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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 07/??

The summer is magic... 07/??

By Marea67
Rate: This part NC-17...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...


“So, what did you think about everything that Candace told us?” Scotty asks. Kevin and Scotty walk along the shoreline on the beach. They are both bare-foot, shoes in hand. Every once in a while the cold water flows over their feet. The sun is setting and it’s getting darker. The beach is empty for as far as the eye can see.

“It was a sad story.” Kevin says. It confirms that feeling that Scotty had all day that Kevin had been unusually quiet because of it. “It just hits rather close to home. It reminds me of how life used to be for men like uncle Saul or Jonathan. The secrecy, the silence, … the fear of getting caught..they all had to go through that.”

“It must have been so tough. It wasn’t easy for us to come out, but they really could better not get outed at all, because it would ruin everything. Life, career, family….”
“Well, don’t know about you, but it wasn’t a picnic at the park for me either.” Kevin remembers.

“No, but even for you it must have been easier, once you were out, to find other gay men, meet them, talk to them, be with them.”
“True, it wasn’t that difficult. Definitely different for Saul or Jonathan. Or Bob and Derek.”
“They were lucky they had Cherry.” Scotty says.

“Can you imagine reaching that moment that you look your lover in the eyes, knowing you’re going to have to kill him… I tried to imagine how I’d feel if it were you… I could never pull the trigger.” Kevin says. Scotty can’t help but smile at the idea this somehow makes him unreasonably happy. It’s nice to know that Kevin wouldn’t just shoot him.

“We’ve never been in a situation like that before. We can’t imagine what it would be like.” He then says, picking his word, because he doesn’t want to argue with Kevin.
“Would you be able to do that to me?” Kevin asks. Scotty shrugs. He’s happy that Kevin wouldn’t do it to him, yet, could he do it to Kevin? Probably not.

“Times were different. At the time, getting AIDS was the end of the line, you know. We knew so little, it was so big and no one really cared. It was a punishment from God. Why bother to do something about it? They must have known others how had died or were dying.

Maybe they even saw up close what it did to the patients. So maybe death by their own choice, together, seemed like their only option to leave this planet in a dignified way. And they had Cherry to think about. She had been the only who gave them the freedom to be themselves.

They wanted her protected, financially secure, free from shame and disgrace, which it would have been in those days. If anyone would have suspected them to be gay, it would have reflected on her. They did everything they could to protect her. There must have been a whole lot of love and trust between those three.” Scotty sighs.

Kevin doesn’t answer. Instead he takes Scotty’s hand, surprising Scotty, because Kevin is still not that much into personal displays of affection. Even though the darkness is setting in and they are alone and no one will see them, it’s still an unusual thing for Kevin to do.
But Scotty doesn’t say anything about it.

He lets only his fingers curl around Kevin’s, suspecting that Kevin will soon take his hand back, but for now he just want to enjoy the moment, because Kevin may not always enjoy PDA’s but Scotty does. In silence they continue their walk, both with their own thoughts.

“Shall we go back, or do you want to walk on?” Scotty asks at some point. They see even less of the houses and lights now.
“Yeah, let’s go back. I think we’ve well walked off our calories.” Kevin smiles. They stop to turn back, but then Kevin stops Scotty altogether.

“Wait.” He takes Scotty’s other hand as well and pulls Scotty closer. Kevin puts his arms around Scotty’s neck and kisses him. Scotty’s hands slide down Kevin’s back, pushing Kevin closer to his body.
“To what do I owe this?” Scotty asks between two kisses.

“I don’t know. I feel like I owe that to Derek and Bob. I have a freedom that they never had and… I don’t use that enough…” Kevin answers, kissing Scotty again, now even more passionately. Their kiss deepens until Scotty breaks their kiss.
“Can we just go back to the house? I want you.” He moans.

“Make love to me.” Kevin whispers. “Right here.”
“On the beach?”
“Why not? It’s not like someone can see us.” Kevin’s reply is all that Scotty needs to pull him back into his arms and kiss Kevin again.

They end up on the sand, kissing, touching, caressing. Kevin ends up on his back, feeling how Scotty slowly moves lower. He hisses when the cold water washes underneath him.
“We’ll get wet.” Scotty says, thinking that Kevin wouldn’t want to stay this close to the water and get soaked.

“Maybe I should take my jeans off. Wanna help?” He grins.
“Oh, yes. I do.” It takes quite a lot of fumbling in the dark, lots of giggling and even more kisses, but eventually they are both naked, feeling careless and mischievous. Kevin feels particularly aroused because he has never anything like this before.

Scotty is on top of him. Scotty’s hands are on his body, playing with Kevin’s hard cock, kissing him wherever the can, making Kevin arch up to the touches, making Kevin moan with desire. Eventually Kevin can feel Scotty’s hand on the back of his head. Scotty’s lips crush Kevin’s.

Scotty’s other hand slips between them, playing with both their cocks until Kevin can no longer control his feelings. He turns his head away from the kisses that burn on his lips.
“I’m gonna… I’m gonna….” He cries out. At that moment the cold sea water washes underneath him.

He shivers at the sudden cold. It shifts the balance. He holds on to Scotty as tightly as he can. Scotty’s mouth covers his again and all rational thought is gone. Kevin just comes all over Scotty’s hand in one of the most intense orgasms he has had in a long time. He’s not sure if Scotty is with him in this, but at this point he doesn’t care.


Scotty wakes up from his sleep. It’s only 3.16 at night, so he should get back to sleep. Slowly his brains register that what woke him up, is that Kevin is asleep on his arm and his arm is turning numb. He carefully pulls away his arm, trying not to wake Kevin, but Kevin moans in protest, turns over, freeing Scotty’s arm and continues his sleep.

Scotty slips out of bed to go the bathroom. He drinks some water, splashes some cold water on his face and returns to the bed. Kevin is still asleep, so Scotty sits down on the foot of the bed to watch his husband sleep. He looks so peaceful and relaxed. Well, he should be relaxed.

They had barely been back home, or they had taken a hot shower to warm up from their walk back home with their clothes clinging to their wet bodies. The hot water had heated them up again and it had turned into round two. This time they had started the sex under the shower, but they had ended it in bed. Satisfied and relaxed they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

He looks at Kevin intensely as if to remember his face for all eternity. Then he stretches his arm, points his fingers at Kevin as if they were a gun. He tries to imagine that he would have to kill Kevin for real… He lowers his arm.
“I could never do that.” He sighs.

Maybe he was a little too loud, because Kevin wakes up from his sleep.
“Whah?” He asks, startled by the sudden noise. Scotty smiles.
“Nothing, my love. I just discovered that I could never shoot you either.”
“Oh... Good... Lucky me.” Kevin answers.

He moans a little and Scotty gets back under the blanket, so he can put one arm under Kevin’s pillow, so it won't get numb again and another one around Kevin’s waist. Kevin makes an approving little noise, backs up closer to Scotty's body and goes back to sleeping. Scotty kisses Kevin’s shoulder and then tries to get back to sleeping as well.

END OF PART 07/???
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