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welcome to my fantasies
Stupid Photobucket ...  
26th-Apr-2016 12:49 am
... has decided to randomly delete pictures from my old account there. This screws up certain old posts on my LJ. This also means that I now have to upload pics at the infinitely more reliable Imgur and repost pics.

I can't figure out why certain pics have been deleted. I noticed when my header for LJ went missing tonight, (the one that has Kevin's quote on porn fanfic). So, I thought it was just some homophobic reaction, because it had 2 men kissing in it, but while checking further I seem to randomly miss pictures.  Even a few old pics I had of Iris are simply gone.

Remember when I wrote my own season 6 & 7? Well certain pics (Kevin, Saul, Kitty for instance are gone) while others like Nora, Scotty and Chad are still there. None of the pics had 'sexual content', I can't imagine that Matthew, Ron or Calista had a complaint, so I have no idea what's going on, other than my belief that, because I no longer use the site (too unreliable) they've decided to start deleting things from my account.

It's too bad, I really thought my pics were safe there, but apparently they're not.

In the past I've made some K/S "art-work" for others as well, if you're linked to certain pics on Photobucket or have old pics of mine randomly gone missing, it's not MY fault. I did NOT delete anything. I'm equally annoyed by this. 
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