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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 13/??

The summer is magic... 13/??

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Not sure yet...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: Yeah! I finally have a clue where this is going! ...


“And then I will chase you to the bedroom, tie you down and have mad, passionate sex with you…”

Scotty had thought that Kevin had joked about that, and perhaps it wouldn’t have come to this if he hadn’t teased Kevin so much about it tonight, but here he is, his hands tied above his head, be it very loosely. With one strong tug he could free his hands, but he doesn’t want to.

He wants to surrender to Kevin, to the hands that caress his sides. Fingers slide over his skin, making him shiver and involuntarily move up the touch. Kevin’s lips seem to know all the right spots and the few times Kevin lets his teeth graze Scotty’s skin, ever so lightly, Scotty lets out the most encouraging sounds.

Kevin had taken his time to undress Scotty, play with him, tease him, making him beg for every touch and every caress. Scotty is used to taking the lead in bed and sometimes he forgets how experienced Kevin actually is at this game, and now he gets a reminder.

Head falling back, he pushes up his body to Kevin’s lips, now playing on the inside of his thighs, avoiding systemically the places where Scotty wants him to go. Fingers tease him to become even more aroused. Scotty gives Kevin what he wants, he feels like he could just explode with desire.

“Kevin….” Scotty moans. Kevin teases him, letting his lips barely touch the tip of Scotty swollen cock, just enough to make him feel it, but not enough to get any sense that satisfaction is near. Scotty makes a strangled sound. “Please,….” He begs, not realizing how beautiful he looks, eyes so filled with need.

Kevin looks up at his husband. He's torn between giving him the satisfaction he wants, because he hates to see Scotty tortured like this, and continuing the game, because he loves to see Scotty squirm.
“You’re so lucky that I don’t like to see you suffer…” Kevin decides.

Scotty realizes that he should be happy with this, because suddenly Kevin puts all his attention on satisfying Scotty and the change from playful to forceful is so immediate, that Scotty feels overwhelmed with the desire to come. His breathing becomes shallow and fast, his voice just a whisper. He closes his eyes tightly.

All his focus is on the warm mouth that drives him closer to the edge.
“Kevin!!!” He cries out, trying to warn Kevin, but Kevin ignores his warning and Scotty can no longer stop the feeling. He just lets go of all restrains and comes hard.


“I can’t remember the last time we had this much sex.” Scotty sighs. His hand, untied now, caresses Kevin’s back.
“I can’t remember the first time either. This has to be it.” Kevin mumbles. He enjoys the gentle caresses too much to think about other things.

“We should take breaks like this more often.”
“You know we can’t. I wouldn’t want to be this often away from the kids. I miss them.”
“Yes, me too.” Scotty admits. “Still,… it’s great to have sex without being afraid that someone will walk in.”

“True.” Kevin agrees, lifting his head with the intention to kiss Scotty. Their kiss is languid, both are too tired and satisfied to get all aroused again. “I have to admit that I like this place, perhaps next time we can bring Olivia and Daniel with us and enjoy a family-holiday here.”

“It wouldn’t be the same…” Scotty reminds him. “What we have right now is total freedom to do what we want, when we want it and how we want it. With two kids in tow, it won’t be the same.” Kevin seems to think it over. He doesn’t answer. All he does is nestle closer to Scotty and enjoy the warmth of his body.


The weather-forecast hadn’t been wrong. When Kevin and Scotty wake up from their sleep, the sun has completely disappeared behind heavy grey clouds. Once they have finished their breakfast the drizzle makes everything outside seem sad and cold. And by lunch the drizzle has turned into a steady rainfall.

And, worse, it feels dark and sad inside the house as well and Kevin and Scotty wonder what they can do now. Though having a look up in the attic is an option, neither man feels too energetic to go up there. It is as if the rain has washed away their energy and they both feel lazy.

