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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 04/??

Sorry it took a while. Best laid plans and all that stuff.... but here's part 4. :)

The summer is magic... 04/??

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...


And just when Scotty thinks about putting Kevin on his back on the grass and do indecent things with him, the doorbell rings loud and clear. They break their kiss and look at each other in disbelief.
“If that is someone from my family, I swear, I’m moving to Alaska…” Kevin growls.

Scotty laughs softly, while making a quick prayer that it is indeed not any of the Walkers. He wouldn’t put it passed them, but that would become too weird and Scotty isn’t sure that he would be able to remain polite if they would show up. He walks up to the door, but hesitates for a second before opening. What if it really is Sarah? Or Nora? Or Justin? No, not Justin. Kitty?

He closes his eyes and opens the door with a quick pull. When he opens his eyes again he sees an older woman standing there. She's somewhere in her 60s he guesses. She has big anxious brown eyes and her hair seems uncombed, but Scotty thinks that it might be purposely looking like that.

Everything about her oozes ‘stuck in the 1950’s’.
“Hi?” Scotty starts carefully, wondering what she’s doing here and then his eyes notice the large apple-pie she’s holding. She looks from Scotty’s face to the apple-pie and back and then lets out a long sigh as if she’s been holding her breath all along.

Then like a machine-gun she goes off:
“I’m sorry. My name is Candace Cassidy, but everybody calls me Candy… I hate that… but my husband always tells everyone to call me Candy and everybody always does what my husband says… I hope I’m not intruding on your free time…?

I just wanted to give you a little welcome-gift and I hope that we will meet each other more often. My husband and I are your next-door neighbors. The green and white house over there behind those trees. You probably saw it when you drove up here last night…. Or not… What with and rain and all…

Our weather is usually better than what we had last night… Don’t worry. I understood from Chad that you’re here with your ... husband? Is that right? .. It’d be nice to have some young people here for a change. I think the youngest on the island is 59 years old by now, that would be Tracy Bellings… that little tramp…

Oh, I shouldn’t speak evil of people, but some people just bring that up in you, don’t they? … I know it’s all gossip and that she has denied it all, but… well, where there’s smoke there’s fire, right? Oh, if only she’d do more for the community on the island, she’d be better liked.

But that is irrelevant, considering that you wouldn’t be interested in her escapades anyway, with your being gay and all… I mean.. I mean, that is right, right? I can be so forgetful sometimes… Chad had asked me to make sure that there would food in the kitchen for you two. I hope it was all alright? Did I forget something? I hope not…

We have a cook cooking for us, so it’s been a while since I did the groceries. I could have asked her of course, but, well, I liked that Chad asked this of me and I liked it to go the store and buy all those things. I just thought of what I would really like and I could only hope that you would like them too.

It’s been such a long time ago since I did my own cooking. My husband says I couldn’t cook if my life depended on it… but you know, until I got married to him I cooked for my grand-parents, my dad, my mom and my 3 little brothers and all of came out alive. Of course by now, my grand-parents and parents are dead, but they died of old age and not my cooking. And my brothers are all three still alive, healthy and happy, so one could think that I wasn’t as bad as he pretends I am. Do you cook?”

Scotty is caught between being horrified, amused and fascinated.
“I cook a little bit…” He starts carefully. He has no intention to be cooking for anyone else but Kevin and himself this holiday, so he doesn’t want to give anyone any ideas.

“Oh. The pie.” Candace holds it up and she’s ready to give it to him.
“That looks and smells delicious.” It does. It really does. And Scotty is more than interested in the apple-pie.

“Why don’t you come in and have some coffee with my husband and me?” Candace enters the house with a quick nod. Scotty closes the door. “Did you make the pie yourself?” It smells too good to Scotty’s nose to be store-bought. He can always pick out the ‘real’ ones from the ‘fake’ ones.

“Oh, yes. Yes, I did. I’m a bit rusty at this, but if there’s one thing that my husband would never say no to it’s my apple-pie…. Of course, it’s the only thing he will eat.” Her voice trails off as she looks around. “It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here. I just put everything in the fridge and in the freezer two days ago.

And I came in through the kitchen-door. Though Chad told me I could keep an eye on the house and he gave me a key, I couldn’t really bring myself to be here all alone. The house is almost untouched since Chad bought it from Cherry. It’s weird, but … I keep expecting to see her come down those stairs. Regal and beautiful as she always was….”

She stares at the stairs as if she’s willing the ghost of Cherry Lockhardt to appear and Scotty can almost feel the wave of sadness that comes over her.
“You knew her well?” He asks gently, realizing that her thoughts are somewhere else. She turns to him. This time her voice is softer and she speaks slower, almost dreamily.

“Oh, yes. We were both so young when we came living here…” She sighs. Kevin enters the hall-way and gives Scotty a questioning look.
“Kevin, this is Mrs Cassidy. Candace Cassidy. She hates to be called Candy. She’s our next door neighbor. And she brought us apple-pie as a little welcome-gift.”

“Well, then we should get some coffee and not let this pie go to waste.” Kevin says more cheerful than he actually feels. He would have liked to spend some time alone with Scotty, but Nora has pressed too much politeness in him to be rude to this older woman. “My name is Kevin. Kevin Walker. I’m Scotty’s husband.” They shake hands.

He keeps a good look on her face to see how she reacts to his words, but she doesn’t even blink. He assumes that at least she’s not homophobic.
“Candace just told me that she knew Cherry Lockhardt very well.” Scotty offers.
“I’d love to hear all about that.” Kevin answers and he guides Candace to the back-porch.

Once they each have a slice of the terrific apple-pie and some coffee, there’s a little silence. It’s not uncomfortable. It seems as if Candace soaks up the peaceful feeling that lingers in the air of this house. She’s suddenly quiet and thoughtful. Scotty takes up his coffee-cup.
“You knew Mrs Lockhardt very well, you said?” He asks. Candace looks up at him as if she’d forgotten all about him and Kevin.

“Oh, yes. Sweetest woman ever. Wicked sense of humor. There was nothing she loved to do more than laugh and have fun. When we were younger, in our 20s, both just married and all, we would throw parties. There would champagne and lots of delicious food. And women in beautiful dresses, wearing expensive jewelry. We would dance all night. Oh, those were the days. When you’re young you think it will always be like that, don’t you?” She sighs.

“But now, of course, all those people from way back then are either dead, or they’ve reached an age where they might as well be dead. Fossils, most of them. Not all. Henry is still great fun to hang out with, but after his last surgery, he can barely get out of his wheel-chair anymore.”

“Is Henry your husband?” Kevin asks.
“Oh, heavens, no! Henry is just a dear friend. My husband’s name is Carlin. Carlin Cassidy.”
“So, it’s Carlin and Candace Cassidy?” Kevin asks.

Scotty bites his lower lip as the memory of Kevin’s reaction to hearing about 'Wally Wandell' comes back to mind. He manages to swallow away the laughter that almost came up. He wouldn’t want to offend Candace, because she seems to be a genuinely nice person, even if perhaps a bit too nervous.

“You know…” Candace seems suddenly very serious. “I was surprised when I found out that she had sold this house to one of her co-stars… but after I met him and now you two, I wonder what it is that attracted Cherry to gay men?”
“What do you mean?” Scotty asks.

Candace seems surprised by her own bluntness and retracts her words.
“Oh, don’t mind me… I’m so stupid sometimes…”
“I don’t believe that…” Kevin says kindly. “Plus, you can’t drop a bomb like that and then not tell us, what that those words are all about?” And he leans a little closer hoping she will tell him.

END OF PART 04/???

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