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Fanfic: A guest for Christmas 10/14

A guest for Christmas 10/14

by Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: for now G, if it changes I'll let you know ;)
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money
Summary: Guy meets guy and, well, you know how it goes....

Just remember: This is an AU, so the usual applies; Things can/will be different. Don't like it? Don't read it.


By ten o'clock that night, Kevin can finally no longer keep up the pretence. He's exhausted and he can see that Scotty is fighting sleep as well.
"I don't know about you, but I'm going to bed." He says to Scotty. Scotty gives him a grateful smile.

"Yeah, good idea. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I didn't want to be the first to go upstairs." He sounds a bit apologetic. Kevin grins.
"Neither did I, but I'm too tired to keep going on. It's been a long day..."

"And an emotional one too..." Scotty adds, thinking of the tears he cried at the little cemetary. They say goodnight to the others and go upstairs, where it's cooler than downstairs at the fire-place.

Once the door closes behind them, Kevin leans against it. Scotty sits down on the bed.
"You look happy." Kevin can't help but notice.
"I am. I don't know. I feel like I shouldn't be, but I'm just not angry with Mark anymore. There's just nothing there but indifference. I no longer care... Does that make any sense?"

"Not sure. I've reached that point as well with Greg, I must admit. But for me the deepest pain was months ago. I'm over it. And I'm not so much angry that he's with Mark, but I hate that he's here with Mark. He divorced me. We're through. I gave him back his freedom. He could have gone anywhere he wanted.

There was no reason for him to come here. This was my place, not his. He hated coming here. It feels like he's just rubbing it in... I think he believes that I'm still crying over him and that's why it stings so much that he came here with Mark. I think that he thinks that I'm still hurting and he wants to make it worse. And I don't deserve to get hurt by Greg."

"I agree. Neither do I, not by Mark. But at least he's not rubbing it in. He probably doesn't even know I'm here. I just want to show both of them that we're through with them. And that neither of us is crying over spilled milk any longer.... That is... If you still want us to.. If you'll still have me as your new 'boyfriend'."

Scotty makes his voice sound a little teasing, hoping to lighten the mood.
"Yeah, of course I do." Kevin acts like it's the most normal thing in the world.
"Oh, and your family is so amazing. I really love them so much." Scotty smiles. "Actually, for these last few days, I feel like I'm living in one of these beautiful soap-bubbles.

It all feels like I somehow fit in, like I'm accepted and your family is so nice and I just love your mom's cooking and your father's stories. I know you've heard them a thousand times before, but they are new to me and I enjoy them. It just feels so right." Scotty bites his lip, afraid he might have said too much, but he can't hide the happiness in his eyes.

"Yes, you really had them in your grip very fast. They love you." Which is more than they ever did with Gregory. "And they seem to have accepted as you as one of the family." Which is more than they ever did with Gregory. "And my brothers just love to hang out with you." Which is more than they ever did with Gregory.

"And my sisters-in-law just want me to keep you..." Which is more than they ever did with Gregory. "You have even managed to be allowed to work in the kitchen with my mom and uncle..." Which is more than they ever allowed Gregory to do. Kevin begins to see a little pattern here. Scotty looks away, feeling a bit shy.

"Have I pushed too hard? Have I crossed any lines?" He asks, worried that maybe somewhere he has offended Kevin or given off the wrong impression.
"No. You haven't. You've blurred them... When I was with Gregory, he found everything about me and my family to be primitive, over-the-top or too enthusiastic."

"But that is who they are, they don't fake that."
"I know. But they weren't good enough for him."
"They would have been for me." Scotty mumbles, but Kevin hears it anyway. "I feel flattered that they treat as one of the family as if I could have been."Scotty replies.

But then, as if he's worried to be misunderstood, he quickly stammers:
"Oh, I know I couldn't be... and that it's all a game... but when they act like I could be, your boyfriend I mean, it feels like it's possible... But I know it's not... No false expectations." He emphasizes. Kevin is surprised by how expressive Scotty's face is. He can actually read the apology in Scotty's eyes.

"No, no, of course not, neither do I... I don't think ... that I could be... that we could be... more." Kevin stammers, but he can't take his eyes off of Scotty. Is that some hint of disappointment he sees? He thinks about their kiss last night... Could it be that...?
"No, of course not." Scotty replies. Too fast.

"Could we be?" Kevin asks and he can see how Scotty holds his breath as if shocked by Kevin's audacity to raise this question.
"I don't know... Could we really...?" Scotty can't take his eyes off of Kevin either. They can both see the answer in the other one's eyes.

