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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 20/20

The summer is magic... 20/20

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: Yeah! I finally have a clue where this is going! ...


Kevin begins to read the letter that Candace has sent them:

"Dear Kevin and Scotty,

I just wanted to send you a quick letter to let you know that I’m alright and safe in my house, here in Tennessee. I took a detour to get there, because I wanted to be sure that Carlin hadn’t thought of going there and finding me, but when I finally got to the house, there had been no sign that anyone had been there in quite a while.

It is a lovely little house. Big kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom. The attic is low, but big enough to store things. Not that I have anything to put up there yet. Of course, everything belonging to Cherry’s parents is still here, so I walked into a house that has nearly everything. Except a tv.

And it has a garden, which I love. Not just a big lawn and big trees like Carlin had, but a nice flowery one. It’s rather overgrown and the more weed I pull, the more I discover it has these beautiful little places to sit and enjoy the sun or the shadow, all depending on my mood.

And it has the sun all day. (Is that a south-facing garden? I don’t know) But the sun moves from side of the garden to the other, so it’s nice to have different places to sit. In the morning I sit close to the house, in the morning-sun, enjoying my tea. In the evening I sit in the back, in the shadows, because then it’s still too hot to sit in the sun.

The first night I had the fright of my life, when I heard something in the house, it was such a ghostly sound and I was about to run to my car (I bought an old, inexpensive car to drive around) and get out, when I found out what the noise was. Turns out I had this big cat who got locked up in the pantry by accident.

She must have sneaked in, when I wasn’t looking and then got stuck there. Anyway, I quickly found that she was this big because she was expecting kittens. And within a week I one mother-cat and 6 kittens in my kitchen. I’ve always wanted cats and dogs, but Carlin hates them.

I could find a home for the female kittens quite easily, but not the three male kittens. Which is a bit unfair, because they are so beautiful. I’ve decided to keep them. The mother, I’ve called her Cherry, is always gone, she only comes home to eat and then she’s gone again.

Her three boys, no surprise, I’ve named them Kevin, Scotty and Chad
.” Kevin makes a face as he hears Scotty laugh softly. “And the names are quite appropriate. Chad likes to show off, parade around. He’s always cleaning himself, ‘polishing up’ I call it, and he loves it when I take pictures of him. Quite vain.

Kevin is the oldest and the one who keeps the peace in the house. His brothers can sometimes be a little catty with each other and the Kevin walks in, slaps his paws around and the others end up sulking in their corner.”
Kevin can’t help but laugh. He imagines for a moment walking in on fight between Justin and Tommy and ‘slapping his paws around’..

“I like her style of writing. She writes like she talks.” Scotty smiles.
“She does.” Kevin agrees.
“The third is Scotty. He’s the sweetest.” Candace writes.
“Of course, he is.” Kevin nods.

“Scotty prefers to sleep in my lap, sit with me in the kitchen when I’m cooking (not stealing, just waiting and watching!), and he’s very picky about what he’ll eat. I spoil him too much. He was the youngest and frailest. For a time I thought he wouldn’t make it, but he’s grown a lot and he’s now the tallest, whenever he stretches out in the sun. He loves to sunbathe.

I found a job. Nothing big. It’s just at the local library. I put the books back in place and I read to children on certain days and I’m here on Saturday and Sunday, because that’s when the others can’t work. I enjoy it very much. I don’t get paid much, but then I don’t have much to spend and I’m very careful with the money Cherry(& Chad) gave me.

I can’t put in the bank, so I’ve put in a safe I found in the study, which was the room of Cherry’s father. The code is 4297. I hope you don’t mind, Kevin, but I’ve left a note that in case of an emergency they should contact you. If anything happens to me, take the money that’s left. It’s for you, Scotty and Chad.

I know you’re a lawyer. Could you draw up some paper, certificate, something that I can sign, so that, again, if anything happens to me, I can leave this place to the three of you? Cherry left it to me, and I like to see it go back to people who might care about the place? My address will be at the end of this letter.

Also, I’ve met the neighbors. Kind people. On one side an elderly couple. On the other side, two sisters, in their 30s, one just become a widow, the other one is divorced. They live together now to split the cost of living. Very nice people. They think I’m a distant relative of Cherry. No one has asked too many questions. And I don't talk much about my life, just general things like the weather and the garden.

So, in general, I’m very happy where I am. I’ve picked up knitting in the evening-hours. Carlin hated it, said it made me look some old bat, if I was knitting. I’ve bought a small tv to watch the news and my soaps. (Isn’t Chad’s storyline thrilling right now! I’m on the edge of my seat! Please tell him that.)

I can’t say that I miss Carlin, I wish I did, but I don’t. I’ve been thinking about asking for a divorce, but it would require for him to find out where I am, where I live and he’ll be curious to find out from where I have the money to take care of myself… And I don’t want him to know that I have that much money. So, for now, I’m still pondering on what to do.

Anyhow, I’m hoping this letter finds you and your family in good health and happy with each other. Please, don’t give anyone my address, I’m terrified of what Carlin will do if he finds out. Sending you all my love, and sincerely hoping that you’ve forgiven me for the atrocious way I put a gun on you. Candace.”

Kevin smiles and folds the letter up.
“I will send Chad a copy, he will have a good chuckle about his name-sake, no doubt. And I will send her an answer with some advice…” Kevin promises.
“Tell her that she’s forgiven and that we look forward to hearing more from her.” Scotty says.

Kevin is about to go over to his laptop, when he turns back to Scotty.
“We did have a beautiful summer-holiday, didn’t we? I mean, if we forget about the gun and all, we had a good time.”
“We sure did. I still remember everything very fondly. Especially our nights…”

“I miss those. Those nights.” Kevin says softly and Scotty moves a bit closer to his husband. He puts his arms around Kevin and pulls him in for a kiss.
“You mean, when we would be this close and kiss…?” His lips come gently in touch with Kevin’s.

“Yes, those…” Kevin replies between 2 kisses. “And when we would get undressed…” His fingers slide along the buttons of Scotty’s shirt. Scotty makes a little noise.
“How long before the kids get home?” He asks.
“About two hours. It’s Katie’s turn to pick them up. She’s always slow.”

Kevin bites his lip, looking expectantly at Scotty, who smiles and takes Kevin’s hand to guide him to the bedroom.
“Perhaps we can recreate a little bit of that summer magic in the middle of autumn?” He teases. And Kevin decides on the spot that the reply to Candace will have to wait until Scotty is done 'recreating the magic'.


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