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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 08/??

The summer is magic... 08/??

By Marea67
Rate: Not sure yet...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...

A moment of peace..


Kevin wakes up because the bed moves, the sheets gets pulled down and someone is kissing his back.
“You’d better be my husband or I’m in deep shit, because you’re sure doing a good job... Care to try the front…?”

He slowly turns to his back to be greeted by Scotty’s sweet smile.
“Breakfast.” He singsongs pointing at the tray on the night-stand.
“I already thought that I smelled something delicious. I thought it was you, but now it turns out to be the coffee.”

“And cupcakes.”
“Cupcakes?” Kevin is immediately tempted to try one. “Strawberry?”
“Well, my Red Velvet ones turn you on too much. There’s no way to satisfy you once you start with those.” Scotty teases. “So, I have to take a safer alternative.”

“But… but.. these are still verrrrrry…. Arrrousing…” Kevin purrs, pulling Scotty closer for a kiss. Scotty backs away though.
“Oh, I don’t know, I mean kissing leads to more kissing and more kissing leads to icky things like .. oh… sex?”

“Icky? Well, that was not what you called it last night.”
“Last night?... What happened last night?” Scotty fakes deep thoughts as if he can’t remember.
“We had sex? On the beach?” Kevin is still a little proud of himself.

“We? As in ‘you and me’? You’d never do that!!”
“But last night we did…” Kevin points out.
“Maybe we should do it again? See if that freshens up my memory?” Scotty's smile is hopeful.
“Oooh, I don’t know.. If I left that little of an impression…”

Kevin fakes hesitation, but when their eyes meet they can see the fun that is between them. Kevin leans in and pulls Scotty closer for a kiss.
“I love this. Kissing you.”

“Well, lucky you. I like kissing you too…” Scotty confesses with a grin and he pushes Kevin down on the bed. Breakfast will have to wait just a little longer.


“This is how a holiday should be spent.” Kevin sighs. He just had a nice swim in the ocean and without bothering to dry himself, he lets himself fall on the blanket, next to Scotty. “Hot sun, cold water, plenty of drinks, good food…. Drop-dead gorgeous husband.” He places a cold, wet hand on Scotty’s hot belly.

Scotty cries out at the sudden cold and grabs Kevin’s wrist.
That was cold! And you are mean.”
“Punish me?” Kevin begs hopeful.
“Really?! Must you have sex on your mind all the time?!”

“You protest too much, Mr Wandell. You know you like it… Besides, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately. You are able to get any man to think of sex.”
“Well, tough for them, because I don’t want ‘any man’, I want the best, and that’s you.” Scotty flirts back.

They share a warm kiss, but then Scotty gently pushes Kevin away.
“Get out of my sunlight.” He warns playfully. Kevin quickly claims one more kiss, but then settles down on the blanket to enjoy some sun as well. The warmth does him good and he starts to relax.

He likes the hear the steady rhythm of the sea and the cries of the seagulls. What he misses is the loud noise. Whenever he’s on the beach, there’s music blaring from the different radios, there are children crying and laughing, you run the risk of getting hit by a ball or frisbee. But here it’s quiet. The beach is still almost empty.

In the far distance he thinks he can see a family on the beach. Candace had explained to them, that these days the beaches were hardly used anymore. The people had gotten too old and the newer houses had large swimming-pools, so kids (mostly grandchildren of the older couples) wouldn’t have to swim in the sea.

When Kevin had first seen the beach, he had regretted that Olivia and Daniel hadn’t been able to come along. They would have loved it to play here, but in hindsight, it was perhaps better that they weren’t here. They wouldn’t really make any new friends. Kevin could see why Candace would be bored with the island.

Kevin doesn’t mind two weeks of holidays here, but he wouldn’t be able to live here all year round. Candace had told them that the autumns were sad and grey here and the winters would usually have this cold that would penetrate your house and leave you shivering in your bed.

“Maybe we should come here in the winter?” He suddenly wonders out loud. “Stay in bed all day and keep each other warm….” He sighs with a happy smile. Scotty grins.
“Coming from the guy who goes all drama-queen if the ice in his drinks is too cold…”

“That’s different.” Kevin shrugs it off.
“Turn over. You’ll burn.” Scotty warns. Kevin obeys faithfully, knowing that the movement next to him on the blanket is Scotty taking the sun-protection.

“Cold.” It’s the only warning Scotty gives Kevin, and then he feels the cold fluid on his back. Scotty’s hands immediately spread the extra layer of sun-protection all over Kevin’s back, his fingers occasionally drifting lower than is required. Kevin wiggles his ass.

“I don’t mind if you touch.” He looks over his shoulder at Scotty.
“You want it too much. So, I’m not going to do that.” Scotty replies.

“Tease!” Kevin complains, but he lets his head on his arms as Scotty continues to massage his back. “Mmmmm, I could stay like this all day.” He moans.

“I couldn’t. My hands would cramp up.” Scotty immediately replies. “Ha! Saved by the bell!” He says as he picks up his phone, which just started ringing.

“Hi, sweetie.” He answers, his face all smiles. Kevin immediately knows that it’s Olivia on the phone. “Are you having a good time? .. Oh, good. Glad to hear…. Are you nice to your brother? Don’t fight with him. …. Yes, Daniel is good. Grandma Bertha picked him up and he’s at her place…

Yes, of course you can call him… I’m sure that my mother would love your voice as well. Yes, Kevin and I are doing great. We’re on the beach.. in the sun… reading a book… Wanna talk to Kevin….? Oh.. Okay… Talk to you later…” He closes his phone. “She had to go.” He tells Kevin.

“Aww, I wanted to talk to my baby.” Kevin pouts.
“She said she’d call you later tonight.”
“Oh, good. I can’t wait.” Kevin is immediately sheered up and Scotty laughs. He turns over to Kevin and starts to kiss him.

“If you continue like that, we’re packing up and going back to our bedroom.” Kevin warns Scotty between two kisses. “You’re way too arousing.” Scotty backs away from the kiss. He seems to think it over, but then turns on his back and continues sunbathing.
“Tease!” Kevin mutters and Scotty laughs.

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