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By Marea67
Scotty, Kevin.
Rate: G, maybe PG-13
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty gets the shock of his life.
EXTRA: Please, don’t give me too much hassle on the technicalities. Allow some artistic freedom here.


As Scotty puts on his coat only fragments of the sentences spoken by police-officer Richards at the door seem to repeat themselves in his head. “Car crash”, “car totaled”, “license-plates belong to Kevin Walker”, “critically injured”, “pronounced dead”, …. But the worst of all “identify the body”. Identify the body. Kevin’s body. Oh, God! He has to come to identify Kevin’s body.

His hands tremble as he pulls up the zipper of his coat. This is not happening. These things happen to others, but, please, not to him and Kevin. They are only just married. Ridiculous of course. These things shouldn’t happen if you’ve been married for 20 years either. This must be a nightmare. And he wants to wake up, but the hand of Officer Richards on his back feels real and the nod he gives, when he asks if Scotty’s alright, comes automatically.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call someone to go with you?” He asks friendly, but concerned. Quickly Scotty thinks things through. His first thought is with Jordan, but Jordan is working tonight and he’s cannot take time off that easily. Nora? Sarah? Tommy? Kitty? Saul? God, no, if Kevin is dead, than his immediate need is not a Walker-invasion. So he shakes his head and closes the door of their loft.


Vaguely he hears words like “bruised”, “recognizable” and “just his face”. Scotty nods. He gets it. The body is mangled, but the face still rather intact and…. Is he ready? He wants to scream: NO!!! I’m NOT!!!! I am not ready to lose my husband!!!, but, quietly, he nods again. Nausea comes up, a bitter taste in his mouth, his eyes are stinging. Scotty cannot stop trembling. The sheet is pulled away to uncover the face.

“Oh God…” Scotty’s voice is just a squeak. He presses his hand to his mouth, shocked by the high pitch of his voice in the intensely quiet room. He swallows hard and trembles even harder: “That is not Kevin, that is not Kevin. That is NOT my husband.” His breathing is erratic and Officer Richards, for one moment fears he will have some anxiety attack, but Scotty covers his mouth and nose with both hands and takes a few deep breaths to calm himself down…

“That is not my husband.” He says again, this time he is calm.
“Are you sure?” The question sounds silly and Richards continues. “It could be that the shock….”
“No, sorry, my husband is 35 years old with dark hair, this is one is a blond 20-something year old man” Scotty replies calmly. “I’m not in denial about anything. That young man there is not my husband. He is NOT Kevin Walker.”

“Do you have any idea who he could be?” Richards now asks. With the realization that it is not Kevin lying there, Scotty takes another long look, but then he shakes his head.
“No. I’m sorry. I have no idea. He… He is not even familiar.. I mean, like someone at my husband’s office running an errant for him or something….” Scotty explains himself. Richards nods.
“I will ask my colleague to take your statement.” He then replies.

The whole world starts spinning around Scotty and he makes a small noise.
“Sir? Are you alright?”
“I think… I need to sit down. Just for a few seconds.” Scotty sounds as if he’s apologizing, but Richards gently sits him down and moves away to give him a glass of water. As the cool water clears his mind, a question pops up in Scotty’s head. If the man on the table is not Kevin, then where is Kevin?

He tries to remember what Kevin had to do today, but gives up. He can only think of one solution. He dials Kevin’s office.
“Hi, Lisa, it is Scotty Wandell.” He says once he hears the familiar voice. Lisa’s voice becomes more playful, but she immediately warns:
“I can’t put you through to Kevin, he’s in a meeting.”

Scotty nearly drops his telephone. The tension is immediately building in him again.
“He’s at the office?”
“Yes, he’s been in a meeting for the last two hours.” She says friendly, though a bit surprised by Scotty apparent astonishment. It’s Wednesday. Kevin always has meetings on Wednesdays… Scotty should know that by now, she feels.

“Is everything alright?” she asks, Scotty’s behavior on the phone is unlike him.
“Lisa, can you…? God, I honestly wouldn’t ask you this, if it was not very important. Can you please ask him to take my call?” Lisa is stunned and caught between two difficult choices. She knows that Kevin does not like it to see his meeting interrupted over nothing.

