wanting to move more than he does now, but he knows that he has to give Kevin time to adjust. He moves carefully, but soon enough realizes that Kevin wants more and then Scotty too lets go of the restraints he had put on himself.

He surrenders to his needs, thrusting deeper, holding Kevin nearly in a chokehold trying to make the love-making even more intimate. He can feel Kevin respond to him, giving in, allowing him even closer and deeper. He can see how Kevin bites his pillow to not scream out and all of a sudden he can feel Kevin come.

It's all too much for him. His own release follows almost right after Kevin's. The moment is more intimate that Scotty has ever known before and he has trouble letting go of Kevin. He quickly gets rid of the condom, immediately turning back to Kevin to hold him and whisper sweet nothings to him until sleep takes over.


Somehow Scotty is not even surprised to see his grandfather sitting there on the bench.
"Hey, how are you?" His grandfather asks.
"Good. Very good. It's so good to see you. Even if it's just in a dream."
"Are you happy?"

"Yes. I am." Scotty answers.
"Did I do it right? Did I fulfil your wish?" His grandfather now asks and for a moment Scotty wonders what his grandfather is talking about. His wish? When had he wished for anything? Then he remembers his second night at Kevin's home.

"Granddad, I wish that, just for once, I could have a wonderful Christmas again, like we used to have... I'm so tired of being alone and feeling unwanted."

"You heard me?"
"I always hear you."
"Yes, you did right. I have my wish. I hope I can keep him?" Scotty partially jokes, partially worries.

"That is up to you. I gave you a boyfriend who will love you and a family who will adore you. The rest is up to you."
"I think I can handle that." Scotty laughs.

"Yes. I think so too." His grandfather smiles. "Thank you for remembering me."
"Always." Scotty promises. "Will you stay around me?"
"Always." His grandfather replies with a smile.




Scotty wakes up when he hears a noise in the house. He doesn't have to look at the clock to know that it's nearly six, because that noise is Tommy. But he's not going for his morning runs anymore. It's his turn to feed his daughter, Elizabeth, so Julia can continue her sleep.

The pipes of the central heating start to make a little bit of noise. The heater got turned on. He can hear little footsteps outside the door. Cooper, no doubt, going to the family bathroom. Someone coughs. It's William. Scotty recognizes the sound. He turns over to Kevin and he wraps an arm around him. Kevin smiles in his sleep.

"Scotty..." He whispers and he nestles closer to Scotty's body. Scotty only smiles and he kisses Kevin's hair lovingly. He can't think of anything more precious than watching his husband sleep in his arms. Husband indeed. They got married in September. Just a short, but loving ceremony, where he changed his name to Walker-Wandell.

It's nearly Christmas and Kevin and Scotty had arrived with the others this time. The house, where nothing had changed, was still snow-covered, with icicles hanging down from the roof, the huge Christmas wreath on the door, the countless little sparkling lights in the trees outside, but also behind the windows.

There are two sledges in front to the door, skis standing up against the wall. Still looking like living Christmas-card. And Nora and William had greeted them with love. And indeed: He had not thought that Nora could decorate the house more lavishly than the year before. But the tree is even bigger than last year.

She had bought even more ornaments and the huge fireplace had Christmas-stockings. With names. His name next to Kevin's. A novelty. Satisfied like a big fat cat, Scotty considers all the differences in his life. Certain aspects of the last year had been easy to deal with.

Sharing the penthouse with the amazing views with Kevin had taken him no longer than two days to get used to. By the end of the holidays they had already felt like an old married couple. Scotty's old car got traded in for a newer model and he would need that car, with all the travelling he had to do. Chef's school, Kevin's place, Café 429, the family, the friends. It had been quite a busy year.

The year had known it's tough moments, with Kevin and Scotty working and studying around the clock and sometimes feeling like they only saw each other late at night, in bed, when they were both too tired to do anything more than just sleep in each other's arms.

But the family had kept an eye on them and just when they nearly didn't make it, Nora had send them away to Casa Del Mar, Kevin's favorite hotel, to relax and share some quality-time together. It had been just what they needed and it had saved their relationship. And it had prompted Kevin to propose to Scotty.

Scotty had watched others around him go through some big changes to. Tommy became a father, Sarah found a new lover, Robert entered the presidential race and still stood a chance to win, Justin married his Tyler and William had been struck with a severe heart-attack, but he had pulled through, though he no longer worked long days like he did before.

Scotty is no longer in touch with Mark at all. He had found another gallery-owner who wanted to display his material, provided that he was willing to move to San Francisco. So Mark had packed his bags and left and the last that Scotty had heard was that he was doing well.

Greg on the other hand had been less fortunate. He had laughed at Kevin for so easily giving him the house on the beach, in exchange for money, but when he wanted to sell the house he had found out that he would never get much money for it.

A land-survey had shown that the ground underneath the house had eroded over the years. Kevin had asked for the survey when they divorced, but Greg had never bothered to read it through. He had simply signed that he had seen it, assuming that Kevin would have told him if something bad had been in it.

But Kevin had felt that, considering that Greg had been a lawyer himself, Greg should do his own homework. He had only realized that Greg hadn't bothered to do so, when Greg had accepted to take the house without discussing the survey. It would cost Greg dearly.

As usual he hadn't been able to take responsibility for his own foolishness and he had tried to put the blame on Kevin, by sueing Kevin. But Kevin had made sure that all the paperwork was impeccable on his side. And all that Greg had accomplished was publically make fool of himself.

Scotty still smiles at that little victory when Kevin makes a little noise and wakes up.
"Hey, babe." He says, his voice still heavy with sleep.
"You know, I was just lying here, thinking of much I love you."

"Oh, good. I love you too." Kevin answers and he reaches out to Scotty to pull him closer for a kiss. And Scotty knows that he's about as close to a perfect life as he can get.


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