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welcome to my fantasies
Finally! Some news about Killjoys season 2... 
30th-May-2016 10:12 pm
actor luke macfarlane killjoys
Source: www.seat42f.com

What is really important for D'Avin (Luke's) character: Next text might contain spoilers

- D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) learns to stand his ground and pick the path he wants as he continues to work through his PTSD trauma.
- Dutch and Johnny are determined to find D’avin, that is their first priority
- Khlyen is confusing to D’avin, especially the more D’avin gets to know him
– Khlyen respects D’avin, as Khlyen’s daughter Yalena/Dutch’s quasi-boyfriend
– Once reunited, Dutch, Johnny and D’avin become more of a balanced triad in their team dynamic this next season
– D’avin recognizes and sees that Khlyen loves Dutch like a daughter, in his own twisted way
– D’avin and Dutch’s relationship reaches a level of deeper meaning in Season 2
- Alvis’ story puts him in the path of D’avin for a bit

I have to admit I look forward to the next season. Especially for D'Avin/Khlyen and D'Avin/Alvis, though the latter surprises me somewhat as I would have expected more Johnny/Alvis somehow. Pree will be back as well! As will Powter. All the clips are fun but I prefered Luke/Rob and Morgan/Thom. I never knew Luke could talk that much. And I loved his answers.

31st-May-2016 07:37 am (UTC)
Great interview! It's going to be a great season!
More D'Avin/Khlyen makes me happy,.....and I won't talk about my long-time crush for Rob Stewart ;)
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