So far they had just refused to accept it but maybe...? Kevin sits down next to Scotty and Scotty turns to face Kevin.
"We could." Kevin acknowledges, but he can't say much more. The tension is too much. This is the moment where Scotty either accepts his words or laughs it off.

Scotty doesn't do either. They both smile nervously now that the question hangs between them. Now the question is answered, yes, but the answer has not fully sunk in yet. Kevin raises his hand and touches Scotty's face. It's a reluctant touch. Scotty holds his breath for a second, then lets it go. It's a slow and shaky sound.

He doesn't back away though, it even seems to Kevin that he's slightly leaning in to the touch. Kevin comes closer.
"Are you sure is won't be too soon?" Kevin asks.
"I'm sure." Scotty is amazed by how contradicting his feelings are.

His core is very calm, but the rest of his body seems in flames, longing for Kevin's touch.
"... Then... would you mind...?" Kevin's lips come closer to Scotty's.
"I wouldn't." Scotty whispers, his lips parting. Kevin's lips brush against Scotty's, but he doesn't go for a full kiss. He still expects Scotty to back off, but it doesn't happen.

Instead, Scotty's places his hand carefully behind Kevin's head and pushes him to intensify the kiss. Kevin relaxes as well. He had not misread any signs. Scotty wants him to do this. He brings his body closer to Scotty's, but he can't quite bring himself to fully surrender just yet, still believing that Scotty will change his mind and push him away.

They break their kiss, both expecting the other one to put an end to his moment, but neither of them does.
"Are you sure?" Kevin asks. Scotty nods. They kiss again and this time, Kevin carefully lets himself sink further on the bed taking Scotty almost on top of him.

Scotty is heavy on his body and it feels so good. Kevin can feel, through the layers of clothes how muscular Scotty is. It's not like Kevin hadn't noticed, but to actually feel Scotty move under his touch is arousing and as Scotty shifts position, Kevin can feel how hard he is. Apparently Kevin is not the only getting aroused...

Kevin breaks the kiss.
"Wait! Wait! We have to lock the door. I don't want anyone to walk in on us...." His breathing his heavy, as he's fighting between his desire to pull Scotty back into a kiss and the common sense to make sure that they can make love without interruptions.

"Would they really do that?" Scotty asks, rolling away to let Kevin go to the door.
"They have this thing of putting me in embarrassing situations, almost as if they have a radar for it. And I prefer to spare you the embarrassment." Kevin locks the door and returns to the bed, but two steps away from the bed, he stops.

"You are sure about this, aren't you? I don't want to be the rebound-guy, nor do I want to treat you as one. I would never want to hurt you..." Kevin's voice is little and insecure. Scotty doesn't answer. Instead, he gets up, walks up to Kevin, takes him in his arms and he proceeds to kiss Kevin with so much passion that Kevin feels weak in the knees.

Kevin can feel how Scotty's large hands travel down his back, cover his ass and pull him closer to Scotty's body. Scotty is hard, so aroused, that it makes Kevin gasp with a longing of his own. It's been too long ago. Too long ago since he'd been touched, caressed or kissed like this.

Things had been quiet in the bedroom before Greg and he had split up. They had mostly been 'too tired'. He hadn't been with another man ever since and he had not wanted to take matters into his own hands, because it never satisfied him as much as making love with another man would. And now Scotty is practically flicking every switch in his body.

He unbuttons Kevin's shirt, exposing Kevin's skin to the soft touch of fingertips caressing his skin. They end up back on the bed, with Scotty slowly but surely undressing Kevin even further, and Kevin is no longer able to think of any reason why he should try to stop Scotty. So what if this is a mistake. At least it will be a good and delightful one.

He helps Scotty undress, but when Scotty wants to undo Kevin's belt, he stops Scotty, suddenly all too aware that he's older and perhaps not so attractive anymore. Scotty can see the shyness and he can guess why.
"It will be alright.." He whispers, silencing the ready protest with a kiss.

There's no further stopping Scotty, within seconds Kevin is naked and consciously aware that he can't hide anything from Scotty anymore. He can see how Scotty looks at him, a little smile coming to Scotty's face.

"You're beautiful." Scotty's voice is so soft and tender, that Kevin hardly dares to believe. He shakes his head, ready to say it isn't so, but Scotty puts his finger on Kevin's lips.

"You are. You're beautiful to me." He says, realizing that Kevin needs to hear this from him, because Kevin has been in a lonely and unloved place for a long time. Kevin nods that he has heard him.

"It will be alright."Scotty whispers again, taking off the last of his clothes, aware that now he's now naked before Kevin too. Kevin takes in what he sees with a hungry look.
"Gosh! I should have made you drop that towel the other night." He sighs, letting his fingers slide over Scotty's chest and stomach. Scotty laughs.

