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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 10/??

The summer is magic... 10/??

By Marea67
Rate: Not sure yet...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...


Kevin stops the car in front of Carlin and Candace’s house.
“Well, this must be it.” He says needlessly. Scotty nods. Neither of them is really interested in going. As they get out of their car, they can see the door open and Candace walks up to them. The first thing Scotty notices is that she seems even more disheveled than the first time.

The dress she’s wearing is beautiful, but too large and ‘hangs’ around her, not flattering her at all. Her hair had seemed uncombed the last time, this time she seems to given up the battle altogether. She’s wearing a pearl necklace that somehow doesn’t seem to belong on her. It makes her look older and not as sophisticated as it probably should.

“I’m so glad you’re here….” Though there’s a smile on her face, the smile doesn’t seem to reach her eyes. It’s not that she’s less welcoming. She seems as genuine, but something just feels ‘off’. “Carlin is waiting in the garden… He’s a good man, you know..” She emphasizes.

Kevin and Scotty give each other a quick glance. What a weird thing to say. She seems more nervous than the last time, when she had met them alone. They follow her to the house.
“Oh! He’s here already.” Candace’s voice sounds like squeak.

They are greeted by a man, dressed in khaki shorts, a black shirt, khaki coloured bodywarmer with a 1001 pockets, knee-high khaki coloured socks and firm walking boots.

Everything about him oozes control, power and determination. He has broad shoulders and, though Scotty isn’t the shortest man around, he has to look up a bit to look the man in the eyes.
“Carlin Cassidy.” He introduces himself in an authoritarian voice.

They shake hands and the grip is so firm that Kevin quietly checks if nothing is broken in his hand.
“Candy told me everything about you two guys… A couple, huh? .. Well, wouldn’t have happened in my days, but whatever makes you happy. BWAHAHA!”

The laughter is so loud that it startles Scotty. He can see Candace flinch as well.
“I’m glad to notice that you have nothing against it…?” Kevin puts a questioning tone to his voice, because he’s not entirely sure if Carlin is or isn’t against gay marriage.
“I’m sure that ….” Candace starts, but Carlin talks right through it.

“As long as you keep your hands of off me, we’re good. BWAHAHA!” Carlin declares jovially, not noticing the look that passes between Kevin and Scotty.
“Don’t worry. We’re pretty monogamous.” Scotty answers, managing to control his face from displaying a certain disgust.

“Come in. Come in. Candy has been all nervous about asking you here, if you don’t come in she might just have a heart-attack right here and now. BWAHAHA!” The door opens wide and Kevin, followed by Scotty enter a large hall. Immediately he feels ill at ease by the sight of a large dead bear standing in the hall way. Seeing Kevin’s reaction Carlin boasts:

“Shot that one myself. Stupid animal should have stayed in hibernation. Was still half asleep when I saw him. Just one shot. Right between the eyes… BWAHAHA!” Above the door is the head of a moose and Scotty feels sorry for the animal, staring at him with sad eyes.

“Shall we have some tea and cake first?” Candace suggests, her hand making some pathetic motion to a door.
“Candy! Don’t be so stupid. These guys would prefer scotch, right? Silly woman, thinking that just because you’re gay, you want tea. BWAHAHA!”

Kevin isn’t sure how to respond. He may be a Walker, but even he thinks it’s too early for alcohol. Plus he doesn’t like the way the man talks about Candace. She seems to shrivel up even more. Scotty quickly assesses the situation and he can see that Kevin’s sharp tongue is about to do his work.

“I’m sorry.” He says in a calm voice. “Kevin is not allowed to drink alcohol. He has painkillers for a bad back. I’m sure that tea will be just great for him….” Seeing that Carlin seems to dislike the answer, he continues soothingly: “I, however, would love a glass of Scotch.” Carlin immediately seems to be less offended.

He walks over to the bar, while Candace rings for tea.
“I’m sorry, but you’re the designated driver as of now, I’m afraid.” Scotty quickly tells Kevin, who nods that he agrees.
“Thank you so much.” Candace says softly as she passes them to sit in her chair.

Both men have no idea why she’s thanking them, but they don’t have time to think it over. Carlin proposes to sit out in the garden and have lunch there. They take their drinks outside where a large table has been set for an elaborate lunch. They follow their hosts in sitting down.

