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By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: The boys come home from a very good party.


Kevin and Scotty left the party. They were terribly unsteady on their feet, the alcohol fogging their brains, both glad the party had been at neighbors on the 2nd floor and they could walk … ahm… crawl home. And a fun party it has been. As they get into the elevator, they both agree that they will throw a party like that too, when they have their 10th wedding anniversary.

“Provided we make it that long….” Kevin says thoughtful.
“ ‘course we will…” Scotty is incredibly sure of himself and Kevin finds that most appealing. He always finds Scotty appealing, but when he says these sort of things it makes him just sexier and Kevin just wants to…. He moves closer and kisses Scotty.

So much for issues with PDA’s then, Scotty recons. But then the elevator stops with a little grinding sound and Scotty is not sure of himself whether the kiss was too short or the elevator too fast or perhaps.. both? They carefully move towards the door of their loft. Careful indeed as the corridor seems to have a mind of its own and cannot determine whether it wants to be still or just flow with the tide.

Scotty considers that for the amount they are paying, they should at least have a corridor that stays where it was put, rather than just float around at its own accord. He will discuss this with Kevin tomorrow-morning as Kevin seems pre-occupied with trying to unlock the door. He wishes Kevin would move a bit faster and he watches as Kevin is trying to find the keyhole.

Oh, how hard can it be? He stretches out his hand.
“Give.” He says and Kevin gives him a look, as if he has no idea what Scotty is talking about. “The key. Give me the key. I’ll open the door.” Kevin surrenders the key and after a few attacks on the key-hole Scotty gets it right. Victoriously he swings open the door and Kevin and Scotty enter their loft.

“Pfew. We made it.” Kevin says, leaning against the closed door. He has no idea how he will get from the door to the couch. It seems like a huge divide to cross for some reason. Scotty moves closer to him and starts to kiss him. Pushing Kevin against the door Scotty moves his body in a way that leaves no misunderstanding as to what Scotty wants.

He pulls up Kevin’s t-shirt and lets his fingers caress the naked skin, Kevin tilts his head back, his head thumping against the door, he exposes his neck and Scotty takes immediate advantage and lets his lips kiss all along the side of it, until they reach Kevin’s shoulder. Then he moves back up to demand another kiss.

“I want to do all sorts of naughty things with you.” He confesses close to Kevin’s ear.
“And I’d say, go for it..” Kevin moans, before claiming Scotty’s lips again, enjoying the feel of Scotty’s tongue playing with his. The kisses are wet and warm, but neither of them care. They are enjoying themselves too much.
“Let’s go to bed.” Scotty whispers.

“No, not yet.” Kevin begs. “I want more. Right here. I want you on your knees. I want to see you..”
Scotty grins against Kevin’s mouth. Oh, he knows Kevin would want that.
“My mouth on you, huh?” he teases, softly moving his fingers up and down Kevin’s zipper, feeling Kevin grow even harder under his touch.
“Please.” Kevin’s plea is like music to Scotty’s ears.

Scotty breaks the kiss, cups Kevin’s in his hands, to look at him.
“You really want me on my knees for you, don’t you?” Scotty sounds almost sober and a blush rises on Kevin’s cheeks. He’s usually not so straightforward with his requests or with his demands on some specific position. He usually lets Scotty decide.

Seeing the blush, Scotty smiles. Kevin has no idea how gorgeous he looks. An expression caught between desire, longing, embarrassment and shame on his face. Scotty lowers his hands. Kevin looks at him expectantly as Scotty’s able fingers undo the button of his jeans. Slowly the zipper is pushed down to expose the secret it is trying to cover.

Kevin’s breath goes faster and he trembles a bit as Scotty’s hand moves around him, quickening the up and down sliding of his fingers. Kevin's lips form an ‘o’, but he makes no sound as Scotty watches him close his eyes and enjoy the sensations. Kevin bites his lip to not give in too fast, but he’s already starting to catch Scotty’s rhythm.

Scotty slows down his movements and Kevin opens his eyes to see what is going on. He sees the little smirk on Scotty’s face.
”On my knees, huh?” Scotty’s look is scorching hot and Kevin begs softly:
“Anything. Just please don’t stop.” Pushing Scotty’s hand strongly back between his legs he continues: “Please don’t stop. Don’t stop…. Oh!”

Kevin closes his eyes when Scotty’s hand reprises it’s touches. But a few seconds later the hand gets replaced with a warm, wet mouth and Kevin arches into Scotty. Looking down he can see his lover on his knees. A whispered ‘Oh God’ gets lost, when he holds Scotty’s head in place. Between Kevin’s strong hands Scotty cannot pull back and Kevin starts to move.

He pushes his swollen cock between Scotty’s lips with more lust then he imagined possible. He watches eagerly. At first Scotty is a bit surprised by the rather forceful reaction from Kevin, but then he adjusts himself quickly. He’s anticipating Kevin’s movements and not long after, Scotty’s sucking mouth draws out all of Kevin’s desires. Something inside him just explodes.

Kevin keeps moving, though he knows that Scotty’s needs some space to capture his breath, but he can't stop, he keeps holding Scotty’s head in place until the last drop is gone. They are both panting. Scotty on his hands and knees on the floor and Kevin feels lucky he’s supported by the door. Scotty, still out of breath, looks up at him and asks:

“Can we go to bed now? I want you so badly. I want to be inside of you and just f…” But he can’t finish his sentence, due to the little kiss Kevin gives him.
“We can go to bed now.” Kevin answers and he helps Scotty up, he takes off the rest of his clothes and throws them on the couch, where he will find them again tomorrow.

He follows Scotty into the bedroom. He watches as Scotty slips under the blanket and lies down.
“Come here and let me make love to you.” Scotty pouts and Kevin comes closer to the bed. Scotty closes his eyes and within seconds he’s asleep. Kevin shakes his head and lies down besides Scotty and with a huge smile he lectures his sleeping husband:
“Always the same. You get drunk, want to have sex and then fall asleep instead. And that is the reason why I wanted you to give me the blowjob first….” And he turns off the light.

The end
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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