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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 09/??

The summer is magic... 09/??

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...


Kevin hisses with pain, when Scotty applies the lotion to his skin.
“You should have gone in when I did.” Scotty scolds with love in his voice. “You wouldn’t have been so sunburned.”
“I should have.” Kevin agrees. He closes his eyes tightly when Scotty hits another sore spot.

“No sex tonight then.” Scotty concludes.
“Not unless you’re very, very careful…” Somehow Kevin manages to put some hope in his sentence and Scotty shakes his head, his eyes bright with amusement. He feels partially sorry for his sunburned husband, but another side of him wants to tease Kevin mercilessly with it.

“Doctor said that this will help you feel better by tomorrow morning. You aren’t as burned as you could have been.” He says, silencing his need to tease to put even more lotion on Kevin’s back.
“Luckily you woke me up when you did.” Kevin says.

“You’re lucky I looked out the window of the bathroom and saw you turn all red… I was torn between watching you being practically naked and doing something to save your reddening back.”
“Lucky me. You made the right choice.” Kevin reaches out to Scotty to pull him in for a kiss.

“You’re welcome.” Scotty replies to the kiss. “Now lie down a bit and let the lotion do its business.”
“Stay with me?” Kevin asks. Scotty smiles and lies down next to his husband. He takes Kevin’s hand into his own, his thumb sliding over Kevin’s wedding-ring.

The ring lifts up a little and underneath it he can see where the sun hadn’t been able to tan the white skin. It’s so white because the sun hasn’t seen it in over 6 years. Scotty can’t believe it’s been that long.
“I love to see you wear this…”

“Happiest day of my life.” Kevin replies. “Just seeing you standing there. You were so nervous.”
“I kept thinking that you’d try to escape.” Scotty remembers.
“I was worried you’d do the same.” Kevin laughs.

“Never! I wanted to marry you with everything I had.” Scotty leans over to kiss Kevin. “It meant everything to me. From the moment you proposed to me, to the moment you put that ring on my finger… You made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.”

“To me, you are just that.” The love in Kevin’s eyes makes Scotty move closer and steal another kiss. Kevin wants to take Scotty on top of him and deepen the kiss, but then makes a noise of pain and rolls away from his back.
“Your sunburn..” Scotty reminds him.

“Yeah, thanks.” Kevin tries to be sarcastic, but he looks a bit distressed at the pain and Scotty lies down on his back so Kevin can lie on his side and let his head rest on Scotty’s shoulder. Scotty makes sure that he doesn’t get in touch with Kevin’s back. He kisses Kevin’s forehead.

“Who could have guessed that walking into a lawyer’s office would change my life like this?” Scotty laughs.
“Not this lawyer. You were way too intimidating for me.” Kevin smiles at the memory of how strong an impression Scotty had left on him.
“You and your weird family…. Do you remember that dinner when your mom outed Holly as William’s mistress?”

“What must you have thought of us.” Kevin wonders. "We were just so .... 'weird' must be the right word."
“I was so fascinated. I was horrified… Your mom was so vulnerable and strong at the same time.”

The admiration for Nora doesn’t go unnoticed. Kevin can only feel pride for his mother. Though of course, what she had done would be considered ‘not done’, he had felt nothing but amazement for how his mother had handled herself.
“So, no regrets then?” Kevin asks.

“No. Never. Not a single moment. I don’t know what I would have done without you and your family. Getting involved with you, marrying you, it brought me everything I ever wanted. Love, family, friends, a safe haven… children…” Scotty suddenly feels strangely moved. He had never realized how much he had wanted all of that.

“Yes, we have two beautiful kids.” Kevin pretends to ignore the tears he sees in Scotty’s eyes, but he has seen them. He wipes one of them away. “They are a joy to be with every day. I learn so much from them. Olivia is so strong and eager to learn and Daniel is growing up too smart too fast as well.”

“I know. I never knew that I could be so proud of a child.” He turns to face Kevin “We’re so lucky…. And to think that I nearly threw that all away by cheating.” He sighs. The words have escaped him before he could realize their impact. He can see the smile disappear from Kevin’s face.

For a moment he fears that their feel-good moment is over, but Kevin only shrugs.
“It’s behind us. We were both in a bad place. We needed each other, but we couldn’t be there for each other. It would be easy to blame you, but I was there too, or rather I wasn’t… which was exactly the problem.”

Kevin’s hand caresses Scotty’s cheek and any answer from Scotty gets muffled by a sweet, loving kiss.
“I love you. And I know you love me. We love each other. That is all that matters.” Kevin emphasizes before kissing Scotty again.

Scotty lets the kiss happen, wanting to reply but afraid to hurt Kevin, if he would accidentally press too hard on his back. Instead he puts his hand behind Kevin’s head. Their kiss becomes more intense, but then Kevin moans in pain.
“Sorry, you put your hand on my back and…”

“Sorry, baby…” Scotty kisses Kevin softly. “Perhaps we should stop here, before things get too heated.” He can see that Kevin is disappointed, but that Kevin can also see the logic in Scotty’s words. “I promise I will make it up to you later this week.” Scotty smiles.
“You’d better.” Kevin concedes.


“So, what’s our plan for today?” Scotty asks, looking up from the newspaper he can see that Kevin has finished his coffee. Breakfast is mostly over and the beautiful sunny weather begs for them to go out and do something fun.
“I don’t know yet. We can go to the beach.”

“I’d like that.” Scotty can never get enough of being on the beach anyway. He loves it.
“Or we could drive around and see what the rest of the island looks like? Candace said that the island is not that big.”
“I like that idea as well. I could make a picnic basket…”

“I’d like that!” Kevin immediately jumps at the idea.
“If we find a beautiful look-out point we could eat there and enjoy the views… and each other… How’s your back?”
“Feeling a little less painful.”

“Then we have a plan.” Scotty replies with a cheerful grin and he gets up. At that moment the phone rings and Scotty, being the closest by, picks it up. His ‘Scotty Wandell’ as he picks up makes Kevin smile. He likes to hear Scotty’s voice. “Oh, hi, Candace….”

Scotty leaves the kitchen to talk freely to Candace while Kevin steals Scotty’s newspaper and starts to read. A few minutes later Scotty walks back in.
“How would you feel about changing our plans?”
“To what?”

“Candace asked us to join her and her husband for lunch this afternoon… I kinda said yes?”
“Well, if you said yes, then our plans have been changed, right?” Kevin answers cheerfully.
“’re you mad?” Scotty asks, just to be sure.

“I didn’t discuss it with you first ..?"
“I’m not mad. Where you go, I will go with you. You know that.” Kevin answers with a sweet smile.

END OF PART 09/???
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