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Ah, a bad trip down memory lane...

.. after I was asked tonight why I don't like Gilles Marini, so I had to look up quite a few old posts to get it all right. I had forgotten how 'complicated' my view of Luc/Marini is and interwoven it is with my dislike for Luc, with my opinion that Season 5 just sucked and that I absolutely loathed Sarah/Luc in particular.

I guess my annoyance with him began when his coming on the show was treated as if the Messias had returned to Earth, as if he was the best that could ever happen to B&S. I had no idea who he was, but within the space of 2 episodes I already disliked Luc and I felt that this Marini wouldn't be able to act his way out of a paper-bag, not even if you gave him a pair of sharp scissors. The other actors were just SO good, that he just fell flat.This may not be his fault, because he didn't have the experience of the others and he's not an actor, but there was sure some expectation created and not met. And his supposed 'charm' didn't work on me. Maybe, as a European, I'm not that impressed with a French accent? But as he was just a 'guest-star' and I was glad when he finally left... And then he came back... :/

Then Marini ruined the Sarah/Luc/Roy storyline. While the storyline still played that Sarah was insecure about her feelings for Luc and Roy, Marini spilled the news that he would become a series regular for the next season. Well, THAT was the end of my interest in that particular 'love-triangle'. (Counter example: Of Luke Macfarlane it was known that he would be back in season 2 for at least 5 episodes. Beyond that, no idea... So it remained interesting to see whether Kevin would pick Scotty, go back to Jason, end up losing them both or would he perhaps get a new lover? It kept the storyline interesting. And though Matthew/Luke already knew beforehand that K/S would end up getting married, neither of them said a word about it.)

Then came season 5: After the spectacular end of season 4 I had high hopes for season 5, but in my opinion Season 5 just sucked so terribly and one of the main causes for that was just Sarah/Luc just annoyed the hell out of me.

I knew that I should be grateful that at least Marini still tried to promote the show, where others (including the writers) had apparently already given up, but it was just all awkward.

For instance, Marini promoted episode 5.05 like this:
**** "I encourage every women and who ever loves romance to watch this weekend, Brothers & Sisters. Wanna know what You think after you watch! G" **** .
Not his fault, I suppose, it was the episode where Luc proposed to Sarah. Unfortunately, it was also the episode where Scotty made his own confession to Kevin that made the discussion-boards EXPLODE! So, NOT so romantic after all. People had even forgotten all about the 'romantic' proposal. It was just ... wrong....

Not sure anymore who said it, Marini or some show-runner and Marini repeated it, but Sarah/Luc were supposed to be the 'new power-couple' replacing Robert/Kitty. You can't appoint a power-couple, that is for the viewers to decide. And a lot of those that I talked to at the time on discussion-boards just simply didn't believe in Sarah/Luc, felt it was all too much a Harlequin/Hallmark-movie-rip off. They lacked the chemistry that Robert/Kitty for instance had. Nothing is more difficult than 'chemistry'. I never saw it in Justin/Rebecca either, but eventually I could get on board with that one, but not with Sarah/Luc.

Then there was the fact that there was not ONE single kiss on the lips between Kevin/Scotty during season 5 (Except the finale, because Matthew Rhys/Luke Macfarlane apparently INSISTED on that) and one of the reasons given for that was that 'the writers didn't want to distract the attention from other couples'. A bit surprising if you consider that no couple had apparently ever felt 'threatened' by Kevin/Scotty in any of the other 4 previous seasons. Only in season 5, which heavily promoted Sarah/Luc and how sickly wonderful they were, is K/S suddenly 'a distraction to other couples'.

He also claimed that Sarah/Luc would be 'the best wedding'. When in fact EACH wedding, be it Robert/Kitty, Kevin/Scotty or Justin/Rebecca was beautiful in it's own way. To proclaim yourself 'the best', as if the others weren't good enough is just awful. Plus, of course, I'm inclined to see Kevin/Scotty as 'the best one' anyway. :)

B&S promoted the hell out of the Sarah/Luc wedding (5 pics of 'The kiss' opposed to 1 for Robert/Kitty, none for Kevin/Scotty and Justin/Rebecca until one popped up 2 years later for Kevin/Scotty) It all created 'bad blood'. And the harder Marini tried to promote how wonderful, romantic, sensational, the best etc Sarah/Luc was, the more he(/Luc) or perhaps Luc(/Marini) just irked me. The line between character and actor just got too blurred.

Unfortunately, links were often not posted in my old rants, because we'd all be reading the same articles or sometimes I'd discuss private thoughts here rather than on the B&S discussion-boards, which are mostly gone by now too. Not even I can remember what some old posts were all about. :)

Eventually it came to a point where I would simply disagree with him if he'd post a 'Good-morning', so I wanted to take a step back. I avoid discussing Marini/Luc in general, it's better for my blood-pressure. :)

But sometimes that old sting comes up again as it did with his message to MR and I could feel the hair in my neck stand up again. :D
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