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It's a question of trust. Part 2/5.

It’s a question of trust. Part 2/5.

By Marea67
About: Scotty/Jason, Scotty/Jordan
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: part 2 – in which someone tells Scotty the truth.


The phone rings and Scotty stick his head out from other the covers. A look at the clock tells him it’s 10.07 in the morning, which is alright, because this means that he just slept for…. 4 hours… after having been up half the night, going through an entire range of emotions running from anger to disappointment to concern to being terrified.
“Yes?” his voice is still sleepy.

“Scotty? … Hi, it’s Jason.” Scotty sits up and shakes his head to clear away the cobwebs. “Sorry, did I wake you? I didn’t stop to think that maybe you had been working late…. If it’s inconvenient that I’m calling…?” Scotty closes his eyes for second considering that Jason was always an inconvenience as far as he was concerned.
“No, it’s alright… I should have been up already, so it’s good that you’re calling.” He answers.

“I won’t keep you on the phone for long… Can you please give Kevin my thanks for the package?”
“The one he delivered here yesterday. A box filled with clothes that belonged to Cooper. Sarah wanted to throw them away, but then thought that maybe they could be used for the orphanage we’re supporting in Malaysia. It is all such good quality clothing, that I’m sure the children will be very happy with this.”

“Forgive me, I’m not entirely awake yet. But why are you calling here and not Kevin’s office? And why didn’t you say ‘thank you’ yesterday, when he gave you the box?”
“I think it’s rather obvious that Kevin doesn’t want to talk to me… At all.” Jason replies.
“What do you mean?”

“At first I thought it was just me, but this last month, I’ve been at three dinners with some of the Walkers. Twice at Robert’s place and once at Nora’s, where Robert asked me to come along and where Kevin and you were a no-show. Better even, when Kitty told Kevin I was coming he suddenly remembered a "prior arrangement".

Then Sarah told me that she would ask Kevin to take the clothes to me, because my church is close to his office...and of all the days he could bring them, he picks the day, he knows I won’t be there, because I give bible-study? It’s becoming a bit obvious. So if he doesn’t want to talk to me… I can only honor his wish and stay away from him as well, but I wanted to let him know that I am grateful for his effort in getting this to me. It is appreciated.”

“You didn’t talk to or see Kevin at all yesterday?”
“No.” Is Jason's short answer and Scotty wishes there was a hole in the floor that he could sink in to.
“I’ll tell him.” Scotty says in a neutral voice, but his hand is trembling.
“Thank you.” Is Jason’s brief reply. And as Scotty puts the phone back on the table he feels completely lost.


“I can’t blame Kevin. What IS your issue with the preacher boy anyway?” Jordan asks, as he puts a cup of coffee in front of Scotty. Scotty takes it with both hands, warming his hands a bit, because he still feels completely cold.
“My issues? Aside from the fact that he’s handsome, funny, attractive, rich, successful, Kevin’s ex and Robert’s brother... and I somehow cannot escape the feeling that I’m being compared to him and I fail miserably? ...I can’t think of anything.”

“Hey, Quasimodo, stop feeling sorry for yourself.” Jordan replies and Scotty smiles at him.
“I came here for a sympathetic ear, you know.”
“Hon, you’re my best friend. Love you to bits. You need a shoulder to cry on? Right here.” Jordan taps on his shoulder. “And if that one is soaked, take the other one. And if that one can’t take another drop anymore, I’ll get another shirt and you can start all over again…

…But Kevin chose you, Scotty. He chose you over Jason. … Now you get over the reverend as well.” Jordan orders.
“That is just it…. I’m sick and tired of being lied at.” Scotty whines and Jordan frowns, taking a deep breath as he puts his own cup aside.

“Alright. Recap. Kevin promised you not to make plans with Jason. And he didn’t. He said he hasn’t seen Jason and he hasn’t. He told you that he had to run an errand for Sarah and he did. Where did he lie to you? You are the one making assumptions, based on flimsy evidence.”
“But Charles said….”

“What? That he saw Kevin and Jason screw each other between pews?”
“No.” Scotty starts to laugh, somehow this idea is completely silly. “Remember Kevin has issues with public displays of affection.” A quick smile flashes over Jordan’s face.

“My point is: It was none of Charles’ business, what Kevin was doing there. He certainly should not have called you and gossip. But it was your decision to make this about betrayal and lies. And... rather than openly discuss it with him, you throw around accusations.”
Scotty frowns, looking disgruntled and Jordan feels that he had wanted to hear something else, so in a gentler tone of voice he says:

“Scotty, I know you’ve been hurt before. And that for a long time Kevin felt like just another notch on your list of failed relationships. But I’ve met him, I’ve talked to him, I’ve listened to him. And he loves you. I can see that in the way he looks at you, the way he lights up when he sees you, he is so very proud of you. And he told me that he is very happy you gave him another chance. He’s is not going to jeopardize that.”

There is a silence between them. Not an uncomfortable one, but one where Jordan gives Scotty the chance to think about what he just said. He pours some more coffee for himself and hold the coffeepot up in front of Scotty, but Scotty shakes his head.
“What do you think I should to do?” Scotty asks.

“What do you think I will answer to that question? Jordan asks in return.
“That I should go and apologize to Kevin?” Scotty tries.
“Yes! Well answered! Proud of you, kid!” Jordan grins, putting the coffee pot back in place and he looks at Scotty sitting there at his little kitchen-table.
“I’ll never hear the end of it. He’ll be so smug.” Scotty sighs.

Standing behind Scotty, Jordan wraps his arms around Scotty and feeling Jordan’s arm on his chest, Scotty gently caresses the lower arm.
“I hate you.” Scotty says with a smile.
“I know.” Jordan replies, pressing a small kiss to Scotty’s neck.

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