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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 06/??

The summer is magic... 06/??

By Marea67
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“There’s more?” Kevin asks, already shocked by what he heard so far. Candace looks up at him, thinking that Kevin (and Scotty) have had enough of her talking.
“Oh. I’m sorry. Of course I shouldn’t talk so much about her… You don’t even know her and I just came by to give the cake and not to keep you from your holidays. I didn’t mean to bore you….”

Candace gets up, but Scotty takes her gently by the hand to not hurt her.
“No, please, I want to know more.” He says.
“Yeah, me too. You’re a good story-teller.” Kevin’s compliment makes Candace blush.

“I don’t want to inconvenience you two. You’re both so sweet for listening to this old fool.”
“You’re not a fool at all. You have a story to tell. And we want to listen. But I want to get some more coffee first. Or would you prefer something stronger? Or perhaps you prefer a glass of wine instead?”

“Oh, no, no wine. They give me headaches. Coffee would be great though.” Candace replies, genuinely grateful for the kindness of the two men.
“Coffee it is…” Scotty says cheerfully.


“So, Cherry lost her husband and a dear friend. What happened after that?” Kevin asks, once they’re all seated again and Scotty has supplied them with coffee and cookies.
“Well… It took Cherry quite a while to get over it. She tried dating, but every man paled in comparison. Nobody was better than dear Derek.

Cherry’s role on the Tempest Bay had been somewhat diminished and she did some smaller parts in big movies or bigger parts in small independent movies. She was a good actress, but felt that in essence "Tempest Bay" was just a silly show. So she loved to play characters that were completely the opposite of 'Joyce', the character she played on Tempest.

A woman with Alzheimer. A woman who poisoned her own family. A mother-in-law who gets too involved in the life of her daughter-in-law. She tried everything, from the hilarious to the creepy. And though her professional life was going great, her personal life was a mess.

Until she went to a New Year’s party in Los Angeles and met Lorne White. He was such a charming man. He was 7 years older than her and he made her laugh again and within two weeks, she had to admit that she was in love. Crazy in love…

Valentine’s day 1992 they got married and Cherry was sure that she had found her soul-mate and that she would finally have some happiness in her life again. Two months later she was a widow again. This time her husband died of a heart-attack.

What surprised me was that she didn't take Lorne’s death not as hard as Derek’s. She continued to work, for instance. That was something she hadn’t done when Derek died. It was as if the hole that she fell in wasn’t as big the second time around, though I think that she loved Lorne as much as she had loved Derek. Perhaps she had even loved Lorne more than Derek.

It took her six years, but then she met another man. That bastard of a Larry Jackson. He married her, said he loved her, said he wanted her and then ended a 16 year marriage by being a lying conniving cheater, who broke her heart. I could still kill him for what he did to her…” Her voice becomes angry and bitter, but she visible calms herself down.

“However... at first, everything was just peaches. She was happy. ‘Joyce’ came back from her long trip around the world to find Tempest Bay flooded with new enemies and in 2002 it was time for new young doctor to be added to the show. That is when she met your friend Chad.

Cherry never talked much about her co-stars. She didn’t hate them, but she wasn’t too close with any of them either, but she was crazy for Chad from the day she met him. She thought he was charming, cute and drop-dead gorgeous, but also suspected that he was gay. I laughed at her when she said it, but .. she was sure of it.

So, I asked her why she thought he was gay and she answered with one word ‘Experience’, but she didn’t elaborate on the topic, so I thought she was just teasing me and I left it at that. She would spend more time in LA anyway those days, so it wasn’t like our friendship was still as close as it was, when Derek was still alive.

And then she found out about Larry and his bimbo… God, I hate those two so much. Did you know that he tried to get this house back claiming that Chad had purposely bought it under-value and had tried to rob Cherry of her money? Bullshit of course. But he just had to try and get it back, so he could sell it for a better price. Chad had a better lawyer though.

When Cherry found out about the cheating she was hurt first, but then she got absolutely livid. She called in sick with a terrible flu and came here to think, before she’d make a decision. Here, in 2014, is where she came to the idea to ask Chad for his help.