Kevin and Scotty are quite used to difficult lunches. They both have experience with conversations that just refuse to flow, but today neither man seems to be able to get it afloat this time and, by silent agreement, they both end up giving up, just letting the events take over the lunch and not try to make the situation better.

Carlin is big, loud and every sentence seems be a statement. The jokes about gay mrn (and not bending over their presence for fear of being jumped. BWAHAHA!) nearly makes Scotty pack up and leave. Carlin’s assumption that they must at least be hairdressers or something (BWAHAHA!) makes Kevin cringe.

The fact that Kevin is actually a lawyer makes something of an impression on Carlin, but Scotty continues to downplay his own job, by being vague about ‘working in a kitchen’. Scotty has already determined that he dislikes the man and has no desire to feel any obligation to invite him back at their place for a lunch/dinner.

Of course, politically engaged as Carlin is, he insists that all Democrats should be put up against the wall and get shot. BWAHAHA! And that women, in general, belong in the kitchen and should keep their husbands happy. BWAHAHA! No, they don’t have children. Nothing but a damn nuisance anyway. BWAHAHA!

They don’t have pets. If Carlin would see a cat or a dog on his property he uses it for target-practice (and he points at his hunting rifle) BWAHAHA! They have an expensive car, but Candy can’t drive it. Women behind the wheel is asking for accidents. BWAHAHA! She can drive the small 'cookie-jar' which is standing next to Carlin's large car. BWAHAHA!

The weather is warm and humid and yet Carlin doesn’t take off his body-warmer, even though large pools of sweat have formed under his armpits. But ‘a real man’ can take the heat. (BWAHAHA!) making the words feel as an insult to Kevin who had softly complained about the increasing temperature.

Scotty is tempted start an argument with the man, but he’s saddened by seeing how ‘Candy’ seems to wilt even more. He can understand why Candace hates to be called Candy. Carlin makes the name sound so cheap somehow, and never endearing. In fact, Scotty gets the distinct feeling that Carlin doesn’t appreciate his wife all that much.

He repeatedly tells Candy-dear, that she’s wrong about something (even if she’s not), that she’s dumb (though this is not the impression that Scotty has of her), that she’s not all that articulate (she indeed no longer resembles the talkative woman they had met earlier) and he jokes about her inability to cook (but by now Scotty no longer believes that either).

Scotty wonders how much long he can take all this nonsense, when Kevin puts a hand on his arm.
“Scotty, I think we must leave. My painkillers are wearing off and the pain in my back is coming full force.” Kevin pretends to be near death with pain.

“Yes. Yes, of course…” Scotty stammers and he gets up, feeling happy to have an excuse to leave this lunch. “I’m sorry, …” He starts to apologize to Carlin and Candace, who both immediately tell them that it’s alright. In fact Carlin insists that they take some of the chicken with them so they will have something to eat tonight. BWAHAHA!

Within a few seconds Candace is back with some food packed in aluminum foil. She seems eager to usher them out of the house and Scotty wonders if she’s as thoroughly embarrassed by how the lunch had gone as he is. So he accepts with a quick nod and lets her lead him and Kevin to the front-door.


“I’ve never been more happy to drive away from a place.” Kevin sighs, still horrified by this afternoon.
“That was one of the most awkward lunches I’ve ever had.” Scotty agrees. “Even though the food was good.” It’s the highest compliment that Scotty can give and Kevin has to agree.

“The food was excellent. If only the host had kept his big mouth shut.”
“Poor Candace. I felt so sorry for her.”
“She just seemed to wither away with every word he said.” Kevin brings up, Scotty nods.

“I’m sure he must have been a good husband, provider… whatever… to her, but, man, is he obnoxious. If I ever talk about you in the same way Carlin talked about Candace, punch me.” Kevin says.
“Can I get that written black on white?” Scotty teases.

“Sorry, I only have a blue pen in my pocket.”
“I’ll take it.” Scotty grins.
“You want to punch me too much.” Kevin notices in all seriousness.
“Only if you’re being nasty to me.” Scotty reminds him.

“Which I never am, because I love and respect you.”
“True. And I do the same with you.” Scotty leans in and kisses Kevin. “Let’s not invite Carlin over to our house of have another lunch, dinner, drink or anything else, please.”
“I agree. What about Candace? I like her.”

“Yes. Me too.”
“Carlin did say that he’d be flying to the main land this week, perhaps we could ask Candace to join us for lunch in return? And we wouldn’t have to deal with him.”
“That sounds like a good idea to me.” Kevin agrees.


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