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Fanfic: The summer is magic... 02/??

The summer is magic... 02/??

By Marea67
Rate: This part NC-17...
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money..
Summary: I have no clue just yet...


Somewhere in between 2 big gusts of wind, Kevin and Scotty manage successfully to close the door behind them.
“Well, that was a brilliant idea.” Kevin mopes. Scotty doesn’t answer. He carefully strips away the raincoat which seems to be glued to his body.

“Chad said that the weather here is always great. No problem, he said. Take the key and have fun in the sunshine. That’s what he said.” Kevin goes on. Scotty still doesn’t answer. He has run out of ‘mhm-mhmm’s and ‘you’re right’s and a quick look at his watch tells him that Kevin has been complaining for at least 37 minutes now.

Kevin becomes silent. The house is cool inside and in combination with his wet body, it sends cold shivers down his spine.
“We should have brought parkas.” He mutters.
“Are you done?” Scotty finally speaks up. “Can we have a little look around?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spoil the fun. I just…” He gives Scotty his famous puppy-dog-look. “I wanted to take you to a fun, warm, sunny place…” And to do that he had called Chad Barry, because he had known that if anyone could help him it would be Chad, who owned more houses than he could count.

No one had been more surprised by Chad’s ongoing career in Hollywood than Chad himself. He had always been ready for ‘The End’ of it and he had put a lot of his money in houses that he bought wherever and whenever he felt like getting one. And sometimes he bought houses off of fellow actors and actresses.

This house was one the ones in the latter category. It had once belonged to Cherry Lockhardt, who used to be the grand diva of “Tempest Bay”, the soap-series that had made Chad a star as well. She had been devastated to find out that her husband had fallen for some young actress and she had asked for Chad’s help.

Before filing a divorce she sold her favorite house to Chad for a loss. The deal was that she would buy it back from him once the divorce was settled. But 7 months into the messy divorce that had disgraced the front-pages of the gossip-rags in all its filthy half-true, half-made up sensationalized junk, she had ended up fatally injured in a car-crash.

Because the divorce hadn't been settled yet, the husband and the young actress had walked off with all Cherry’s money, properties and wealth. But not this exclusive house, which was situated on an island with a lot of secluded beaches that had given Cherry the privacy she had craved. She had been in the spotlights for decades and she had longed for nothing more in her free time than solitude.

Chad had been too devastated by her death to really be interested in the house. He had visited it only once, right after her death. Yet,  the moment that Kevin had asked him for warm, sunny place to go to, this house had immediately come to Chad's mind. He had given Kevin the key and he had made all the arrangements for Kevin and Scotty.

The only way to get there was by plane, which would have to land at the small air-strip at the other side of the island. Chad had arranged for a car to be ready for them, so they could drive up to the house. It shouldn’t be difficult. There was only road that made the tour of the island and it would be well-indicated where they’d have to get off the road.

It should have been a nice flight, landing on a sunny island to start their fun 2-week holiday. Instead, it had started to drizzle on the flight to the island, which changed into rain-fall by the time they reached the waiting car and once on their way to the house, the floodgates had been opened full strength. It made the drive perilous and they nearly missed the sign.

Both men had been dressed for warm weather. T-shirts, boxer-shorts and flip-flops. They hadn’t counted on this biblical flood. The supposed blue skies were dark and grey and those large clouds had obviously chased away the supposed warmth and replaced it by a penetrating cold.

The short trips from the air-port to their car and, later on, from their car to the frontdoor had left them both soaking wet and cold to the bone. Kevin’s good mood had been torpedoed, which had annoyed Scotty to no end and now they were both in a bad mood, which really didn’t help things.

“You’ve been complaining since we landed… I get it… It’s raining. It’s wet. It’s cold… And it can’t be helped…. We’ll just have to do with what we have.” Scotty point out, barely able to control his teeth from chattering. “Do you have the layout of the house with you?” He asks. Kevin takes a piece of paper from his pocket.

“That door should lead to the kitchen.” He says. And he can’t help but be slightly amused by seeing the change in Scotty from just hearing the word ‘kitchen’. It seems as if it was just the word he needed to hear, because a sudden smile comes to his face and he goes straight for the door.

“Good. I could make us some coffee and perhaps there’s something to eat as well. That will make us feel better and, maybe, after a quick meal, the rain will have stopped and things will look better.” Scotty says, his voice more hopeful than he actually feels. He will however not have the start of their holidays be ruined any further.