And it was here where we sat, over there, near the fence, one night. She had drank a bit too much and, since we were alone, just the two of us, she suddenly leaned a bit closer and asked if she could tell me a secret. I said that 'sure she could'. She knew she could trust me. I’d never tell on her. And that is when she told me… She told me that she had kept a secret for a long time.

Bob wasn’t a ‘dear friend’ of Derek's. He was Derek’s lover. And Cherry had always known about that. It was fine with her. She didn’t care about that. Derek had needed a wife to be seen as a serious partner in his family’s company. And Cherry loved Derek very much. Not so much ‘in love’, but ‘love’. And she loved Bob too.

She loved them as a couple. She became a part of Derek and Bob’s life, just like Bob had become a part of her life with Derek. Derek divided his time, love and attention well. Cherry was a loving and faithful wife. Derek never looked at another woman. She confided that they sometimes even had sex, but it was never important to her.

They had wanted to have children, but Derek wasn’t capable to…. you know… supply the goods…. They had even considered asking Bob for help, the natural way of course… But when it came to the big moment, it all felt so weird that they cancelled it.”

Candace navigates carefully through her sentences. Scotty’s jaw drops. Kevin, on the other hand, can sympathize with Bob, remembering the moment that Tommy had told him that he and Julia wanted to use Kevin’s sperm to get Julia pregnant. Kevin had wondered if Tommy was seriously suggesting that Kevin and Julia should have sex… Then he had understood that it had to be done artificially.

“So, Derek and Bob were both gay and it was in the early 80s when Bob got sick with an illness that attacked his immune-system…” Candace says quietly.
“Oh my God.” Scotty suddenly understands where Candace is going with this and the shock is clearly on his face.

“Though Derek had made a promise to Cherry that he would never embarrass her by getting caught with another woman or mand, he had made such a promise to Bob. They were both free men. They never made any promises on being monogamous. But Derek had Cherry to think of, his family-business to deal with and he didn’t always have time for Bob.

So Bob occasionally had other boyfriends. When Bob finally went to the doctor and told him how he felt, he was asked if he was gay… and when he reluctantly agreed, the doctor had him tested….

There wasn’t much known on the decease then, but it was known that he wouldn’t get out of it alive. And it was also known that he could have infected others. And as it turned out, he had. He had infected Derek.”
“And what about Cherry?”

“No. She hadn’t been with Derek in quite a while. But, later on, she did have herself anonymously tested to be sure. Money buys you everything, I suppose. But it doesn’t buy you a medicine for AIDS. Needless to say, Derek and Bob were devastated by the news and by the fact that they were running out of time. Bob was even sicker than Derek.

That’s when they made a pact. They didn’t want to see each other wither away and they didn’t want to burden Cherry. So, in a short time, they arranged all their paperwork, made sure that Cherry would be taken care of and provided for.

Then they hid their valuables in the house, where they couldn't be found too easily and then they went sailing. They hadn’t told Cherry anything. Once far enough from the coast, they threw things on the floor and made a mess to make it look like someone had gone through their things.

Once that was done… Derek must have shot Bob first. Then he shot himself… And threw the gun away into the water and waited for his death… A week after the funeral Cherry got a letter from Derek, through a friend, in which he laid out the plans on how they had planned to end their lives and then he explained the why.

That is when she found out and had herself tested as well. She had no idea, until she got the letter. And then she had to deal with everything on her own. She hadn’t dared to confide in anyone. No one could know the truth. She just had to keep the secret.

For Derek and his family. For Bob. And for herself. And she loved them both, she could never betray them… So, she took the secret with her to the grave.” Kevin and Scotty sit silently, letting the words sink in, let them make sense.

Secrets, lies, not being who you want to be, not being with who you should be… It’s all too familiar. It reminds them of Saul. It reminds them of Jonathan. And it reminds them of so many others. It reminds of the love and the time they had lost, because they grew up in a time where they were not accepted for who they were.

“She said that the moment she saw Chad, she saw Derek. She just knew he was gay, just like Derek had been. Because he was just like Derek. And I think that is why she always had a soft spot for Chad, and it’s why she has always wanted to protect him, just like she had always protected Derek and Bob.”

END OF PART 06/???

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