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Fanfic: Eight


By Marea67
About: Kevin / Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin comes home, the results of proposition8 are in.


Scotty is still flicking through the channels when Kevin comes in.
“Hey.” Kevin kisses Scotty quickly on the lips before putting his briefcase on the desk-chair and draping his coat over his briefcase. “How are you feeling?” he asks with a look at Scotty’s face.
“Did you hear the news?” Scotty asks quietly. Kevin nods.
“It failed, the opposition won.”

“I keep looking at different channels, hoping that … somehow.. somewhere….it’s not true, but it is, isn’t it?” Scotty looks so sad and Kevin would love to tell him that there’s still hope, but…
“Yes, it’s true.” He sits down behind Scotty and Scotty lets his head and back rest against Kevin’s chest, feeling Kevin’s arms circling his waist and Scotty’s hands cover the hands Kevin just put on his stomach.

Kevin gently kisses Scotty’s neck and shoulder.
“I hate that this happened.” Scotty is very quiet. “What will happen to those who already married?”
“They will most likely remain married….. I hope. If not, it will create a riot.”
“… or not.” Scotty sounds very defeated. “I am not sure if anyone would really care.”

“I know one person who is very pissed off by this. And nobody messes with Nora Walker.” Kevin’s voice is ominous and Scotty has to laugh in spite of himself.
“Yes. I would not want to be in the shoes of anyone who opposes her.”
“Mom is already dusting off Tommy’s old boxing gloves…. Don’t worry… She’ll be back.” And Kevin gives his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

Scotty laughs out loud now and once calmed down he says, slightly more cheerful.
“Thanks, I needed that…. I feel so awful about this. I feel so cheated. So small. It’s like when I just found I was gay and realized that there was a big ugly group of people in the world, who would never look at me and see Scotty Wandell, but  who are content to  not look at me but judge me as worthless anyway, although they have no idea who I am or what I can become.

“Yeah, I know. But I am also convinced the fight is not over and that next time we will succeed. We will find a way.” Scotty smiles sadly for Kevin’s voice is strong and filled  with combativeness. Which is very strange, because he cannot imagine Kevin really on the barricades about this topic. He cannot imagine Kevin on the barricades for anything, because Kevin is so reserved.

“How come you’re suddenly such a believer in this?.. I wish I could feel the same certainty.”
“Hey, you know me. I don’t believe in magic, I believe in facts. And the fact remains that 20 years ago we would have been laughed away had we seriously discussed the topic of gay marriage. A few years ago even, we might have been lucky if we would have had 25% of the voters on our side. Now, it was a close call, the next time, we will win. Mathematic certainty.”

Scotty opens his mouth to say something, but then Kevin replies: “I have to believe in this, Scotty. I want to be able to, one day, marry you, without any legislation, religion or other obstacle holding me back. Because I love you. Because I know I want to share the rest of my life with you. So I have to believe that that day will come… and it will. It has to. ”

Scotty feels the tears sting in his eyes at the sincerity in Kevin and, choked up, he promises:
“When that day comes, Kevin, I’ll marry you. Because I too believe in what we have.”
“Why don’t you switch off the tv? Those numbers will not get better… There will be no change. We lost. Time to lick our wounds, gather strength, take a deep breath and pick up the fight again… Tomorrow. Not tonight.”

He kisses Scotty gentle on the shoulder, tilts Scotty's head backwards a bit and kisses him on the lips. He stars to grin and teasingly says:
“… besides tomorrow we have another chore.”
“What?” Scotty wonders. He has the day off tomorrow and no plans whatsoever to do anything.

“We have to get out our clubs and chase some women, drag them to our cave… uh…loft and do our male duties, and get them pregnant before the world comes to an end due to the gay community.….” His voice oozes with sarcasm.
“Oh, that!” Scotty fakes to remember. “You Neanderthal! ... Sex with a woman. Yugh.” comes Scotty’s heartfelt reply.” Can’t we postpone that to Friday? I’m just not feeling it right now…”

“Sure.” Kevin grins. “Orrrrrr…. We could live in sin and summon hell and damnation on our souls for all eternity.”
“I’d prefer that. … Have you been reading up on those leaflets that the lady from 236 keeps stuffing in our mailbox?”
“Don’t you?”

“No. I always find it very convenient that the trashcan is on the way to the stairs and elevator, so I can chuck it in there straight away. Unless she’s there. Then I throw it away once I’m home.”
“You are so polite.”
“She means well. She wants to save our souls.” Scotty smiles cynically.

“Yeah? Why doesn’t she stuff those leaflets in the mailbox of 145?” Kevin wonders.
“The guy with the wife who keeps ‘bumping into’ things?”
“That’s the one. Or 406.”
“Oh, I like Violet. She’s very nice.. But, you’re right, the combination sex and using birth control is lost on her.” Scotty has to admit. “She’s expecting the fourth child now.”

“Really? And the father?” Kevin asks curious.
“Suddenly remembered he has wife and child at the other side of town. So he's gone, just like the others.”
“Why doesn’t she stuff HIS mailbox?”
“Guys like that are the good guys, those who uphold the sanctity of marriage and such. We’re the evil ones.” Scotty replies slightly distracted by an after-shave-add with a gorgeous man in it.

“I knew there was a good reason.” Kevin mumbles. “Ah, this depresses me. Let’s go to bed. Tomorrow is another day and things will be brighter tomorrow.”
“I hope it rains tomorrow. I want to sulk.” Scotty protests. But Kevin pulls him up from the couch and kisses him gently on the lips, using the temporary distraction to turn off the tv with the remote and then guides Scotty to the bedroom.

Scotty folds his clothes and puts them on the chair. In the bathroom he can hear Kevin brush his teeth. And he feels sad again, now that Kevin is not here to cheer him up. He wants to believe that Kevin is right, that maybe a few years from now, things will be different. But he so badly wants it to be NOW and not in a couple of years.

He walks up to Kevin, Kevin is just finished and Scotty takes his place in front of the mirror. As Kevin walks back into the bedroom, he spends one more look at Scotty. God. He loves that man. Somehow his life is complete with Scotty in it. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. But he doesn’t doubt Scotty’s love for him and hopes and prays that Scotty doesn’t doubt him.

Scotty made the bed this morning and all the sheets smell fresh and clean and Kevin loves the cool feeling on his skin. Scotty joins him now, sliding next to Kevin between the sheets, Kevin turns on his back and Scotty lies close to him. An arm around Kevin’s waist.
“Did you mean what you said?” Scotty asks quietly.

“Which part?”
“About marrying me, when we can get married.”
“When I believe they no one can take it away from us anymore, I’ll marry you…. Will you then marry me?”
“Yes. I will.”

The End.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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