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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 03/??

The summer is magic... 03/??

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...


Kevin wakes up with a jolt when Scotty opens the heavy curtains to let the bright light shine in. He moans and disappears under the blankets again and Scotty smiles at him.
“Oh ancient one, can you explain this bright shining light that I see in sky right now?” Scotty teases. For an answer he first gets a noise that sounds suspiciously like ‘hmphfff’.

Then Kevin’s head comes back from under the blanket. He opens one eye and, without missing a beat, he answers:
“That, young grasshopper, is what they call ‘The sun’. I have to admit that I thought it was just a myth, considering that the ice-age was upon us.”

Scotty’s laughter fills the room and it brings a smile to Kevin’s face.
“A myth? Says the California boy, who even knows how to surf…”
“One can surf on cloudy days too. I don’t need the sun for that.” Kevin points out. “Besides, 2 days without sun and I revert to back to my most primitive cave-man instincts…”

Without warning he pulls Scotty, who’s standing close to the bed, onto the bed. Scotty cries out when Kevin starts to tickle him and Kevin doesn’t stop until there are tears of laughter in Scotty’s eyes and they are both out of breath. As sudden as his ‘attack’ had began, it stops.

“Is that coffee I smell?” Kevin asks, sniffing around like a dog on a hunt.
“Yes.” Scotty nods.
“And croissants?”
“Two out of two, you’re good!” Scotty coos.

“Is there strawberry-jam to go with the warm croissants?” Kevin nearly begs. Scotty hesitates for a second, as if he hadn’t thought of that, but then he grins.
“Would Chad order anything else for you?… Or me?”
“I love him….” Kevin confesses passionately, only to add: “But not as much as I love you.”

“Good save! Shall we have breakfast in the kitchen or outside?”
“Outside… If it’s warm enough.”
“It’s actually nice and warm outside.” Scotty confirms, having already checked it out, before waking Kevin.


The good breakfast makes Kevin and Scotty less sluggish. The foul mood because of yesterday’s rain is now completely gone and fueled by the breakfast, they finally decide to explore the house somewhat better. Last night they had just checked the kitchen and bathroom. They had taken first bedroom they could find, too tired to look any further.

Now they discover that the house is a lot bigger than they had thought. The staircase takes them up to the first floor, where they find 4 more bedrooms, making Kevin suggest to Scotty to ‘try out all the beds’. And though Scotty doesn’t reply, the idea sounds good to him too.

There is a large bathroom as well. It’s twice as big as the one down-stairs, but they don’t feel the need just yet to carry everything up the stairs.
“I like this, but the bathroom downstairs is already bigger than ours and it suits me just fine.”

“Yes, this will do nice if we have a huge fight and need to sulk in separate bedrooms.” Scotty laughs.
“Let’s not do that. I hate fighting with you.” Kevin sighs.
“But make up sex is great.” Scotty reminds him. Kevin shrugs.

“I don’t mind how I have sex with you, as long as we do have sex.”
“Ooooh, so easily satisfied…”
“You won’t say tonight, I can guarantee you that.” Kevin warns, but his warning only makes Scotty lean over closer and whisper:

“Can I hold you to that promise?” Kevin gives Scotty a quick kiss.
“I insist you do.” For a few seconds they take the time to kiss, to hold each other and enjoy that they can do this without getting interrupted by telephones, children, colleagues or family.

However, their curiosity is not yet satisfied and they move on through the house to find a large door leading up to the attic.
“You are aware that attics usually hide ghosts, demons and serial-killers, right?” Scotty gives the door a doubtful look, but Kevin laughs it away. His mood is too good to think like that.

“Let’s have a look. I understood from Chad that most of Cherry Lockhardt’s belongings are up there.” Kevin says.
“Won’t he object to us roaming around upstairs? She was a dear friend to him.”
“I asked if we could have a look, he said it was alright.”

They climb the stairs, both curious to see what they’ll find. Before them stretches out a large attic filled with furniture, boxes, clothes, awards and photo-books.
“Wow. Chad should build a museum in her honor.” Scotty sighs

“The dresses are labeled. Look at this. ‘Dance, little girl’, 1965. That’s old.” Kevin shows Scotty a beautiful blue dress.
“I think it would be smart it Chad had these clothes taken care of. If they stay like that, flung on the floor, they’ll be eaten away, the fabric will get ruined. Looks at all sequins. I think they were sewn on by hand…” Scotty lets a pink dress slip through his fingers.

“I wouldn’t mind going through those boxes. I can only remember Cherry from what she did on ‘Tempest Bay’. I never really bothered to check out what else she did in her career.”
“Maybe we can do that on another rainy day.” Scotty suggests.

“No. No more rainy days, please. How about we go back outside and have a look there? I could use some fresh air.” Kevin suggests. They had had breakfast on the large back-porch, but they hadn’t taken the time to look any further. So, they carefully lock up the attic again and return downstairs to look around there too, to see if they missed something there last night.

Soon enough Kevin discovers that there’s a big library in one of the rooms. Scotty sighs knowing that it’s nearly impossible to drag Kevin away from that many books and that it will be hard to get him out of there. His worries, however, are quickly forgotten when he discovers that Cherry Lockhardt also collected cook-books.

“And then you say something about me…” Kevin teases.
“You’re right. But these are old and they have such old-fashioned recipes.” He takes out one book. “I’m taking this one with me… But you’re right. Let’s explore the outside…” With this compromise, they return to the garden.

Last night, with the darkness outside and the grey weather they hadn’t been able to really judge what was there, but now they can. Through the open doors they arrive on the back-porch where they had their breakfast that morning. A few steps takes them into the large, but slightly overgrown garden.

“They could use a gardener in here.”
“Or my mom. She’s cheaper.” Kevin grins.
“Yeah and then see the garden overrun by hydrangeas?” Scotty smiles at the memory of their wedding-day, when Nora had drowned them in a sea of flowers.

“Since our wedding-day, I haven’t look at those flowers in the same way…” Kevin turns to Scotty, suddenly feeling the urge to kiss him. Scotty is a little surprised that Kevin kisses him so passionately, but he’ll be the last to complain. Now that they have some time to themselves, he hopes it will revive their sex-life as well.

He replies to Kevin’s kiss by pulling Kevin closer and deepening their kiss even further and by showing Kevin how much he wants this too. For a few seconds the idea of sex, here in this beautiful garden, where they are alone anyway, crosses his mind. It excites him and he pushes his body closer to Kevin’s.

And just when he thinks about putting Kevin on his back on the grass and do some very indecent things with him, the doorbell rings loud and clear. They break their kiss and look at each other in disbelief.
“If that is Sarah or anyone else from my family, I swear, I’m moving to Alaska…” Kevin growls.

END OF PART 03/???

Part 4 will  most likely be up Saturday night.

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