Kevin can barely find the energy to read the latest gossip on Facebook and Scotty is busy reading a cook-book, but cannot find anything interesting enough to get off the couch.
“Perhaps I should make some coffee? It might put some spark back in us.”

Kevin looks at Scotty and thinks over Scotty’s suggestion.
“I’d love coffee, but I’m not sure it will wake me up. I feel like I’m still halfway in bed and the rest of me wants to join me there.” Kevin eventually answers and Scotty tries to find logic in that sentence.

“I think I might consider feeling the same way, … maybe.” Scotty then replies and Kevin can’t help but laugh softly at their silly conversation. “Coffee it is.” He gets up and disappears into the kitchen, while Kevin puts the key to the attic on the table. He should really get upstairs, he had promised Chad to get started and he should stick to his promises.

“You know what, Scotty. Some coffee to put some life back into us and then we go upstairs and have a look around to see what secrets the attic is hiding from the world. I like the idea of snooping around and going through Cherry’s possessions. I feel like some crazy stalker who has permission to do it…. Does that make sense?”

“No.” Scotty answers. “But I’ll take it, because I’m done hanging around doing nothing.”
“Any ideas on how to proceed? You’re the one with the experience in cleaning up a mess.” Kevin remembers the total mess their house had been in after moving in and how Scotty had quickly managed to somehow bring some order into it.

Scotty doesn’t answer straightaway. He focuses instead on getting Kevin and himself coffee. Kevin waits. He knows that Scotty’s mind is dealing with his question.
“I think, …” Scotty places the coffee in front of Kevin. “… that we should put the dresses on one side, there were quite a lot of them on the ground, thrown over suitcases and on boxes.

Then we will put all the pictures in one box. There are too many of them lying around and I don’t think that there’s any system to them. Once we’ve done that, we can look at what’s in the crates, boxes, suitcases and bags. I can only imagine that we will find even more dresses, pictures and magazines.”

“Sounds like an plan to me. Let’s do it. We promised Chad to have something organized by the time he got here.” Kevin reminds Scotty.


Scotty is glad that he had thought to bring a thermos of coffee and a roll of cookies up with them into the attic. Kevin leans back against a crate and wipes the sweat of his forehead.
“This is hard work. We need a break.”

“Break coming up.” Scotty smiles and he hands Kevin two cookies and a cup filled with hot coffee.
“Just what I needed.” Kevin sighs after tasting how strong the coffee is. “What amazing stuff..”

“I found fan-letters and even a few proposals.” Scotty grins.
“I wonder if I can perhaps get one or two of her earrings for Olivia. She’d love them. I think I’ve reached the 28th pair by now, and several incomplete sets.”
“She must have had more jewelry, I assume?”

“I’d have to ask Chad. I don’t think that the ex-husband got as much as he had expected. I remember something about it, how he complained that people were lying to him and keeping things from him… If only he could prove it… He was a nasty piece of work. Self-centered. Truly disliked him, from the interview I saw with him.” Kevin says.

Scotty picks up a picture of two beautiful men. He flips it over and on the back he reads ‘Derek and Bob, July ‘72’. He shows it to Kevin, who whistles.
“They are gorgeous. I can see the attraction that Cherry might have had for them.”
“My thoughts exactly. And I can see why they would love her. She looks so pretty and cute.”

He gives Kevin another picture. This time it’s one of Derek and Bob, while Cherry stands between them, an arm around each man’s waist. Judging from the clothes and hair, it must have been taken around the same time as the first one. Kevin turns it over. All it reads is: ‘Us 1972’

It somehow touches Kevin that Cherry had considered Bob as a part of the ‘us’ in her relationship. Her broad smile seems so genuine, so loving, not the Hollywood smile that Kevin has seen on so many stills. They look young, healthy and extremely happy with their lives.

“Tomorrow, we must get more information out of Candace. I want to know more about Cherry, Derek and Bob.”
“How do we bribe her?” Scotty asks.
“Our power-weapon. Red velvet cupcakes. Made by you.” Kevin answers without a second thought.

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