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fanfic: The answer is: No.

The answer is: No

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: PG-13 at most
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty says ‘no’ for a good reason.


“And why not?” Kevin asks, although to Scotty’s trained ear it is more ‘whining’.
“Because I don’t want to.” He replies as he stirs the pasta sauce.
“What would be so bad?” Kevin loves to watch Scotty prepare dinner.
“Let me see. Thanksgiving dinner, …which I will have to prepare. Your family,… in this loft. Room, … way too small. My head… exploded by the end of the evening.” Scotty summarizes.

Kevin looks devastated. It seemed like such a good idea.
“Come on, sweetie, we’ll ask the others to bring some food as well, just to take the load of your shoulders. We put all the furniture aside and we will have plenty of space, I can borrow one of Mrs Berriman’s tables, she’s goes over to her daughter’s house and … I will personally take care of any headache you may get.” He promises in a softer voice.

Scotty smiles and shakes his head. How can he explain this to Kevin?
“It’s just… your family… They just….” He waves his hands a bit, not sure what to say. Kevin grabs his hand and takes him treshold between the kitchen and  the living-room.
“Imagine. Everyone here. Robert and Kitty, Tommy, Julia, Mom, Justin, Rebecca, unless Rebecca wants to go to Holly, Sarah and her kids, unless the kids are with Joe… It will great… We can do this.. Our first Thanksgiving as a couple.” Kevin finishes shyly.

“Aww, Kevi-hin, don’t try to make me change my mind by saying all these sweet things to me. I don’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving with your whole family in my loft…. Our loft..” he quickly corrects himself, feeling a blush come to his face by the way he appropriated Kevin’s place.
“You said ‘my’.” Kevin teases. “Oh my God, you said ‘my’ loft…. You never considered this place ‘yours’ before. It’s the first time I hear you say that.” Kevin is gloating.

Scotty feels a bit reprimanded for his words and softly says:
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to make it sound as if….”
“No. No. Sweetheart, I love it!” Kevin says with a happy smile.

“You do?... Well, then maybe you can understand this too. It took me a long time to get used to being here. This was first your place, then yours and Jason’s, then yours again. For the longest time I felt like a house-guest, close to overstaying his welcome. Since we got married I’ve been really making this place mine as well and I love being here. Home. This is where I find peace when it is loud and messy outside. This is my safe haven. Can you understand that?”

Kevin nods, though he’s not entirely sure he understands. Scotty looks at Kevin and says:
“With your family it’s been one drama after the other, these last two years and, Kevin, I’ve had it with the drama. These last years have been tough for me. Running away from home, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve been used and had my heart broken, I was penniless for a while. I’ve had my share of drama and I think the same applies to you.

For the first time in years I am actually happy. I have a good job, a husband I love, friends who care about me, my first non-hostile conversations with my parents and I have a nice place to come home to. I am happy. This is my sanctuary. My oasis.” He gives Kevin his sweetest smile to show how much he loves Kevin.

“And I love your family. Your mom is terrific, I wish she could send a few ounces of her love to my mother. I think Sarah is great and I love how Paige and Cooper are calling me ‘uncle Scotty’, really so sweet. And it’s too bad that they are Republicans or else Robert and Kitty would be just perfect. I adore Julia, although I haven’t quite forgiven Tommy for firing you and Lizzie is just the sweetest. I’ve even grown accustomed to seeing Justin and Rebecca together.

But something happens when you put all of them in a confined area. One of them says something wrong and they turn this angry, inconsiderate mass of energy fueled by forgotten promises, old memories and new grudges. To a point where they become a stampeding herd hell-bent on destroying anything that doesn’t get out of the way in time. Kevin, I’m just not ready to see my carefully built oasis destroyed by Hurricane Walker-clan.”

Scotty’s voice has become more imploring. He hopes that Kevin can understand his feelings on this. Kevin feels annoyed. It’s not that Scotty is entirely wrong. As a matter of fact. Scotty is very logical and very right, but he didn’t have to SAY it…
“Do you still love me after what I just said?” Scotty asks, biting his lip,... looking incredibly sexy.

“Maybe you’re right. I got carried away.. When we were at the beach-house you joked about how I loved to be ‘lord of the manor’…..”
“I wasn’t joking.” Scotty mumbles. And on seeing the look on Kevin’s face. “… alright I was joking… a little bit…. Not very much… just a little morsel… just…”
“I get it! You were almost serious.” Kevin grins nonetheless and Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin.

“Listen, your mom wants to celebrate it at her place. Why don’t we go there? Have fun. Eat and drink and then return to our own little garden of Eden here….. You’ll be surprised at what I can do if I don’t have a headache.” Scotty purrs against Kevin’s mouth and Kevin starts to laugh.
“Care to give me a sneak-peek?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. Scotty pulls him closer and kisses him. Just the warm thorough kiss, he knows, Kevin enjoys the most.

Kevin moves closer to Scotty, pushing his body against Scotty’s with a little moan. Until he abruptly breaks the kiss.
“Scotty,… “
“Come back here. I want to kiss you.”
“Not now…”

“Oh, come on, Kevin, you can’t just stop halfway…”
“I don’t want us to stop kissing either, Scotty, it’s just….”
“Yes, sweetie?” Scotty, by now, expects an quick invitation to the bedroom.
“… your sauce is burning…..”

The end.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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