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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 18/20

The summer is magic... 18/20

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty and there's Chad and a hint of Jason too!!! :)
Rate: Not sure yet...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: Yeah! I finally have a clue where this is going! ...


The next day, they return to the attic once more. Even though the weather has improved, it still doesn’t beg people to go outside. The dark-grey clouds have been replaced by light-grey ones, but still the air looks foggy, sad and cold. A quick call had confirmed that the plane is still not flying, so Chad is still stuck on the island.

Using the time to get things done, they therefore revisit the attic. Kevin shows Chad the jewelry he has collected from all the different boxes. Chad gives him two sets of golden earrings and a long golden necklace that would look beautiful on Olivia. The rest disappears into the safe, to be appraised later.

Around lunchtime, they call it quits and decide to give up on the attic. Moving back downstairs they notice that the weather has improved, the sun is showing herself again and the house is far more beautiful now. They take time to drive along the coastal path and admire the beautiful views.

That night they end up playing a board-game, with Chad winning all three rounds, but it doesn’t matter, because they have too much fun to care. In all, their day together is peaceful and calm and Chad is surprised by how relaxed he feels. As much as he wants to go home, he doesn’t mind that he’s forced to stay one more day in the house he still considers to be Cherry’s.


The new morning brings good news. The weather, now glorious in all her sunny beauty, has improved to the point that the plane can now land on the island again and Chad can return to Los Angeles and to Jason and their daughter. Chad regrets that he has to leave. With the sun out, the stay at the house has finally turned good.

Breakfast in the garden, a walk along the water, a picnic on the beach with good food and great company had made his last day on the island a joyful one and he's now second-guessing his decision to sell the house. Something Chad tells Kevin as he puts his overnight bag in the trunk of the rental car.

“No way! You will sell this place. I don’t want to hear another word about it.” Kevin smiles though when he speaks, proving his words aren’t meant to be as harsh as they might sound. Chad shrugs.
“I don’t know yet. It has its advantages.”

“And its pitfalls. Why don’t you and Jason come up here for a week and decide after that?” Kevin suggests.
“Would you keep it?” Chad asks. Kevin looks at the house. It’s a beautiful place. And he’s had an enjoyable time so far, especially in bed, but…

“No. It’s nice, but it would never be a ‘home’ to me.” Kevin answers. Chad gives the house another look as well. He can see what Kevin means. He feels the same. The house is lovely as a getaway place, but not to permanently live in. Not like Carlin and Candace had done.

“Thinking of Candace,… I’m glad to know that she at least got away safe and sound.” Chad says. Martin, the police-officer, had dropped by to inform them that the pilot had recognized Candace as one of his passengers. He had noticed her, because he was from the island and he knew her.

He hadn’t seen her in a long time and he had been surprised to see her on his plane. He had briefly spoken to her, to hear that, according to her, she was going to visit some sick family-member. Something that, Carlin said, was impossible because she didn’t have any left.

It means that now the case is out of the hands of the island-police and up to Carlin to take further action. Chad, Kevin and Scotty agree amongst themselves that they are happy to know that Candace had at least made to the other side of the water and had disappeared in the crowd there. All they can hope for is, that she’s happy with her escape, wherever she may be.

Chad says a warm goodbye to his friends with a strong hug and some teasing back and forth and with Kevin managing to get a promise out of Chad that they’d meet for dinner once Kevin and Scotty would be back in LA. As they wave goodbye, Scotty puts his arm around Kevin and pulls him in for a kiss, once Chad is out of sight.

“It will be quiet in the house without him. And without Candace.”
“We still have one week of holidays left, let’s enjoy the silence, before we get back to kids, family, work, ringing phones and kitchen-staff.” Kevin suggests and they get back inside, where once the door is closed, Scotty pins Kevin to the door with a warm kiss and a promise of more to come.



That is what the header of the article reads and, more than curious, Jason opens the article.
“Who is Chad’s lover this time?” He wonders. The picture is grainy, taken from a distance, but yet Jason can recognize the man who's in Chad's arms. Jason grins when he sees Chad hugging Kevin.

The pictures is rather cropped, but Jason thinks that he recognizes someone in the background and ten-to-one that that person would be Scotty. And the ‘secret love-nest’ would be Cherry’s home. Jason sighs. There would have been a time when headers like that, would make his stomach turn and give him an anxiety-attack.

He still hates to see Chad's name in the gossip-press, but with Chad so popular, it’s hard to avoid the them altogether. Chad is no longer a soap-star, but slowly getting the recognition of being a better actor than critics had previously expected. Something that is reluctantly being admitted by them.

At the start of their relationship, Jason's biggest concern had been that Chad would get tired of him, cheat on him and break his heart. However Chad has been so consistently faithful, loving, caring and present that sometimes Jason wonders if he’s not one getting a bit tired of Chad.

He chases away the thought. He has no right to complain and he shouldn’t have thoughts like that. He’s happy with Chad, he’s happy with their daughter, they both work, their sex-life is still amazing, they both have wonderful friends and a good roof over their heads, so he should be happy with his life in general, but sometimes…

Sometimes he wished that their life-together would have a bit more firework to it. He closes his laptop and straightens the bed. Time to wake up Lily-Rose, their daughter. And as he walks up to her room, he knows he shouldn’t complain, but be grateful. With all the broken homes and financial problems he sees on his work, he should thank God for what he has and stop feeling sorry for himself.


“Ahhh, this is what one would call a vacation.” Scotty sighs. The hammock slowly moves back and forth and he enjoys the silence of hearing nothing else but the crying of the seagulls, the murmuring of the water and the rustling of the pages, as Kevin moves to the next page of the book he’s reading. Kevin looks up.

“Nice, isn’t it?” He agrees. On his back in the lounging chair, his foot dangling down, he has no care in the world.
“Are we going to do something constructive today?” Scotty asks.
“Should we?” Kevin answers back with a question.

“Nope.” Scotty is rather definitive.
“Good.” Kevin gets back to his page.
“Just wanted to be sure.” Scotty stretches out, shifts a bit and yawns.
“Though we could go to bed, if you’re tired.”

Kevin’s suggestion, and above all the eagerness in his voice, makes Scotty smile.
“You already kept me up half the night…” Scotty replies, with a teasing grin on his face. He keeps his eyes closed to not have to see the satisfaction in Kevin’s eyes.
“You weren’t complaining….” Kevin points out.

“It wasn’t like I could be all that articulate about it. Not with my mouth full anyway.” Scotty’s smile gets wider when he hears Kevin’s soft laughter.
“Not my fault that I’ve had a lot of catching up to do, after all these months of barely having decent sex at all.”

“Yeah, there was not ‘decent’ about last night.” Scotty agrees with a smirk.
“Nope.” Kevin is fully satisfied with leaving it at that, but they both laugh, quietly agreeing that even though a few weird things had happened, in general, they had had a nice holiday so far.

Scotty hears the lounge-bed move and he opens one eye.
“I’m going to put some more sun-lotion on me. Don’t want to burn.” Kevin explains and he enters the house to go to the bathroom. Scotty hesitates. He likes where he is, but he has to realize that Kevin can’t put sun-lotion everywhere. He will need Scotty’s help.

And that ‘help’ will lead to not leaving the bedroom for a while. He looks up. The sky is blue, the weather is amazingly good and he has already tanned somewhat. He looks at the house where Kevin disappeared to and he gets up. It’s time to get out of the sun anyway. Might as well spend it having hot sex with your husband….


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