But Scotty sounds very upset. And after all this time working for Kevin and speaking often to Scotty, she also knows that Scotty would not dare to ask her to insist on Kevin to take a call, unless it was important.
“Just a moment.” She replies. She gets up, straightens her skirt and takes a deep breath, before knocking on Kevin’s door and then walk into Kevin's office.

Kevin looks at the door, annoyed at the interruption, but also surprised at Lisa’s appearance. He frowns, but she softly says:
“I apologize for the interruption, Mr Walker. There is a phone-call for you. Family emergency.”
“Excuse me.” He gets up to walk over to his desk. Kevin looks concerned now.

Lisa walks with him and softly, so the client can’t hear, she quickly says:
“It is Scotty and he sounds very odd. Upset. I know that you don’t want to take personal calls during a meeting, but Scotty has never insisted on speaking to you either….”
“Don’t panic, Lisa. I’m sure, you made the right decision.” Kevin replies calmly, wondering what the hell is going on.

“Scotty?” His voice is soft and low to stay out of ear-range of the client. On the other side he can Scotty gasp and make a strange little noise, before he hears:
“Kevin! Oh, God, Kevin it’s really you.” Kevin looks at the phone, wondering if Scotty has lost his mind.
“Scotty. You upset Lisa, you interrupted my meeting. This had better be an emergency.” He hisses softly between his teeth.

“I’m sorry, Kevin. It’s just…. I’m at the hospital.” Kevin’s face changes to shocked.
“Hospital? Why?” his voice is louder than intended and he sees the client look up.
“The police came to my door. Your car was involved in a car-accident and the person driving was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital…. They said… they said it was you…” Scotty’s voice starts to tremble.

Kevin’s mind races. Scotty is obviously in shock. He looks at his client again.
“Which hospital are you at?” Kevin quickly writes down the name and where exactly he can find Scotty. “I’ll be there as soon as possible…” He hangs up and turns to his client. “Mr. Miller, I’m afraid I have to cut this meeting short. I…. There is a family emergency..” he explains.

Mr Miller is a very understanding man and 5 minutes later, Kevin is alone, quickly putting everything in his brief case. He quickly explains to Lisa that there was a family emergency, without giving details. She still looks worried and he quickly compliments her for doing the right thing.

As he takes the elevator down to the garage and he digs up his car-keys from his pocket, he starts to wonder. How did the car get out of the garage? He had his security-card in his hand. And as the door opens to where the cars are, he wonders about another thing. If his car is gone, how is he supposed to get to Scotty? With his mind still cataloging the answers, he turns the corner to where he left his car. There, in its usual parking space, is his car!

He blinks a few times. Coming out of the elevator he wondered what to do now his car is supposedly gone and there it is. Right in front of him. Not a scratch on it!! He dials Scotty’s number.
“Scotty? Did you say that the police told you my car was in a car-crash?”
“Yes, it is got totaled. I know it must be upsetting. I guess they stole the car or something….”

“Scotty, sweet-heart, my car is right here, in perfect condition, ready to go.”
“What?!” Scotty sounds totally surprised and Kevin looks at his voice.
“Listen, I’ll be with you in no-time, I promise. Can you try and find out more about the accident and how they came to think it was car, my body etc? I really would like to know what is going on.”
So does Scotty and they agree to meet there in the hospital.


Scotty is still in the small room, when Kevin comes in. They are alone for now and Scotty nearly throws himself into Kevin’s arms and for a few moments they just hold each other. There is just a quiet sigh from Scotty as he feels Kevin’s arms around him…
“I was so scared…” he starts, but Kevin kisses him softly, first on the cheek and then on the lips.
“Shh.” He says carefully and after placing another kiss on Scotty lips, he continues: “I’m here. I’m right here. And I love you.”

They quickly break up when the door opens and Officer Richards comes in again. Scotty introduces Richards to Kevin and Richards apologizes for the mix up. Expressing that he has no idea where the mis-communication can be. Kevin tells him he’s a lawyer and he wants to see what Richards has. Richards hesitates for a second, then seeing no reason to withhold information from Kevin, he shows Kevin the paperwork. With the eye of a lawyer Kevin quickly scans the papers.