"Good thing you didn't. That would have spoilt the surprise."Scotty grins and then, more shyly, he asks: "Do you still want me?". Kevin doesn't answer, he only pulls Scotty closer and then on top of him.
"Yes. I do." He then moans, when Scotty is on top of him and he can no longer escape.

Everything after that moment would forever be a blur. All Kevin would remember is how Scotty's hands seem to be just everywhere and how his lips would touch places Kevin didn't even know he had. And Scotty ignited a fire that Kevin thought long extinguished. Never mind the buttons that got pushed, buttons Kevin no longer remembered having.

He surrenders to Scotty's kisses, to his touch, to the gentle way that Scotty makes love with him. Everything is so different from what he has known all these years with Greg. Scotty's strength, his passion, his tenderness, everything awakes feelings in Kevin that he no longer knew he had.

His orgasm hits him unexpectedly and though he's vaguely aware that Scotty follows him and that it feels amazing, at the same time he's terribly disappointed because it means that the moment over. But then, unlike Greg, Scotty doesn't stop. He continues to kiss Kevin, softly caressing Kevin's arm and side.

For the first time in many years Kevin can enjoy the aftermath and feel cocooned in loving tenderness, in feeling desired and protected. It's a feeling he has missed for too long, but he enjoys it so much that he snuggles up even closer to Scotty, not wanting this feeling to ever go away again.


A loud banging on the door wakes both men up.
"Laundry day!" Justin announces loudly on the other side. "Mom wants all the dirty laundry in the hallway! Now!" Under protest, Kevin rolls out of bed, puts on some clothes and goes to the bathroom to pick up the laundry-basket.

"Do you have any?" He asks Scotty.
"Oh, I couldn't let your mother...." Scotty doesn't get time to finish his sentence.
"It will all go to the dry-cleaners. No worries. Mom won't peek at your underwear. And I prefer to see you without it." Kevin grins.

Scotty laughs out loud, but picks a plastic bag with dirty clothes from his bag.
"If you're sure it's okay?"
"It is..." Kevin throws everything in one basket and he puts the basket outside the door, closing the door, but not locking it again.

"Kev? Are we okay? No regrets? About last night?"
"None whatsoever. And you?" He asks as he watches how Scotty puts on his pants.
"No. But I keep being afraid that it's all just a beautiful dream and I will wake up, on my own, in LA, in my car." Scotty laughs.

"Don't worry. That's not going to happen." Kevin takes Scotty in his arms and kisses him. At that moment the door gets thrown open and Tommy announces:
"Mom says... Oh!!..." He stops mid-sentence and stares at Kevin and Scotty who abruptly stop their kiss, break apart and look a bit embarrassed at having been caught.

"... She wants all of us at the breakfast-table...." It slowly sinks in with Tommy what he just witnessed. "...Or should I ask her to wait for 15 minutes...." He grins. "Apparently it never takes Kevin longer than that." Tommy winks at Scotty. Scotty turns beet-red and he has no idea how to react. Kevin looks mortified at the suggestion.

"No?" Tommy asks teasingly.
"No! We'll be right downstairs." Kevin answers and Tommy closes the door. "Oh, my God, he's going to tell everyone..." Kevin's voice sounds a bit panicky.
"Would you mind if he did?" Scotty asks.

"No. It's just that if anyone should have told them, it would be me, or us, and not my brother.... Now everyone will know..." He seems more disappointed about who's bringing the news and not so much about the sex or the kiss. And Scotty can't help but feel relieved, still worried whether or not Kevin could really be his.

"Come on!" Kevin throws Scotty his sweater. "Hurry. Let's go downstairs. We may still be able to beat him to it." He bolts out the door, Scotty right behind him and they both run down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs they realize that they are the last ones to join and everybody stares as them considering that they're barefoot and half-dressed.

Tommy has a big grin on his face and he lifts his hands.
"Didn't say anything." He grins, knowing very well why Kevin panicked. Kevin shoots him a killer-look, before looking at his gathered family.
"Ahm... Scotty and I... we've decided... I think... No, I'm sure..."

Kevin looks at Scotty with confusion on his face. How is he supposed to tell it?
"I think that what Kevin so eloquently tries to say is, ... your meddling has worked." Scotty announces.

"Yes! I knew it!" Nora cheers. Julia and Tyler high-five and Tommy and Justin share a knowing nod.
"We'll never hear the end of this one." Kevin says and he shakes his head before he and Scotty can accept the congratulations from the others.

Scotty gets welcomed into the family, and this time it's for real, and he can't believe how fortunate he is. A new man and a wonderful family. Can Christmas get any better?


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