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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 12/??

The summer is magic... 12/??

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: Yeah! I finally have a clue where this is going! ...


“What’s wrong?” Kevin asks when he sees that Scotty isn’t looking too happy.
“Just checked the weather-forecast. They expect rain and stormy weather for the coming 2 days.”
“I already had the impression that the wind was picking up.” Kevin nods.

“I’m not entirely sure what we should do in this house when it rains. Except for our first night, we’ve had nothing but sunny days and we had time to walk on the beach, go for a drive, have a picnic, but with two days of rain … what are we supposed to do here, in this house?”
“I can think of something…” Kevin replies with a mischievous grin.

Scotty smiles, as he can guess what Kevin is referring too.
“Sex will only keep up busy for a limited amount of time.” He answers.
“Yeah, you’re right. Hey, maybe you can try one or two of the recipes you found in those old cook-books?”

“It’s an idea.” Scotty doesn't seem too enthusiastic.
“I can help you in the kitchen….”
“I’d like that, except… I’m not really in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen ”
“Okay, I get that.” Kevin can only agree. After all, Scotty is on holidays too.

Just as Kevin is about to suggest other options, his phone rings.
“Hey, Chad, how are you?”
“Fine. And you guys? Having fun?”
“Quite some good times. So happy the bed doesn’t creak.” Kevin grins.

Scotty sticks out his tongue, he can already figure out how this conversation will turn out.
“Care to elaborate?” Chad asks cheekily.
“How much detail do you want?”

“I’m alone in hotel-room. Jason is in Washington with Robert’s ex-wife and their kids. So, I’m all alone and very, very lonely….” Chad must be pouting, Kevin can hear it.
“Sorry. I only do telephone-sex with Scotty.” He grins, seeing that Scotty makes a face and mouths the word ‘What?!’.

“Spoilsport!” Chad tries to sound insulted, but the laughter is in his voice and Kevin can’t help but smile too.
“All I can reveal is that everything is hard… to resist… And satisfaction… guaranteed…. Hot is an understatement and the word ‘heavenly’ has gotten a whole new meaning.”

“I hate you.” Chad mutters and Kevin laughs out loud. “I hope that at least the weather is good? So you can occasionally tumble out of bed and go outside for some fresh air?”
“Yes. Excellent. So far anyway.”

“According to Scotty the forecast is predicting a lot of rain for the coming two days. Now we’re going to have to figure out what to do during that time...” Kevin answers. “Aside from the obvious hot sex and basking in the after-glow of previously mentioned hot sex.” He can hear Chad laugh on the other side, but Chad doesn’t come back with some quip.

“Maybe that’s good news… I was wondering if I could impose on you two.. Just a little bit?... Just a job that might give you something to do during those 2 days.”
“What?” Kevin is curious and careful at the same time, not interested in getting a time-consuming job during his holiday either.

“I was wondering if… that’s if you guys are interested… you may have noticed that there’s a lot of Cherry’s possessions still in the attic. I’ve been asked by her fanclub if I couldn’t arrange for some exhibition with her dresses, her pictures and other personal items… Perhaps an auction for a good cause… She supported several causes.

There’s so much in the attic, but I haven’t had the heart to go through her things just yet. I still feel like it’s her house and I’m some intruder in her personal space and I dread being up there alone. Jason isn’t too keen on going with me and I don’t want strangers going through Cherry’s possessions either.

So, I had wondered if you’d mind if I’d drop by and we could have a look upstairs, the three of us, and find out what exactly is stashed up there that we could still use…

I mean, it's not like I haven't been up there, but just one look around and I locked it up again and left. Maybe going through her belongings with you two, will make me feel less intrusive.” Chad sounds a bit embarrassed to have to ask.

Kevin, on the other hand, is glad that Chad asks for his help and that he can do something in return for Chad’s generous offer of letting them stay in this house. And if it means giving up one day, or two, to help Chad, then he has no objections and he guesses that Scotty won’t either.

“No. No problem. I would love to help you. And so would Scotty…” Kevin looks at Scotty, who frowns, not sure if he would really like to help, considering that he doesn’t know what Chad is asking for. Though Kevin smiles at him with confidence so it can’t be some extravagant request.

“So, you’re coming here?” Kevn asks, making Scotty look up.
“Yes, the day after tomorrow, if that’s alright with you. I’ll be staying one night. I’ll be there somewhere in the afternoon and I will leave a day later, early in the morning.” Chad has obviously memorized the itinerary before asking.

“You know what? Bring the keys with you to open the door and let yourself in. We might be upstairs and we would have to rush downstairs to open up for you. Just call out for us and let us know you’re there.”
“Fine. I’ll see you then.”


“Do you think we should ask Candace to join us? She was so close to Cherry. It might mean a great deal to her if she could be up there too.” Kevin asks for Scotty’s opinion.
“She has a key to the house, in case of an emergency. She’s the one who got the house ready for us. Don’t you think she’s been up in the attic yet?” Scotty asks.

“No. Apparently Cherry would allow Candace to look after the house, in her absence, but the attic was off limits, even to her. There are only two keys. One on Chad’s set of keys, which used to be Cherry’s and one on the set we have, which used to be her husband’s keys.”
“In that case, Candace might like to have a look around in the attic.” Scotty nods.

“I’ll ask Chad if it’s alright with him too. I’m not going to do this without his permission.”
“Good idea…. Oh, and Kevin? If you want telephone-sex with Chad, that’s alright with me, provided I can listen in.” Scotty teases.

“You, Mr Wandell, are so devious!” Kevin fakes being shocked.
“And you love it!” Scotty knows his husband all too well.
“I will send him a text and leave it at that. And then I will chase you to bedroom, tie you down and have mad, passionate sex with you…”

“Neanderthal!...” Scotty reacts, only to grin: “I love the idea.”
“Knew that!... Give me 5 minutes and I’ll make you all mine…”
“Promises, promises…. You have 4 minutes…”
“I’ll type with 2 thumbs then.” Kevin grins.


“I would love that!” Candace replies. “But I already have something planned for tomorrow. Can’t we do it the day after tomorrow, please? I would love, love, love to see Cherry’s attic. I remember how spectacular some of her dresses were and how much she loved all her pictures and jewelry and she had so many different shoes….”

It becomes quiet on the other side and Kevin wonders what’s going on, when he suddenly hears a loud sob.
“I’m sorry, Kevin… I shouldn’t be crying, but … I feel so honored that Chad allowed this. I don’t want to miss it.”

“You can join us the day after tomorrow.” Kevin agrees with her. “No problem.” He hasn’t told her yet that Chad will join them, because he’s not entirely convinced that Chad will actually show up and he doesn’t want to make her too excited. “We’ll see you then. Around 10 o’clock?” He asks, arranging the appointment.


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