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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 17/??

The summer is magic... 17/??

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
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Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: Yeah! I finally have a clue where this is going! ...


“Where the hell is my wife?!” Carlin Cassidy repeats when he doesn’t get an answer straightaway.
“I’m sorry, but: who?” Chad asks, though he suspects this is Candace’s husband. Kevin takes a step forward to introduce the men to each other.

“This is Carlin Cassidy, Candace’s husband. Carlin, this Chad Barry, the owner of this house.” Carlin looks Chad up and down and then decides to ignore him, focusing his attention on Kevin, who has moved closer to Scotty to see if he's alright.
“Where is she?” Carlin asks again.

“Who? Candace? We don’t know.” Kevin answers in all honesty. He, after all, has no idea where she is.
“She said she would spend time with you two and now she’s gone.” The man barks.
“I’m sorry, but…” Scotty shrugs, because he has no idea what to reply.

“Your wife was with us until about late in the afternoon. We - that is Kevin, Scotty and I - went to dinner, but she didn’t want to go with us. Last we saw her, she was here, in front of our door, ready to get in her car and go home.” Chad’s voice is calm. “And that’s all we can tell you, I’m afraid. We haven’t heard from her since. Nor have we seen her today.”

“I will call the police on you.” Carlin threatens.
“Please do. If she’s missing, she must be found as soon as possible. It will also clear our name and focus the attention back on finding her, rather than on spewing unfounded accusations.” Kevin immediately replies and he hands Carlin the phone. His face is stoic.

Carlin looks from Chad to Scotty to Kevin and back.
“You really don’t know where she is?” He practically deflates in front of them.
“No. But, please, do call the police, right now.” Scotty insists. “I couldn’t bear the thought of her out there somewhere, being hurt…. Or worse.”

Carlin now seems very confused.
“She’s not home. I looked everywhere.”
“Couldn’t she be out to get some groceries? Or make a visit?” Scotty suggests.
“There were clothes and other things on the bed. She took a suitcase with her.”

“Could she have went to see relatives? Friends? A family-member in need?” Chad offers.
“No. She would never leave me like this. She’d at least leave a note. Or call me.”
“The weather was pretty bad last night. Perhaps she couldn’t reach you. I couldn’t call anyone for quite some time either. At least until 10 pm.” Chad says.

“You flew in? The plane is flying again?” Kevin now asks.
“No. Got here on a small private plane. A friend of mine.”
“Could Candace not have been worried, all alone in the house, and gone someplace else? A friend’s house? She might not have expected you back so soon, so she didn't leave a note.” Kevin now suggests.

“No. The only one she’d used to run to was Cherry.” The man answers sourly and he looks around as if he’s expecting Candace to hide upstairs.
“Please, feel free to look around in you don’t believe us.” Chad motions with his hand that Carlin can go upstairs if he’d like to.

“I’m calling the police.” Carlin then says and putting action to his words, he punches in the number.
“I’ll make some coffee and tea, for when they come.” Scotty turns around and leaves for the kitchen, figuring it’s the least he can do.


“We’ve searched the whole house, she’s not here, not upstairs, not in the garden or the shed. The dog has picked up a scent but lost it halfway the driveway.” The police officer, Martin, is on first-name basis with Carlin and he speaks in a calm voice. He seems to be in no hurry to get things done.

“Now, these three men have stated that she went home… so the dog seems to confirm their words. And we have no proof that she came back here. We, however, found evidence that she’d been at your house, Carlin. She seems to have packed a suitcase and we’ve found her car on the parking-lot, at the airstrip.

It would appear that she has taken the plane. We’re waiting for confirmation from the pilot. We’ve sent him a picture of her, to see if he remembers having her on board. Once we have that confirmation, I’m afraid it’s out of our hands, because if she’s no longer on the island, she's therefore no longer in our jurisdiction.

If he cannot confirm that she was on board, we’ll have to investigate the matter and assume that something has happened to her here on this island….” It all seems logical to Carlin, Chad, Kevin and Scotty. The last three are happy that their names have been cleared so far.

“I’m sorry.” Carlin now says, no longer the loud-mouth he was earlier. He seems confused and hurt. “I just don’t understand…”
“And maybe you should go home.” Martin suggests, when he sees that Carlin agrees with this, he continues:

“Why don't you have a good look around, see if perhaps you’ve overlooked something, check your phone to see if you’ve missed a call from her… We can however not impose on these three men any longer.” And he throws a look of regret at the cupcakes, which he had found to be quite delicious.

Scotty catches the glance, gets up and finds a plastic bag to put a few of the cupcakes in.
“Here take them with you. These two have eaten enough of them as it is.” Scotty hands over the bag. Chad and Kevin manage to hide a smile, as they watch the police-officer turn red and rather ungracefully accept Scotty’s gift.

Once Carlin and Martin have left, Chad turns to Scotty.
“Bribing a police officer?” He teases.
“It’s always better to leave a good impression.” Scotty replies.
“Well, I don’t know about you two, but I think I’m off to bed.”

“That tired, Chad?”
“I am, though I’m glad that, thanks to you, Kev, I could get an important issue out of my head.” Chad gives Kevin a grateful smile.
“You’re welcome. Sleep tight.” Kevin answers.

Scotty and Kevin watch how Chad goes to the guestroom.
“So, what do we do? Get some sleep as well?” Scotty asks.
“I want to call Olivia first and then maybe find out how our son is doing… There’s too much in my head to simply go to bed.”

“Give my love to Liv. If possible, I want to talk to her, but it’s not necessary.” Scotty tells Kevin as Kevin disappears to the study to call Olivia. He quickly stacks the cups and puts them in the sink. His mind wanders off to Candace. Where would she be? What would she do? He hopes she’s safe.

He had almost felt sorry for Carlin, who, once he realized that ‘Candy’ had really disappeared, had looked so sad and lost. He wonders if it’s perhaps a wake-up call for Carlin as well. Could, in the long run, Candace and Carlin fix their marriage? Would Candace even want this?

He remembers how being separated from Kevin had made him understand how much he wanted and needed Kevin in his life. The cheating had caused a lot of damage, but it had also made a lot of things clear to both Kevin and Scotty. For one, that they couldn’t live without each other and that they loved each other passionately.

The door of the kitchen opens again and Kevin walks in, looking a lot more cheerful than before.
“Olivia sends her love. She couldn’t stay on the phone, she was at a party with the family of her brother’s girlfriend and she was having fun….

Oh, and she misses us and wished we there with her, because she feels a bit alone sometimes, as there aren’t many others of her age. And... your food is better than what they serve there.” Kevin informs him. Scotty laughs.
“Priorities are set, I hear.”

“Yes.” Kevin agrees and they he yawns. “Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind going to bed now.”
“I’m not sleepy.”
“Who said anything about sleeping?” Kevin winks.


Kevin’s lips slide over Scotty’s, he knows that Scotty is close to surrender. Their breathing is heavy. Making love distracts them for everything else that’s happening around them and Kevin is good at distracting Scotty. He squeezes just a little more and underneath Scotty moans loudly.

Scotty pushes his body up against Kevin’s. He’s close. So close…. If only…. He can feel that Kevin is bringing him even closer to the edge. Having Kevin make love to him is all he wants right now. His toes curl. He finds grip on the sheets. He cries out, encourages Kevin with sounds, because words can no longer be formulated.

Then there’s the moment of freefall. That one moment when the Earth stands still and every cell in his body is focused on one thing. He whispers Kevin’s name. His eyes are closed tightly. He gives in, surrenders to Kevin’s experienced touch. He forgets the rest of the world… All there is, is Kevin and him…


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