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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 19/20

The summer is magic... 19/20

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Not sure yet...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: Yeah! I finally have a clue where this is going! ...


Scotty falls back on the bed. He’s exhausted and covered in sweat.
“Wow, that was amazing!... Can we do that again?”
“Only if I get a heart-transplant.” Kevin answers, completely out of breath. “Geez, I’m really 20 years old anymore.”

“Well, for an old man, you sure know how to make the most of it.” Scotty grins.
“Yes…. So, don’t ask this old man to do it again… unless you want me dead…” Kevin jokes, Scotty purposely doesn’t answer straightaway, only to then slow say:
“Now that you mention it…”

Kevin turns to Scotty and tickles him, making Scotty squirm and giggle.
“I’ll never talk to you again.” Kevin fakes being offended.
“Good! That will allow me to do this…” Scotty takes Kevin’s face between his hands and kisses Kevin’s lips. Kevin melts into the kiss.

Their kiss is languid, sensual and filled with love for each other. For several minutes they don’t talk. All they can do is kiss each other and when they’ve recovered their breaths they kiss again. Until Kevin pulls Scotty on top of him, knowing that Scotty is ready for round two and this time he’ll let Scotty do all the hard work.


“You do realize that this is our last day on this island, don’t you?” Scotty sighs. The last week had just flown by with beautiful weather, time to be lazy in the sun, reading, cooking, talking, laughing, long showers together and hot sex in bed. But all good things must come to an end and Scotty has started packing.

“I think I’ve gained quite some weight.” Kevin complains, turning left and right in front of the mirror to see how big the damage could be.
“I don’t thinks so. We did a lot of walking, hiking, cycling and … other activities… Those burn calories.”

“That may be, but would it be enough to counter the cup-cakes, the lasagna, the spaghetti-à-la-Kevin and not to mention the countless ice-creams?” Scotty has to think over Kevin’s question. They had found this little shop that sold homemade ice-cream during the summer.

Scotty had discovered that he’d commit murder for the mint-chocolate chip flavor and Kevin had instantly fallen for the taste of pineapple-coconut. And though the ice-cream is super-delicious, it’s also a real calorie-bomb, so maybe Kevin has a good reason to be concerned after all.

“We have to stop there and have one more ice-cream before we leave.” Scotty says nonetheless. They can start dieting, or something looking like a diet, tomorrow, when they are back in LA. Everybody in LA is always on a diet anyway. Kevin agrees quietly and adds ‘buying ice-cream’ to the list of things to do.

“Well, all our things are packed.” Scotty is sure that there’s nothing left that belongs to him or Kevin. They’ve left food in the fridge and the freezer, because in two days, Harry Fellows, the owner of Cherry Lockhardt’s fan-club, and three other fans will move in for a few weeks and start cataloguing and packing her belongings.

“I would like to say that I will miss this house, but I’m not sure I will.”
“I think that what I will miss is the ability to be with you when I want it and how I want it. I will miss the intimacy.” Kevin’s fingers caresses Scotty’s arm.

“I know what you mean. It’s back to quick fixes and keeping an eye on the door, making sure that Daniel doesn’t catch us at anything.” Scotty grins.
“Yes. I did miss that a bit. Especially the first nights. Then I got used to being with you, without worry for interruptions…”

“It was nice, wasn’t it? No interruptions…?” Scotty leans in and kisses Kevin. Kevin replies to the kiss, but stops it before they can go further.
“Yes. It was. And now, let’s go back to LA. I want to see our daughter and son.”
“Agreed.” Scotty laughs.


At the airport, Kevin and Scotty are welcomed by Justin who will bring them back home. During the drive back to the restaurant Kevin and Scotty are rather quiet. Their holiday is over and the abrupt change from quiet island to the loud and busy city overwhelms them somewhat.

Once back at their home, they discover that Olivia will only be back late the next day. It takes Kevin about two seconds to decide. He calls the Casa Del Mar Hotel and he books a room with jacuzzi, he orders the lobster-dinner from them and a bottle of champagne to add more fun to the evening.

Ten minutes later Kevin and Scotty are on their way to one more night of luxury, before the holidays are over. Their dinner is romantic, just the two them, in their room. They talk, they tease, they flirt and they gaze in to each other’s eyes. They wouldn’t for the life of them remember what they had for dessert.

All they can remember is that the dinner lead to drinking champagne in the jacuzzi, to long and passionate kisses, to touching and caressing, to even more kisses and to forgetting all about the champagne as they proceed to move back to the bedroom where the bed gets thoroughly tested.

Scotty knows how to get Kevin where he wants him and how he wants him. Kevin’s still wet body clings to the silk sheets. It offers Scotty the opportunity to have a bit more leverage. His thrusts push Kevin closer to the edge. The two weeks filled with making-love haven’t tempered Scotty’s passion.

Looking down on Kevin, he’s once again amazed by how beautiful his husband still is, and how much Kevin can enjoy their intimacy. Scotty tries to hold back, he wants to play with Kevin a little longer, watch the pure ecstasy on his face, but Scotty can’t control himself anymore and he surrenders with passion.


It is amazing how quickly Kevin and Scotty managed to get used to ordinary life once again. Olivia came home with a 1001 stories about her brother, his in-laws, his house and his work, then Daniel was brought back by Bertha and they had to watch a 1001 pictures that Bertha had made of her grandson. Each one cuter than the previous one.

With Scotty back in the kitchen, his sous-chef, who had reigned the kitchen in his absence, went on holidays and Scotty worked long days. As did Kevin, who found out that he had a few new clients, thanks to having successfully closed a case before the holidays.

Days flew by, summer slowly turned to autumn. Kevin and Scotty had a pleasant dinner with Chad and Jason. Kevin dealt with issues that Sarah had and he calmed down Nora when Kitty had another scare that her cancer would return. Scotty stayed at Bertha’s place for 2 weeks after she broke her ankle.

They both gave support to Justin and Tyler when she again had a miscarriage. Olivia won a spelling-contest. Chad’s latest movie came out. Kevin won a case that made headlines in the news-papers and suddenly even more people want to hire him. Daniel had his first karate-class.

The summer at Cherry’s house came back to memory very often, because Chad often consulted Kevin on the house, Cherry’s belongings and how best to proceed with the museum. Though he partially didn’t want to get involved, another part of him felt he couldn’t just hand over his friend’s possessions and walk away.

Jason went to Malaysia to revisit the orphanage he had helped to build. It made Chad spend more time at Kevin and Scotty’s place. If only because Lily-Rose and Daniel had become inseparable to the point that Daniel proclaimed that one day he would marry Lily-Rose.

And just as the memory of the holidays was about to fade, a letter arrived on Kevin’s desk.
“Scotty? … I just had a letter from someone in Tennessee. I don’t know anyone there.”
“You don't? Best way to find out who it's from is to open it up.”

Kevin opens the letter and a very long letter drops out. Kevin, lawyer as always, immediately checks who signed the letter.
“Do you know who this is from?” Kevin is flabbergasted.
“No. I can’t read minds.” Scotty answers teasingly.

“It’s from Candace.”
“Candace Cassidy?”
“The one and only.”
“Quick, read it!” Scotty encourages and Kevin unfolds the letter to begin reading.


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