marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Stupid Photobucket ...

... has decided to randomly delete pictures from my old account there. This screws up certain old posts on my LJ. This also means that I now have to upload pics at the infinitely more reliable Imgur and repost pics.

I can't figure out why certain pics have been deleted. I noticed when my header for LJ went missing tonight, (the one that has Kevin's quote on porn fanfic). So, I thought it was just some homophobic reaction, because it had 2 men kissing in it, but while checking further I seem to randomly miss pictures.  Even a few old pics I had of Iris are simply gone.

Remember when I wrote my own season 6 & 7? Well certain pics (Kevin, Saul, Kitty for instance are gone) while others like Nora, Scotty and Chad are still there. None of the pics had 'sexual content', I can't imagine that Matthew, Ron or Calista had a complaint, so I have no idea what's going on, other than my belief that, because I no longer use the site (too unreliable) they've decided to start deleting things from my account.

It's too bad, I really thought my pics were safe there, but apparently they're not.

In the past I've made some K/S "art-work" for others as well, if you're linked to certain pics on Photobucket or have old pics of mine randomly gone missing, it's not MY fault. I did NOT delete anything. I'm equally annoyed by this. 
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