Kevin wouldn’t mind disagreeing with Scotty, but then he reminds himself that Scotty is most likely right and that he should stop fussing. No amount of complaining will chase away the rain, so he might as well get over it and make the best of it. After all, he’s finally alone with Scotty. Why should he complain?


Kevin turns away from the window in the bedroom. Night has fallen and there isn’t much to see. It’s still raining and though his clothes are drier than before, he’s still cold. Scotty had had found a note from Chad in the kitchen. He had ordered food to be delivered to their holiday-home and how he hoped that it would good enough.

This had sent Scotty on a scavenger-hunt. He had found tea and the hot drink had made them feel better. Scotty had then found some eggs. Enough to make a very good omelet for both of them. It can still amaze Kevin how delicious Scotty can make any dish he serves. They had finished their meal with vanilla-ice-cream, so his mood is somewhat better.

“I think we should unpack our bags.” Kevin says, pointing at the 4 weekend-bags, that are still on the ground of their bedroom.
“I think I’d rather unpack you…” Scotty’s voice is soft and low. He has approached Kevin from behind and he wraps his arms around Kevin, pulling him closer.

Kevin smiles and takes Scotty’s hands. He kisses the inside of Scotty’s hands and turns in Scotty’s arms. He looks a bit shy.
“What’s wrong?” Scotty asks, noticing the look on Kevin’s face.
“Any idea how long it’s been since we’ve had this much freedom?” Kevin asks.

“It’s been a while.” Scotty admits. “Which is why is want to make love with you tonight. I’m cold and need you to warm me up.” He teases Kevin with a little kiss. Kevin pulls back and stops Scotty.
“No offense, kid, but I’m senior here. If anyone needs warming up….”

“… It’s little old you?” Scotty laughs.
“No reason to rub my old age in…” Kevin warns.
“No, you’re right, I’d rather rub something else…” Scotty’s hand slides, almost casually, between Kevin’s legs.

Kevin gasps at the caress, then bites his lower lip to not give away any other feelings. But he doesn’t have to, because Scotty knows him too well. He places his hand in Kevin’s neck and kisses Kevin thoroughly. Their kisses go from superficial to sloppy and intense as Scotty coaches Kevin closer to the bed.

Scotty’s large hands slide down Kevin’s back to his ass and pulls him closer so Kevin can feel how hard he is. Kevin moans as Scotty pushes him down on the bed and begins to undress him. Lying on his back, he patiently waits for Scotty to take the next step. Scotty undresses himself slowly, letting Kevin enjoy the view as more and more clothes end up on the floor.

Kevin crawls further up on the bed without taking his eyes of his beautiful husband. Then Scotty joins him on the bed, covering Kevin’s body with his own. His hands caress Kevin’s body, his mouth seeks Kevin’s lips and Kevin answers with a hunger that matches Scotty’s. He spreads his legs, pushing his lower body closer to Scotty’s.

Just when Scotty thinks that he has Kevin where he wants him, Kevin suddenly switches their position and Scotty is on his back. Kevin’s mouth leaves Scotty’s and finds a path over Scotty’s chest and belly lower down to make Scotty gasp with pure excitement. Scotty’s fingers spread in Kevin’s hair as he encourages Kevin to not stop.

“You’re so gonna get it…” Kevin promises in a low voice as he starts to prepare Scotty.
“I see you’re not cold anymore…” Scotty can’t help but notice with a smirk.
“Are you’re ready?” Kevin asks. Scotty nods and relaxes under Kevin’s tender touch. Then Kevin slips inside him and Scotty quietly moans with the pleasure that gets released.

Over the last months they hardly had time to do this. With Daniel now able to walk, but unable to understand the word privacy and why he couldn’t barge into his fathers’ bedroom whenever it pleases him, Kevin and Scotty had to minimize their love-making. Now, finally Scotty can feel Kevin inside him again.

His fingers grab the sheets underneath him and Kevin thrusts deeper and harder. Scotty tries to remain silent, but then realizes he doesn’t have to, because they are alone in the house. Kevin’s fingernails dig into Scotty’s skin as the pressure to let go gets too high. Scotty cries out as Kevin brings him closer to an orgasm.

Kevin is not sure which of them comes first, but it doesn’t matter, because it feels just too good to be this free to have sex. Scotty pulls the blankets up around them.
“Warmer already?” He asks with a big smile. Kevin only nods and snuggles closer to Scotty.

They can hear how the rain continues to pour outside, but neither of them cares about that. They are both tired of the long trip, the disappointments and the cold. But in their bed it’s warm and good and with Kevin already asleep in his arms, Scotty drifts off to on the thought that this might actually be a good holiday-place after all.

END OF PART 02/???
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