And there it is. The brand of the car, the color, the license-plates. It all fits. It is surprising.
“Again I am sorry about the mix up.” Richard says. “We will naturally investigate this further.” As Kevin takes Richards to see his car and see for himself that everything is exactly as Kevin told him, Scotty sits down on the bench. He is glad he can hold on to the strong wood under his fingers.

He feels awfully tired. He doesn’t know how long he's been sitting there, but when Kevin comes back, Kevin seems happier.
“They believe me now. The police will find out where the screw up is. Richards will take care of the necessary paperwork. I will have to go to the station tomorrow…. But in all, I’m sure it will work out…. Let’s go home.” Scotty nods silently.


They don’t really talk as they do their normal evening-routine. Scotty prepares Kevin’s breakfast for the next morning. Kevin finishes quickly the work he had taken home with him. They watch some series on tv, they drink some wine together, Kevin arranges his brief-case, so he doesn’t have to chase for everything tomorrow-morning. He turns off the lights one by one.

Scotty brushes his teeth, washes his face. He exits the bathroom, just as Kevin enters. He watches Kevin for a moment as Kevin is brushing his teeth. He slips under the sheet and waits for Kevin. Kevin walks up to the bed, turning off the lights in the bedroom on his way. But then, rather than come besides Scotty, he sits down on the bed and takes a long look at Scotty.

He’s worried about Scotty, who hasn’t spoken much since they left the hospital.
“Scotty, sweetie, are you alright?”
“No.” Scotty shakes his head, his voice trembles and he can no longer hide the sheer devastation he went through that day. Kevin sits down beside him and puts an arm around his shoulders.

“Hey, you had quite a shock to deal with today.” He can feel Scotty’s head on his shoulder. Scotty nods.
“They told me you were dead.” Scotty says, all choked up. He presses his face to Kevin’s shoulder as his body starts to relax and the tears start to come.

“But, I’m not dead, honey, and I’m still here.” He holds Scotty close, kissing away the tears he sees. Scotty moves even closer to Kevin. He is shivering and Kevin shifts position so he can lie down with his arms around Scotty and he wraps his legs around Scotty’s and holds him tight in his embrace. Scotty calms down a bit.

“I thought I lost you.” He says, his voice is very small, barely audible. “That I would never see you laugh again, hear you voice again. I just felt like something in me was dying too… I mean, what would I do without you? I’d be lost.”
“Of course not, sweetie. You’ve always been able to take care of yourself…” Kevin starts.

“Yes, but things have changed. I cannot imagine my world without you anymore. You are a part of me. I need you. I love you.”
“And I love you. Come on, please, stop. We are alright. We are both here. I guess it is a reminder how fragile life can be, but, please, don’t dwell on it too long.”

Scotty starts to kiss Kevin. He needs to feel Kevin, needs to know that Kevin knows how much he is loved, needs to touch Kevin and make sure he is really here. The kiss becomes painfully crushing and Kevin silently undergoes Scotty’s touches. He recognizes that the kisses and touches are not for arousal, but about the urgency of finding confirmation that Kevin is alive and alright.

He softly caresses Scotty’s back. After the first desperate kisses, Scotty calms down. The kisses become more tender, softer, the way Kevin is used to be kissed by Scotty. He slowly puts his hands against Scotty’s shoulders.
“Scotty, I’m not really…. in the mood for …”
“No, neither am I, I just need….”
“I know… It’s alright.” Looking at each other, they start to smile. The first smile Kevin has seen on Scotty’s face in hours.

Kevin replies to Scotty’s touches by slowly turning them back on their sides. With his arms tightly around Scotty he gently pushes Scotty’s head on his shoulder to kiss Scotty’s hair.
“Just relax, love. We need some sleep. It’s been a long and weird day.” He whispers. He can feel Scotty nod and with his arms equally tight around Kevin, Scotty tries to relax and fall asleep. Happy to know that Kevin is safe and sound in his arms.

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